How You Can Get A Job Offer In Canada

How to get a job offer in Canada can be one of the smartest ways to begin your life in Canada. It all begins with a job from a designated Canadian employer. Here are steps with which to get your desired job. It just begins with a job offer from a Canadian employer.

With a full-time permanent job offer, you may be eligible for Arranged Employment under the Federal Skilled Worker Program or for a Skilled Worker category of one of the Provincial Nominee Programs. Either of these options will entitle you to fast-track Canadian Immigration.

If you have already got an offer of temporary employment, you might be qualified for a Temporary Work Permit. You could be (or close to be) in Canada in a matter of few weeks to months with obtaining a work permit. Most of the international skilled workers who come to Canada based on work permits may eventually be eligible for a quick Canadian Immigration (Permanent Residence) through one of the Provincial Nominee Programs, the Canadian Experience Class, or Arranged Employment.

Experts Can Make Finding Work In Canada Easy

Although it may be really cumbersome to find a job in another country, especially if the job market and hiring process is different from the type in your own country.

CanadaVisa’s Career Coaching Tools ( will be useful in helping you with your Canada job search.

CanadaVisa’s Resume Builder ( will help you build a Canadian resume. You can store your resume in the CanadaVisa Resume Bank, helping Canadian employers to reach you.

Already Got A Job Offer In Canada?

If you have already got a job offer from a Canadian employer, we can help you with the processing of all necessary documents and paperwork. We will ensure that all government standards are met so that you can begin working in Canada as soon as possible.

  • Find out more about Campbell Cohen’s Work Permit Service for temporary job offers -(
  • Find out more about Arranged Employment or Provincial Nominee Program for permanent job offers

How To Assess Your Foreign Credentials

For specific occupations, foreign trained workers and professionals should have their education and work experience credentials assessed and authorized by the federal and provincial regulatory bodies before they can work in Canada.

For most supervised occupations like engineers, medical doctors, nurses, electricians, plumbers, veterinarians, and physiotherapists, internationally trained workers may need to obtain additional certification before they can work in those fields. Preparing ahead of time can make the transition to the Canadian workforce much more easier through Canadian Foreign Credential Assessment Services.