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How To Restore Your Temporary Resident Status In Canada

Canada is a beautiful Country and everybody want to go there! And those who are already there want to continue staying there. Often times, many immigrants or foreign nationals who visit, work or study in Canada often find out that they wish to stay longer than the authorized stay in Canada.

If they could not extend their stay before the expiry date on their visa or permit, then they will inevitably be under restoration of their temporary resident status.

This article will explain what restoration of temporary resident status means, the documents required for a restoration of status, plus how to apply for a restoration of status, and other vital information that may be considered necessary.

What Is Restoration Of Temporary Resident Status?

As a temporary resident or visitor to Canada, you only have an authorized period of time to remain in Canada. When the specified period of time is about to be over, you will need to either prepare for your leave Canada or restore your status within 90 days of the expiration of your temporary resident visa.

So, to put simply, a restoration of status is required by any individual who allows their temporary visa to expire before submitting a new application but still would like to stay in Canada.

Documents Needed For Restoration Of Temporary Resident Status

There are certain documents that you have to provide to the immigration office in order to apply for a restoration of status. You must provide these required documents listed below:

  • Evidence of payment of restoration fee ($200 CAD)
  • Some copies of passport pages
  • Copy of your travel documents i.e passport or identity document (such as a birth certificate)
  • Other copies of your current immigration document (visit, work or study permit)
  • Copy of your marriage certificate or legal document (if applicable)
  • Proof of financial ability to support your extended stay in Canada

How To Apply Restoration Of Temporary Resident Status

You must physically present inside Canada to apply for restoration of temporary resident status. If you want to apply for restoration, you have to complete the application package, clicking on the sections that is applicable to you, and the box which indicates you are applying for restoration.

You must also provide a full explanation of how you came to overstay the conditions of your permit, or, fail to abide by the authorized conditions of your work permit.

Please note that you have to be able to prove to immigration authorities you did not intend to violate the conditions of your temporary permit initially, and you will continue to abide by the conditions specified on your permit. You will need the following documents to prove your continuous stay in Canada.

  • a copy of your new job contract (very essential)
  • a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) approval if the job needs one;
  • the offer of employment number and details, if the job doesn’t need an LMIA
  • Evidence of paid fees for both the restoration ($200CAD) of status and a new work permit or study permit.
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