How To Study In Canada Without A Study Permit

Any Individuals or foreign national wishing to study in Canada must obtain a study permit, irrespective of the academic program applied for at a designated learning institution (DLI), i.e academic, professional, vocational or other educational training.

Short-Term Program In Canada Without A Study Permit

But, yes! there is an exception to this rule. You can study in Canada without a study permit if you are pursuing a program of study for six months or less. This also means that the course of study should be completed within the period of six months and no visa extension will be granted to completing the short-term program.

However, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) often recommends that individuals should obtain a study permit for a program of six months or less if they wish to work on campus or continue their studies in Canada after completion of the initial short term program.

Minor Children in Canada

Minor Children residing in Canada can study at a pre-school, primary or secondary level without a study permit. This applies to the children of temporary workers or students, as well as permanent residents and Canadian citizens.

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (the “Act“) provides that every minor child in Canada, other than a child of a temporary resident (i.e visitors), not authorized to study or work, is authorized to study at the pre-school, primary or secondary level.

This rule of exception doesn’t apply to minor children of temporary residents or visitors who are not authorized to work or study in Canada.

Family Members and Private Staff of Diplomats

Family members (i.e spouse, dependent child or children) or members of the private staff of foreign diplomats and foreign accredited representatives do not need a study permit to study in Canada.

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act also exempt members of the armed forces of a country that is a designated state under the Visiting Forces Act may not need to obtain a permit to study in Canada.

Therefore, you can study in Canada without a study permit, if you fall under the categories of individual mentioned above.