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How To Overcome Criminal Inadmissibility With DUI

How To Overcome Criminal Inadmissibility With DUI. Follow the details below to overcome criminal inadmissibility with DUI.,

Persons driving under the influence of drugs may not be allowed entry to Canada through a Canadian immigration officer is in the place to decide if you can enter Canada with DUI or not when you apply for a visa or at your port of entry.

Having a single DUI might not prevent your access to Canada except you have may DUI’s in your record or your DUI offence has been accompanied with offences. A crime involving moral turpitude might deny you entry to Canada or USA.

How To Enter Canada With A DUI

To enter Canada with a DUI record, you must first have a Temporary Resident permit which allows you legally enter Canada for a specified amount of time. If you have this permit, you must prove that your presence in the country has more benefits other than risk. This permit is however issued to people traveling for business purposes.

Another way you can overcome criminal inadmissibility with a DUI record is Criminal Rehabilitation which will clear your criminal records. If you have passed five years of your sentence terms, you can then apply for the criminal rehabilitation. You must show in your application that you will not commit another offense. Though if you have only one DUI conviction and you have stayed like 10 years to complete your sentence terms, you might not apply for a criminal rehabilitation you will receive deemed rehabilitation which means that your DUI record has been cleared. If you are in this state, you will have to provide a legal option letter as a proof to the border officers that you are inadmissible.

Some persons fill they can enter Canada with DUI if they will not have to drive but it is not so as the Canadian Immigration regulation do not differentiate if a person intends to drive or not regardless of your intended means of transportation,you will not be allowed to enter Canada with a DUI as a foreigner except you apply for TRP or Criminal rehabilitation


You should be hones to the immigration officers if you have a DUI in your record as when been found out might lead to your being banned from entering Canada for many years.

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