How To Obtain Police Clearance Certificate For Canada PR?

Canada immigration process demands multiple documents from candidates, especially, if you are applying for Express Entry to get permanent residence. In most cases, after you receive an Invitation To Apply (ITA), you have 60 days to show police clearance certificates (PCC) in order to submit a complete application.

Applicants are required to provide PCC for themselves, and for any member of their family who is above the age of Eighteen (18), whether they are accompanying you or not.

You and each accompanying family member have to show a police clearance certificate for each region or country where you have spent time for at least six months since the age of Eighteen (18).

What is a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)?

A police clearance certificate is a document that attests or certify to any criminal activity. For Canadian immigration purposes, it shows that you have not been involved in any criminal activity in the past, that could impact your admissibility to the country.

A police clearance certificate will be different in each country or region and may be known by various names including:

  • Police clearance certificates
  • Good conduct certificate
  • Judicial record extracts

How To Obtain Police Clearance Certificate For Canada PR?

Typically, Police clearance certificates are valid for 12 months from the date they were issued. But, police clearance certificates from the country in which you presently reside need to have been issued within six (6) months from when you submit your application for Canada permanent residence.

Usually, the most common way to obtain your PCC is to get in touch with local police or government and request the certificate.

You will be required to provide information including dates, fingerprints, photographs, addresses, you lived in a particular country or region, and a processing fee.

If you have resided in a country or region that has now changed its status or name, then the police clearance certificate must come from the present day government authorities of the country.

Hope you now understand the process of obtaining police clearance certificate for Canada PR. Drop in more inquiries or questions and get a response ASAP!