How To Update My Address For My Driver’s License In Saskatchewan?

Moving to a new house is always an exciting time. It’s a chance to start fresh and make a new home for yourself and your family. One of the first things you need to do when you move is to update your address for your driver’s license.

In Saskatchewan, this process is simple and can be done online. Here’s a guide on how to update your address for your driver’s license in Saskatchewan.

Who is required to Inform Saskatchewan Government Insurance of their change of address?

If you currently have or possess a driver’s licence in Saskatchewan, you must update it within Fifteen (15) days of relocating to your new home to ensure SGI does not send mail to your old address.

How to update your address with Saskatchewan Government Insurance?

There are four (4) different methods for you to change the address on your driver’s license:

  • Visit a motor license issuer
  • Visit your MySGI account online and update your personal information
  • Call 1-844-855-2744 and ensure have your Customer Number from your driver’s license readily available
  • Use the online ExpressAddress service, on which you can change your address for different bills and services

Important things you should know!

  • When you update your address, you do not need to renew your driver’s license and will not be provided a new one by SGI.
  • Your Saskatchewan driver’s license usually lasts for Five (5) years. Only after those five years will you be required to renew your license and acquire a new photo before the expiry date.

What if you are moving permanently from another province to Saskatchewan?

In this scenario, you can drive with your old driver’s license for ninety (90) days before obtaining a Saskatchewan driver’s license. To do so, you must fulfill the Saskatchewan residency requirements and complete a declaration indicating you are a resident.

You have to provide a minimum of two (2) pieces of original identification, with two (2) Saskatchewan residency documents, which must include your home address/land location and be dated not more than Ninety (90) days.


In conclusion, updating your address for your driver’s license in Saskatchewan is a quick and easy process! All you need is to fill out a change of address form, and then you will be all set. So why wait? Update your address today!

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