How You Can Immigrate To Canada From Nigeria?

Canada is like Disney’s wonderland! No wonder hundreds of thousands of people across the world flock to this maple leaf country, in search of a better life. In the last Five years, Canada has invited and granted permanent residency to over a million people worldwide.

At present, over 33 million people live in Canada. And over half of this population are immigrants from over 50 Countries (Nigerians included).

How To Immigrate To Canada From Nigeria?

Are you looking at immigrating to Canada from Nigeria? This article reveals detail information about the easiest way to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria. Follow the steps listed below!

1. Check your eligibility

The first step to Canada immigration is to check your eligibility status. You may not be allowed to come to Canada for one of many reasons. These reasons may include: violation of human right, existing criminal records, financial reasons; medical reasons, non compliance with Canadian immigration rules.

2. Get all important documents ready

During your immigration application, you will be required to provide certain official documents before gaining entry into Canada.

Such documents as: valid international passport, Canadian immigrant visa or Confirmation of Permanent Residence, Two passport photos of you and every members of your households and other travel documents.

3. Complete the necessary application

Depending on your situation, you will need to choose and apply for a visa program. For instance, if you are planning to settle permanently in Canada, you may go for Federal Express Entry or apply for other Provincial Nominee Programs. On the other hand, if you are planning to go there as self employed, then start-up visa will just be fine.

4. Pay the application fee

Make sure that your application fee is fully paid or your application may be rejected. The application fees can be on the high side, especially if you will be requesting entry for a spouse and other family members as well.

For instance, the application fee for an Express Entry application for a person would be $550 Canadian dollars. But, if you are bringing a wife or husband and child as well, then the total application fee would be as high as $1,250 Canadian dollars.

5. Wait for your visa to arrive

You should know that it might take a while for your visa application to be granted. Even if you apply using the Federal Express Entry form, it may take a while, even up to six months to get a response.

So, ensure that you apply as soon as possible. Don’t wait until a week or a month before you want to go, get the application form  right away.

6. Purchase private health insurance

Although, Canada offers free healthcare services to it Citizens and permanent residents, you may need to get private health insurance coverage for up to three months after you first land in Canada. The cost of getting private health insurance will vary depending on your province.