How To Invest In A Franchise For An E-2 Visa

How To Apply To Invest In A Franchise For An E-2 Visa…

E2 visa is not popular or commonly seen as being a pathway to becoming a U.S. citizen or becoming a permanent residence. But it is a route for someone who massively invests in their company in the U.S.A to obtain a visa and work and live in the Unites States.

Such investor can gain massive benefits from obtaining an E2 visa and coming to the US. Along with being able to come with your spouse and dependent children (under the age of 21 years) to the U.S. and the fact that your partner may seek employment or job opportunities, you can move freely across the country and work at the company in which you have invested.

If you wish to apply for E2 visa status within the United States, be informed that the E2 visa is valid for two years, but may be renewed as long as you are eligible for the visa.

How to Apply to Invest in a Franchise for an E-2 Visa

Find a Business

Firstly, to obtain your E2 visa, the most essential thing is finding a business that meet the E2 visa category requirements.

Additionally, to invest certain amount of fund you need to create jobs. Franchises are also eligible for E2 visa as long as they meet the requirements of E2 visa.

Connect With The Franchisor

After finding a franchise business to invest in, you need to get into direct contact with the franchisor. The sooner you start connecting with the franchisor the better you will become familiar with the business and the process.

Contact an Immigration Attorney

You may need to secure the help of an attorney to assist you understand the legal aspects of your business as the process of preparing and submitting the documentations is cumbersome for E2 Visa.

Prepare a Business Plan

As part of preparing and submitting the required documentation, you will be required to prepare a business plan. E2 Visa business plan indicate the amount of money you are going to invest, what your goals are, the reasons they are believed achievable and your plan for realizing those goals.

Transfer Your Fund

Upon completing negotiations with the franchisor, you will be required to transfer your fund to the United States.

Your will have to pay the franchise fee in case you are buying a new unit or , depending on your agreement with the seller, your money will be secured in a screw account until your E2 visa application gets approved.

You will also be required to spend money from your personal or company account to establish the business in the United States in line with the requirements of E2 visa.

Apply for E2 Visa

Finally, upon completing your contract with franchisor and transferring your fund, you will be able to file in for the E2 visa through one of the US embassies.

Your visa or immigration attorney will help you in the right steps to make sure everything will be submitted in order. If you are already in the United States you can apply for change of your status.

Thus, on a final note, one of the several ways to move to the United States and subsequently become a US citizen, may be through the E2 Visa. Your spouse and dependent children (under the age of 21 years) are covered under this type of visa.