ICE – No Enforcement Activities During Hurricane Dorian

On Friday, ICE has said there won’t be any Enforcement Activities During Hurricane Dorian. “There won’t be any conduct of immigration enforcement operations at hurricane sites or shelters, including during and immediately after hurricanes”, as Hurricane Dorian barrels towards Florida. A report shows that the Hurricane Dorian will strengthen into a Category 4 hurricane before making landfall in Florida. Authorities has advised residents of Florida to stockpile a week’s worth of food as well as supplies before the hurricane.

No Enforcement Activities During Hurricane Dorian

It is a common practice for ICE during and after hurricanes to suspend operations. However, undocumented immigrants often fear that authorities may arrest them when checking into shelters as a result of their immigration status.

A crisis such as the devastation and destruction caused by a hurricane is not a time to compound one tragedy upon another by spreading fear in our community with fake rumors on the operations of ICE. Rather, we should and must stand as one community in order to focus on aiding the victims.” the agency argued in a statement

Florida residents are stocking up

The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis said Friday that President Trump had approved a federal emergency declaration for his state. Previously, the governor had declared a state of emergency for all 67 Florida counties. DeSantis reported on Friday that the state has 819,000 gallons of water and 1.8 million meals ready for distribution.

According to the governor, “It is imperative that Floridians and their families take Hurricane Dorian seriously. The time to prepare diminishes by the hour, particularly because we are still not sure of where it will make landfall. I advise everyone to have seven days of food, water and medicine in preparation for this storm. Also, all residents need to be prepared to evacuate, should that be required.”

DeSantis said the Florida Department of Transportation will lift tolls to affected areas once a local evacuation is ordered. Uber has dedicated to providing rides to shelters when they begin opening, he said.

Over 30 school districts have announced that schools closes on Tuesday. The Florida Department of Education will be posting updated information regarding school closures on their website. However, over 30 colleges/universities which include Florida State University as well as Florida A&M University have announced closures to their satellite, regional or main campuses.

DeSantis said on Friday that Florida’s Highway Patrol will start escorting fuel trucks to boost the volume that can be brought into the state. Service and truck rates for fuel trucks have also been waived.

Deborah Thomson amid tears on Friday morning as she worried about how her animals would survive the storm.

In a news conference on Friday with Maj. Gen. James Eifert said, approximately 2,000 National Guard troops will be mobilized. By the end of Saturday, that number could double. “We’re prepared to respond. We have 12,000 soldiers and airmen in the state and every one of them that is able and in the state, not deployed, will be ready to step up as needed.”

Florida residents have not stopped stocking up on gas and food for a stormy weekend, and officials are urging everyone to be prepared. “Get water, get gas, get cash out of the ATMs. The more we hear about this storm, it sounds like a serious one,” West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James said.

According to a 69 year old woman Deborah Thomas who was preparing for the storm Friday at a Home Deport in West Palm Beach when she broke down in tears with worry over how her dogs and pigs would survive the storm. “I stand to be homeless because I live in a mobile home. But that is not what worries me. I have animals. My home can be replaced but my animals can never be replaced.” She told CNN.

I intend to hole up with my dog at my daughter’s home, where they’ve stocked plenty of water, she told CNN. I don’t plan to leave even if evacuation orders come down, she said, even though Dorian has her mind on Hurricane Andrew in 1992, which left Homestead, Florida, looking like an atomic bomb had gone off.