How To Replace Lost Or Stolen PR Card

The permanent resident card (or PR Card) is plastic Identity card that proves that you have been granted permission or authorization by the IRCC, to stay permanently in Canada or that you are who you claim to be. The PR card is very important, especially if you leave or travel out of Canada, and want to re-enter Canada.

But, sometimes, your PR card can be lost or stolen. The question to be asked now is ” What should i do as i lost my Permanent Resident Card“.

If you have lost your permanent resident card you should report the card as lost to Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) as soon as possible, to avoid any possible identity theft.

You will be required to complete the “Solemn Declaration Concerning a Lost, Stolen Permanent Resident Card” when you replace your PR Card. You will have to explain how you lost it. If on the other hand, your PR Card was stolen, you have to report the theft to the local police and IRCC as soon as possible.

Here are some examples: “My permanent resident card was lost when I lost my wallet on so and so Month Day, Year...” or  “My permanent resident card was stolen when my luggage was stolen on so and so Month Day, Year….”

How To Replace Lost Or Stolen PR Card

To replace lost or stolen PR Card, you must complete the PR Card Application form, as usual, only, in this case, you must also complete Section G of the IMM 5444.

How to Complete Section G of the IMM 5444, Do the following:

  • If you know your permanent resident card number (i.e. if you wrote it down), just enter it in the first box in section G.
  • Put the date of issue of your permanent resident card, if you know it or wrote it down, in the box next to the first box. The date is normally five years before your card would have expired.
  • On the next line, state whether the card was stolen, lost or somehow destroyed and where approximately that happened and when.
  • You should be as clear as possible when explaining the circumstances surrounding the loss of your PR Card. For instance, if your wallet or luggages was stolen, explain how it happened and where.
  • In the last section, indicate whether you have looked for your lost card, or reported your stolen card to the police. Get a police report if applicable.
  • Do not forget to sign and date the declaration!

Hope we are able to explain how to replace lost or stolen PR Card? Feel free to throw in your comments or ask some more questions by using the comment box below, and we will reply to you as soon we can.