How To Pass The CFA Examination

How To Pass The CFA Examination. The CFA examination since its about investment needs understanding to be able to pass it. See details.,

In other to become a Chartered Financial Analyst holder, you have to be patient and self willed. The Chartered Financial Analyst consist of 3 exams which are., the CFA lvel I, II AND III exam and all candidates who applied for the program are expected to pass the examination and meet the requirements set by the institute. the average score to be obtained for the level I exam is 43% as at December 2017. The curriculum test the skills which are relevant to investment professions.

The CFA Exam Structure

It is a 6 hours exam which is taken 3 hours each in the morning and afternoon. there are 120 questions each for the morning and afternoon session and the time per question is 90 seconds. The multiple choice questions are not dependent on each other and three choices are provided for each of the questions. all candidates are advised to be familiar with the calculator functions as they will need it to complete some of the questions.

The CFA Exam Curriculum

The focus of the examination is on concept of investment valuation, comprehension of tools, basic knowledge and portfolio management with 10 topics grouped into four areas which are wealth planning and portfolio management, investment tools,professional standards and asset classes. the table below shows the score for each area.,

Topic Area Level I
Ethical and Professional Standards (total) 15
Investment Tools (total) 50
Corporate Finance 7
Economics 10
Financial Reporting and Analysis 20
Quantitative Methods 12
Asset Classes (total) 30
Alternative Investments 4
Derivatives 5
Equity Investments 10
Fixed Income 10
Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning (total) 7
Total 100

For a candidate to succeed in this exam, he has to create a study plan and ensure to work with it as the topics for the examination is broad and requires time.

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