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How to Sponsor your Child Born outside Canada  

Have you been thinking of how to sponsor your child born outside Canada? As a permanent resident or Canadian citizen, it is achievable for you to bring your foreign born child/children to immigrate to Canada.

This application, if granted , will allow your foreign born child to get a Canadian permanent resident Status which will grant him the opportunity to enjoy social health services and eventually, become a full Canada Citizen.

However, Parents who are Canadian citizens already are exempted from the rule because a child born to a Canadian citizen becomes a Citizen automatically.

Therefore, you should be able to show a proof of asset or employment sufficient for you to sponsor your child born outside Canada.

Requirements for approval as a child Sponsor

For you to be approved as a sponsor for your foreign born child, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be up to 18 years or above
  • Must reside in Canada
  • Should be willing to sign a 10 years undertaking to be financially responsible for the child or present sufficient income and assets to support the child as long as he arrives in Canada.

The IRCC will now evaluate whether the Sponsor has enough income to sustain the child once he/she arrives in Canada.

If the Sponsor is found financially incapable, this may be the only reason for refusal of permanent residency.

However, there is an age requirement for a dependent child. A child under the age of Twenty two (22) who is not married and not in a common-law relationship is a dependent child. The child may be adopted or the biological child is the Sponsor.

Moreover, a child who is adopted outside of Canada, or will be adopted once they get to Canada, can get sponsorship for permanent residence, or can even in some cases apply directly for Canadian citizenship. The adoption must be in conformity to the legal requirements of both the home country and of Canada.

Steps on how to sponsor your child born outside Canada

If you want to sponsor your child born outside Canada, you will have to follow the steps below to avoid mistakes:

Step1. Get your application package

To sponsor your child born outside Canada, the first thing to do is to get your application package which includes your checklist, forms and instructions on the application process and application package page.

For you to get the right checklist, select and answer the below questions:

  • Who is being sponsored?
  • What is the Name of the country where the sponsored person resides? and
  • the country where the documents you will submit with the application were issued.
  • Through your checklist, you will know which forms you need, list all the documents you must submit and refer you to instructions to fill out each form.
  • Then, you must print, fill out and submit a copy of this checklist with your application. Note that you will place it at the top as the cover of your application.

Step 2. Fill your forms

Use the checklist to prepare your forms.

You should submit all forms on your checklist together with your application. If there is a form which you shouldn’t fill because of a particular situation, your checklist will indicate.

In addition to validating the form and typing your name, you must also sign it by hand before you include it in your paper application package.

Step 3. Gather your documents

It is very important to know that applications with incomplete, missing, and unsigned forms or documents may be returned. Therefore, if for any reason you are unable to submit an item listed on the document checklist, you must explain that in detail or else your application will be regarded as incomplete.

Note that the Country may require an Original or photocopy of some documents and you remember to attend to that efficiently.

Unless stated in your checklist, you must attach the following for any documents that are not in English or French:

  • a certified copy of the original document:
  • and the English or French translation and an affidavit from the person who completed the translation.
  • Make sure you check that all signatures are provided.
  • Also you will Check for country-specific requirements
  • You may need to submit extra forms based on where the person you’re sponsoring lives.
  • You may need to follow special instructions about specific documents to provide based on the country  issuing the document. For example, there are specific requirements for civil documents from different countries for example birth certificates, other proof of identity, child custody documentation, family booklets, military booklets, etc

Step 4. Pay your application fees

You should find out how much you will pay and do the needful before submitting your application.

To sponsor a dependent child, the application fee may cause $75 and processing fee is $75.

It is under recommendation that you pay the right of permanent resident fee. You can make the payment online and include a copy of the receipt with your application.

Step 5. Submit your application package

At this stage, you will submit your application package. Note that before submitting your application for processing, you should make a photocopy for your own records. You may need information from your package after you submit your application.

Note: It is important to place  a copy of the checklist on top of your complete application package. This will help make sure the application can go through the process as quickly as possible. Then, After you submit your application you can communicate with IRCC.

Is a Child born to Canadian Citizens outside Canada a citizen too?

If you’re a Canadian citizen who is sponsoring a spouse or partner, and you have a child together which also needs sponsorship, your child may be a Canadian citizen, even if they were not born in Canada.

A Canadian citizen is not eligible to get sponsorship. If you already have evidence of Citizenship for your child or children, provide this evidence to help the IRCC  to confirm that your child does not require immigrant processing.

Then, if you don’t have proof of Canadian Citizenship for your child who was born outside Canada, you will have to apply for a proof of citizenship to know whether your child is a Canadian citizen.

If you are sure that your child is a Canadian citizen, you will be able to apply for your child’s Canadian passport.

But if your child is not a Canadian citizen, you’ll need to add them as a dependent on the sponsorship undertaking signed for your spouse or partner.

Note that if you have submitted an application for proof of citizenship for your child or children, but still Under the process,  you must provide details in a letter form and add it as part of your application so that the IRCC can check the Status.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can I Sponsor my child to immigrate to Canada?

Yes, you can Sponsor your child to live in Canada if you are a citizen of Canada. Then, someone registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act, or a permanent resident.

Is my child a Canadian Citizen if born abroad?

Your child is not automatically a citizen of Canada if he/she is an adopted child born outside Canada.

How do I get a Canadian passport for my child born outside Canada?

If you want to obtain your child’s passport outside Canada, you can apply for that then, you will have to complete the application form. Parents should sign the application form then:

  • Get the necessary documents together
  • Find a guarantor
  • Pay your fees
  • Submit your application

How long does it take to sponsor my child born outside Canada to Canada.

Sponsorship application may take approximately 12 months to process from start to end. Normally, to process it is not much faster than 1 year, though it can be longer than that depending on the ground of the case.

Does Marrying a Canadian guarantee automatic Citizenship?

Not at all. Marrying a Canadian does not guarantee automatic Citizenship. If you want to be a citizen of Canada, you must follow the due process.

What does it mean to sponsor someone in Canada?

Sponsoring someone in Canada is part of the Canadian immigration system. It allows individuals to come to Canada under the Family immigration class. This provision tends to reunite family members in Canada who have been living in separate countries and enable them to obtain permanent resident Status.

Can I Sponsor my adult child to come to Canada?

Yes, your child can live, study and work in Canada if they attain the permanent resident Status in Canada. You can Sponsor your relatives to come to Canada if you are up to Eighteen years of age and you are financially responsible.

How much does it cost to sponsor my child born outside Canada?

Averagely, processing and sponsorship may cost $150.


In the process of sponsoring your child born outside Canada, this thorough guide will assist you to achieve your goal. There are many ways through which you child could get sponsorship and the  country you child is staying

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