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Hungarian Embassy in Canada – Getting help in Canada

The good number of services rendered by the Hungarian Embassy in Canada will provided the needed help to Hungarians. This is because the embassy is highly efficient with it consulate in Toronto so it is easy getting help.

Possibly as a Hungarian, you may be wondering how to get all necessary legal documents to enable you to import from Canada. If you are then worry not because with Hungarian embassy in Canada you will get the help in that aspect.

In addition you will find all the addresses of the embassy and the consulates like the one in Toronto.

Surprisingly, some students in Canada or intending immigrants don’t know what an embassy or certain things about Hungary. This article will provide you with more vital information like how to get job in Hungarian Embassy in Canada. Also, details on how to apply for Passport, and top 5 Services Provided by Hungarian Embassy in Canada.

What is an Embassy?     

This is a diplomatic building of a country in another country where all diplomatic and bilateral engagements are carried out. So the Hungary embassy represents the Hungarian government and provides basic and international services to Hungarians living in Canada.

The embassy is mostly headed by an Ambassador or a high commissioner.

In addition, the embassy protects the diplomatic tides of Hungary in host country as well mediate during negotiations. Hungary embassy reports back to the President through the ambassador or high commissioner, significant political, economic, and social decisions.

The Hungarian embassy in Canada is currently headed by Ambassador Ódor Bálint while the consulate is headed by Valer Palkovits.

 About Hungary

Hungary is a country that is blessed with architectural landmarks and rivers, so life won’t be difficult in the country. The country is divided into three parts by the two longest rivers which are river Danube and Tisza. The three parts are Transdanubia to the west, Tisza, and the Trans-Tisza to the east.

The capital of the country is Budapest, it official language is Hungarian and the currency is the Hungarian Forint (HUF). It has a population of 10 million people so it is not a big country; the cost living is averagely ok.

It is divided into 19 counties; it has other bigger cities like Debrecen, Szeged, Miskolc, Pécs, Győr. Budapest is amongst the most beautiful cities worldwide. Hungary hosts the second largest thermal lake in the world (Lake Hévíz), the largest lake in Central Europe (Lake Balaton). The largest natural grassland in Europe (Hortobágy) also, so you can see why the country is popular despite its size.

The country is located in the Europe continent, it shares border with Slovakia, to the northeast with Ukraine. Then to the east with Romania, south with Serbia while to the southwest with Slovenia.

Few facts about Hungary

  • They’ve won more than 465 Olympic medals.
  • It is considered rude to clink your beer glasses.
  • The Hungarian language is truly unique.
  • The first foreign fast food restaurant was Mcdonald’s.
  • It is one of the oldest countries in Europe

Hungarian Embassy in Canada Contact Details

Certainly, contact details of Hungarian embassy and consulates like the physical address, email address, phones numbers etc will be provided.

Address of Hungarian Embassy in Canada

The Hungarian embassy is located in Ottawa, Ontario province of Canada. Find below the address.

299 Waverley Street

Ottawa, ON K2P OV9


Telephone 🙁 +1) 613 230-2717

Fax (+1) 613 230-7560

Email: [email protected]


Social media-

Address of the Hungarian Consulate in Toronto

To ensure efficient service delivery, the embassy has it consulate in Toronto and the address is below:

175 Bloor St. East,

Suite 1109, South Tower,

Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3R8.

E-mail:[email protected]

Email address for consular matters:[email protected]

Fax: +1-647-349-2559

Phone: +1-647-349-2550:

Phone number for consular matters: +1-647-349-2553

Consular hours

Monday: 9:00-12:00; 13:00-16:00

Tuesday: 9:00-12:30

Wednesday: 9:00-12:30

Thursday: 9:00-12:00; 13:00-16:00

Address of the Vice Consulate in Vancouver

Interestingly, the vice consulate in Vancouver provides consular services so Hungarians in the following province or territories.

  • Province of British Columbia
  • Province Alberta,
  • Territories of Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

Conveniently go to Hungarian vice consulate office because it closer compare to Toronto and Ottawa. Find below the address:

808 Nelson Street, Suite #701

Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2H2 (Mail Box #12131).

Address of the Vice Consulate in Montreal

The Hungarians in the Quebec province and the territories closer can access services in this vice Consulate office. The address is stated below:

1155 rue Metcalfe, Suite 1504,

Montréal, Québec, H3B 2V61155 rue Metcalfe,

Suite 1504, Montréal, Québec, H3B 2V6.

