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How To Obtain Permanent Residence For family Members Using Super Visa

How To Obtain Permanent Residence For family Members Using The Super Visa. Permanent residence can be obtained for family members using the super visa but certain steps has to be followed. Being far from the family and loved ones has been a major problem which employed individuals in Canada are facing and it is not easy for most of them. The Canadian government has made available a program which helps all employed individuals in Canada  ring their parents, grandparents over and obtain permanent residency.

The Parents And Grand Parents Super Visa

The super visa allows parents and grandparents of the employed individuals to reside in Canada for as long as two years without been renewed. The parents and grandparents can easily immigrate and emigrate in and out in and out of the country as the visa lasts for a period of 10 years.


parents and grandparents are eligible for this visa. However, this visa cannot be rejected as it state their health condition and security though applicants must meet to the requirements set by the visa office.

Temporary Residence Visa and Countries Exempted.

The super visa is a very ideal process as it helps to come in and out of the country for those angry about regularly applying for the temporary visa but some countries exempt from this and those who exempt from this usually apply using same process and they will receive a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. If this method is used, a letter will be received for visit to Canada for  a period of two years

Application of both the super visa and TRV is almost same but the difference is in the requirements of additional documents to prove relation with the citizen and the income details to assure they have adequate support during their stay.


1 An invitation letter is needed from the applicant showing that he is been invited by the citizen,

2 A document proof of the income and the relationship between the applicant and the citizen

3 Proof of medical insurance with a Canadian insurance company.

The application process takes place at the visa office in the applicants place of residence and it will be accessed based on finances and purpose of visit.

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