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How To Start A Cleaning Business Without Money

To Start A Cleaning Business without money is not as difficult as it seem. With the proper planning and strategies, starting a cleaning business can be an inexpensive way to become a business owner. Cleaning business can be really lucrative. There will always be homes that need cleaning, and it’s a job people are not willing to do.

Your upfront investment can be next to nothing, especially if you’re willing to do a lot of the work yourself.

You’ll Have to Spend a Little To Start A Cleaning Business

To legally practice business, you’ll need to follow the laws in your area. In other words, this usually means you’ll have to register your business. While not always legally required, you may want to explore business insurance.

Most importantly, you’ll need to buy essential cleaning supplies. The right cleaners, rags, bags, and scrub brushes are the only way you’ll be able to get the job properly done!

Let’s focus on the things you can do to start your cleaning business that don’t require money.

Target the Right Client

Residential cleaning, where you’re cleaning homes, is an easier business to get into than commercial cleaning. Large janitorial companies that cleans office buildings and the likes  dominate the market, and cleaning at this scale requires equipment and labour hours that demand a large starting budget.

It’s also easier to attract new residential cleaning clients, which we’ll cover later in the article.

Do the Cleaning Yourself

For a start, do all the cleaning yourself to eliminate labour costs associated with hiring someone else to clean for. You can also schedule cleaning jobs around your full time job, on weekends or in the evenings depending on your schedule.

You can also see how to start your own flooring business.

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