How to Send Documents Or Transcripts to WES for Verification

World Education Services provide document assessment and verification service for those who want to study in or move to Canada.

If you are planning to study abroad, you might want to consider the vital information in this article. You should know that you may be required to send your documents or transcript to WES for verification.

Without your documents or transcripts, you will find it difficult to finish your admission process and you may not be able to gain admission to the university of your choice.

Many organizations can help you to process your transcripts. They all finish the process but, we recommend WES for our readers for many obvious reasons. The first reason is that WES is cheaper and secondary, it completes the verification faster than most organizations.

However, it all depends on you to know the organization you prefer to use to verify your documents or transcripts.

Some institutions which can help you verify your documents or transcripts include:

  1. World Education Service (WES)
  2. International Credential Assessment Service of Canada (ICAS)
  3. Comparative Education Service- University of Toronto (CES)
  4. International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS)
  5. Medical Council of Canada (for doctors)
  6. International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES)
  7. Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (for pharmacist)

It all depends on you to know the organization that suits you. The important thing is that all the organizations complete their evaluation. Difference will now be the processing time and the processing fee.

For instance, WES completes the ECA report within 20 working days once you have submitted all necessary documents whereas some organizations may take months to do that. It all depends on you to choose which organization is best for you.

What is WES?

In full meaning, it’s known as World Education Services. They are a nonprofit organization that performs credential evaluations for international students and migrants planning to study or work in the United States and Canada. It was founded in 1971 and is based in New York, the United States, and Toronto, Canada.

As earlier stated, a WES report will be required from you in the course of your admission process which must include your subjects (i.e Course of Study), hours, and GPA. Most universities usually demand this report for the Admission process.

WES Canada Login

WES continues to receive academic documents from institutions but before your institution can send in your documents to WES for verification, try creating your own unique WES account in My Account with a user ID or e-mail and your own personal password.

You may decide to create a new account or modify an existing account if you already have one.

How To Send Documents Or Transcripts To WES

Usually, it takes students quite some time to processing their official transcript and degree certificate and sending it for WES evaluation. Well, that process has now changed!

As part of the recent updates, WES now will accept sealed envelop of documents or transcripts mailed directly by the institutions themselves.

This means that WES will not accept documents sent by international students themselves, or anyone else. Though these changes may be specified only for India.

The procedure for sending documents to WES is still the same. You will have to obtain a WES reference number by opening an account with them. And write this reference number on all the envelope(s) and other correspondence.

This document or transcripts must be properly sealed by your University and college. You can send them through FedEx, Post office, Electronic deliveries, or through other International delivery systems. We suggest you opt for a fast delivery system like FedEx or do post from private international delivery stores.

A Document or transcripts evaluation costs $100.00 and a WES Course-by-Course evaluation costs $160. They will evaluate and make your report ready and when you are applying to university or college, you can forward them by requesting WES to send your report to a specific university by paying between 20$ to 30$.

WES Evaluation Report is usually completed within seven (7) working/business days of confirmation and review of the required applications, documents, transcripts, and fees. Credential evaluation may take longer if additional information or verification is required, which may attract extra charges.

Moreover, you can decide to send in your documents to WES either online or in a signed envelope.

How To Send Electronic Academic Documents To WES

Many institutions now make their academic documents or transcripts available in digital and electronic format and WES to rise to the challenges is partnering with many institutions to make sure that students who wish to verify their academic documents or transcripts online through WES can do that without stress.

In addition to that, sending an academic document or transcript online is easy, efficient, and time-saving. It is the most secure way of sharing your documents with WES. There are three ways you can share your electronic academic documents or transcripts with WES, they include

  • Online platform
  • E-mail
  • Direct Transmission Channels

Using an online platform to share electronic documents with WES

An online platform is an easiest and most efficient and secure way of sending electronic documents to WES. The academic institution that shares your documents with WES will either have its own online platform or make use of a third party. Electronic academic documents must be digitally signed and certified PDFs.

Furthermore, to successfully share electronic documents with WES, you must follow three simple steps

  1. Log in to your account associated with the online platform.
  2. Select WES as the recipient of your electronic documents.
  3. If you cannot choose WES as your recipient, you can send the documents to the email address listed on WES Required Documents Page.  Sending documents to any other email address will cause delays in processing your documents.

Once WES receives a link that gives them access to your documents or transcripts, they will retrieve it and proceed with your evaluation.

However, you should note that WES only considers documents sent through the official online platform of your academic institution or third-party provider as official documents. Thus, you must make use of these official ways to avoid delays in your evaluation.

Some of the online platforms we work with include:

  • Digital core
  • Escrip-Safe
  • Grandintelligence
  • My eQuals
  • National Student Clearinghouse
  • University College London

The list continues as many universities have their own online platform. The best way to know if your university has an online platform is to go to their website.

Using Direct Transmission Channels to send electronic documents to WES

WES also partners with some institutions and third-party providers to be able to share electronic documents with trusted channels. These closed, secure channels allow institutions and third-party providers to transmit documents to WES directly.