Consulate General: + 1 438-380-3107

Consular Office: + 1 514-288-7378

Top Five (5) services provided by the Hungarian Embassy in Canada.

The Hungarian embassy with it 3 consulates in Canada collectively provide services for the Hungarians living in Canada. The top 5 amongst the numerous services they render are stated below.

  • Issuing of passport
  • Citizenship registration
  • Registration of birth, death and marriage certificate
  • Visa application
  • Issuing of Criminal record certificate.

Issuing of passport

The Hungarian embassy and it consulates in Canada accept passport applications from Hungarians, process it and issue it out. Children under the age of six years will parent who can prove his or her citizenship can sign a statement. It is on this basis that the Hungarian citizenship of the child will be presumed.

However the fee for passport application depends on number of children in household, age, duration, or application on extramural days. Let say you have 2 children in your household and you are applying for 3 years passport you will pay 72 CAD but if you apply on extramural consular days you will pay 94 CAD.

If you are within the age of 18 to 65 years, 10 years passport cost 125 CAD in Ottawa but 147 CAD on extramural consular days.

The Hungarian embassy also helps citizens to track their stolen documents but police report must be attached to the report. Renewal of expired passport can also be done in the offices across Canada.

 Citizenship Registration

It is very possible for a Hungarian in Canada to apply for citizenship in the embassy or reacquire it. You must have valid reasons that are verifiable like lost of your citizenship with police report before you are considered.

Application for citizenship must be submitted in person, a minor under 14 years must have his application signed by parents.

The cost of apply and receiving a citizenship certificate is 66 CAD but 88 CAD on extramural consular day.

Registration of birth, death and marriage certificate

The Hungarian embassy in Canada provides services like registration for birth, death and marriages with certificates if successful. If you are to register your marriage is the Hungarian embassy at least one of the partners must be Hungarian.

The cost of application and certificate is 22CAD. Notably documents like the marriage certificate, a passport or a citizenship certificate of your non-Hungarian spouse must be attached. Not all Canadian marriage certificates are accepted by the embassy.

More so, birth certificates are issued at a cost of 22 CAD to Hungarians in Canada. When registering the birth of a child both parent must agree and issue statements pertaining to the name and the residence of the child.  Documents to be provided are:

  • Birth certificate,
  • Parents identity documents.
  • The Hungarian-issued marriage certificate of the parents.
  • If the child is born out of wedlock, the acknowledgement of paternity will be necessary.

Similarly, the Hungarian embassy also issue death certificate to confirmed dead Hungarian in Canada at a cost of 22 CAD. The documents to be submitted include:

  • Hungarian citizenship certificate.
  • Original death certificate.
  • Copies of the birth and marriage certificates of the deceased if married.

Visa application

Canadians planning to immigrate to Hungary can conveniently apply for the Hungary visa through the Hungarian embassy in Canada. This is possible because it is part of the major role of the embassy in the country. The Canadian citizens can apply both online and offline.

Issuing of Criminal record certificate

The Hungarian embassy issue certificate of good conduct to Hungarians in Canada with no criminal record after all necessary investigations. It is expected you apply personally in their offices in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver or on extramural consular days. Consultant or lawyers can’t apply for anybody because the embassy doesn’t accept application from third parties; mail application is possible.

The consular fee is 96 CAD but if you submit or apply on extramural consular days you will pay 118 CAD.  If the embassy will prepare you the official English translation the fee is 162 CAD but if you request for this on extramural consular days the fee is 206 CAD.

The following are the documents to be attached in your application:

  • Valid photo ID
  • Self-addressed, registered return envelope.
  • Phone and e-mail contacts.

How to Apply for Passport at Hungarian Embassy in Canada?

The application process is not difficult; you just need to follow all the procedures diligently. The steps on how to apply for Passport at Hungarian Embassy in Canada are as follow:

  • Download or fill a form at the Hungarian Embassy.
  • Attach your passport photo.
  • Have your signature on the application form authenticated by a honorary consul.
  • Provide the address where we can mail the passport to and also phone and e-mail contacts.
  • Send the application with all attachments to the Embassy’s postal address (299 Waverley Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 0V9).
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Frequently Asked Questions    

How to get a job in Hungarian Embassy in Canada?

You can get a job easily in the Hungarian embassy if you check their vacancies at short intervals. Ensure your check the requirements before you apply, also be prepared for qualifying tests and exams.


The bilateral relationship between Hungary and Canada has been harmonious and progressive. The Hungarian embassy with the Canadian Government ensures adequate service delivery to both citizens.

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