How To Sponsor Your Child Born Outside Canada

Are you wondering whether you can sponsor your child born outside Canada? As a Canadian Citizen or Permanent resident, you can bring your foreign-born child (or children as the case may be) to immigrate to Canada.

And that child may be able to obtain a Canadian PR allowing him/her to be able to live and study as well as enjoy social health services and can eventually transition to Canada Citizenship.

But for those parents who are already Canadian Citizens, the rule exempts them. Their foreign-born child may not need to be sponsored for PR as children born to a Canadian citizen parent automatically becomes a Canadian Citizen.

What Are The Requirements To Sponsor Child Born Outside Canada?

Basically, a sponsorship application is a process, whereby the permanent resident or Canadian citizen applies to sponsor a child, and once the application is approved, the immigration authorities such as the Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will process the child’s application for permanent residence.

In order to be approved as a child sponsor, the individual must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have attained Eighteen (18) years of age or above
  • Reside in Canada
  • Be willing to sign a 10-year undertaking to be financially responsible for the child or show sufficient income and/or assets to support the child once he or she arrives in Canada.

On the minimum requirement to sponsor a child, the IRCC will assess whether they believe that the sponsor has enough income and/or assets to support the child once he or she arrives in Canada.

In the case of inability to meet the financial requirements, this may only be the grounds for refusal of permanent residency. It is therefore very important for a sponsor to be able to show proof of asset or employment sufficient to bring their child to Canada.

There is however an age requirement for a dependent child. A dependent child is a child under the age of Twenty-two (22) who is not married and not in a common-law relationship. The child may be either the adopted or biological child of the sponsor.

Children who are adopted outside of Canada, or will be adopted once they get to Canada, can be sponsored for PR, or can even in some cases apply directly for Canadian citizenship. The adoption must be in conformity to the legal requirements of both the home country and of Canada.