There are two options for the secure and fast delivery of documents to WES:

  • secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) and
  • application programming interface (API)

If your institution already has an agreement with WES ask them to use the verified channel to transfer your documents to WES.

Some institutions that are already partnering with WES include

  • Credential Solutions
  • Docswallett
  • ENIC Ukraine
  • National Student Clearinghouse
  • Parchment
  • The University of the West Indies, Mona
  • University of Benin
  • Mumbai University
  • University of Santo Toma’s
  • China Higher Education Student Information and Career Centre (CHESICC)

Using e-mail to send your electronic academic documents to WES

WES may recommend using Direct Transmission Channels for sharing your documents electronically. However, in times of difficulty and technical problems where institutions cannot use it, your institution can share your electronic documents as an email attachment to WES. This must be sent from an official institutional email account.

Here are a few rules for emailing documents:

  • WES must be able to verify the sender’s email on the institution’s website.
  • The sender has to be authorized to send academic records. Typically, the departments that are responsible for sending documents are the Office of the Registrar; the Controller of Examinations; the Exams, Awards, and Graduation Department; the Department of Student Services; or the Office of Academic Records.
  • The attached documents should be shared in a secure, immutable format (such as PDF).
  • Emails have to pass stringent anti-spoofing authenticity and security checks.

Some institutions which partner with WES to send electronic documents through email include

  • University College Cork
  • Coventry University
  • University of South Africa (UNISA)
  • Symbiosis International (Deemed University)
  • University of Tehran

You can visit your university website to know if they partner with WES on this.

Note: you can only use email to send your electronic documents if other options are not available.

Tips on how to send electronic documents to WES

Check to know if your institution is allowed to send electronic documents to WES.

Follow the instructions both on WES and your institution’s website to learn the right steps for sending your documents to WES.

Include your WES reference number when sending electronic documents.

Only send electronic documents to the email address that is provided for this purpose.

Don’t assign a pin or expiry date to your documents to avoid blocking WES access to your documents.

Never share your personal login details with WES.

Don’t send documents or transcripts from your personal email to WES.

How to upload your degree certificates and translations to WES

Steps to follow if you want to upload your degree certificate or translation to WES include

  1. Log in to My Account
  2. Go to your Account Timeline and scroll down to the Upload Degree Certificates and Translations section.
  3. Click the Upload Document button to begin.
  4. The next screen to appear in the Document History page. Any files you upload will be listed here. Click the Upload Document button to proceed.
  5. A new window pops out where you will see options to select required documents. Do not upload academic transcripts or mark sheets. Click the next button.
  6. In the next window, you can select the required documents. Once you have uploaded your files, be sure to click the Preview button next to each file to ensure you uploaded the correct documents and that the images are clear and of high quality.
  7. Once you have successfully uploaded your file it will appear on the window.

Sample WES Evaluation Report for Canada

The World Education Services produce final assessment reports document-by-document for immigration related Educational Credential Evaluations. See sample WES ECA reports below.

Document-based WES Credential Evaluation Report

Sample WES ECA Report

Applicants who want to study in Canada often receive course-by-course evaluations.

Course-based WES Credential Evaluation Report

Sample Course WES ECA Report

File Requirements

Before sending your documents to WES, you must take note of the following documents

  • Upload only PDF or JPEG files.
  • The maximum file size is 10 MB.
  • You can upload a total of 20 files. Please consider combining several pages into one file if they are related.
  • Do not password-protect your PDF.
  • Only upload correct, clear, legible documents. Your documents cannot be deleted once they are uploaded.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sending Documents to WES

Does my reference number belong to my documents or the envelope?

For easy identification by WES officials, you are advised to write your reference number on the envelope and not on your documents.

Which documents need to be sealed?

Ans. The document you are going to seal depends on your country of education.

You may not have to worry about sealing your envelope since most institutions can now send the documents electronically to WES. You can check your institution’s website to know if they send electronic documents to WES and if not the institution can contact WES for other available options.

What will I do if I am having a problem obtaining my documents in a sealed envelope?

If you no longer live in your country of education, you may send your Academic reform request form to your institution who will release your documents. You may contact the WES service team if your school has closed.

If you studied in Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, or Venezuela and you no longer have access to your academic documents may be eligible for the Gateway program.

How do I send translations if my transcripts are already sealed?

Some documents can be uploaded online through My Account including translations and degree certificates.

How long does it take to complete WES Credential Assessment?

World Education Services process verification of document and transcript within seven days (1 week) of receiving the complete documents. However, it does take Immigration Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) up to 35 business days to confirm it. Processing times often depend on a lot of other factors – such as country you’re sending documents from, how easy to contact your institution for verification, etc.

How much WES evaluation cost?

On average, WES Credential Assessments cost about $220CAD, excluding mailing costs. WES will send you a completed copy of your report by mail.

Can I send documents to WES by myself?

No. The World Educational Services do not accept documents sent directly by international students any longer. It is recommended that your institution send the documents directly to WES in a sealed envelop as per instructions provided by WES on their website.