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Iceland Residence Permit – Eligibility, Requirements, and Application

Iceland is a land of beauty and splendor. In fact, it is among one of the best livable places to be in the world, ranking high in healthcare, business, good environment, and safety. If you want to relocate to Iceland, there are several documents you need to acquire, including an Iceland residence permit.

Therefore in this article, we will explore all you need to know about the Iceland residence permit. Including the requirements, eligibility criteria, and how to apply. Stay with us!

About Iceland

Iceland is a lovely country situated in the North Atlantic Ocean. The country is home to around 330,000 people and is known for its remarkable terrains, glaciers, and volcanoes. Without a doubt, it is a very popular tourist environment and is considered one of the most costly and classy countries around the globe to reside in.

Iceland residence permit

The Iceland residence permit is a document that allows you to enter Iceland and live there for a duration that is more than three months. You will be given this permission provided that you fulfill all the conditions and requirements by the legal authorities of Iceland. With this permit, you will enjoy maximum benefits just like the citizens of Iceland, you may also work with the permit. However, in some cases, you might need to get a work permit.

Mind you, not all individuals require an Iceland residence permit, some groups of individuals have the opportunity to travel to Iceland at any time and settle there for as long as they wish. These nationals include citizens of EU Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. Although they will have to register at the registration office when they get to the country.

Types of Iceland Residence Permits

Without a doubt, there are several Iceland residence permits you can opt for, depending on your purpose of residing in Iceland. Note that it is highly important to select the right type of residence permit because your documents will be given based on the permit you apply for. Also, these permits will define what you can do in Iceland.

Here are the types of residence permits you can get go for:

  • Family union residence permit: This is for spouse /cohabiting partner, kids under 18 years old, or parents of about 67 years or more.
  • Work residence permit: This permit is specifically for work that needs professional knowledge; Scarcity of workers; Authorized specialists on grounds of alliance and service treaties.
  • Study residence permit.
  • Au pair residence permit.
  • Volunteers residence permit.
  • Missionaries’ residence permit.
  • Special ties residence permit.
  • Legal and special purpose.
  • Distant worker’s residence permit.
  • Permanent residence permit.

General requirements for Iceland residence permit

Basically, there are general and specific requirements for the Iceland residence permit. Here are the general requirements you need to know about

  • Application form. Each type of residence permit has its application form which can be gotten online. Therefore, download the form that is specific to your application.
  • Payment receipt. You will need your payment receipt for registration, especially if you paid in the bank.
  • Passport copy. Ensure that you have about 90 days of validity on your passport beyond when you recede from Iceland.
  • Passport size photograph. Your photo must meet the Schengen rule for passports.
  • Health insurance. Submit a certificate of health insurance from either an Icelandic insurance company or another insurance company that can operate in Iceland.
  • Police clearance certificate. You must obtain police clearance that rationalizes you free of any criminal activities.
  • Proof of financial resources. Without a doubt, you will need to tender a legal certificate that certifies that you are financially buoyant to support you and your dependents in Iceland.

Specific requirements for Iceland residence permit

These detailed and specific requirements depend on the type of permit you go for. Here are the classifications and their requirements

#1. Family Reunification Residence Permit

Without a doubt, to apply for the Iceland family reunion residence permit, you will need to tender either of these documents

  • Marriage certificate.
  • Marital stature certificate.
  • Cohabitation certificate.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Child possession documents.
  • Demise certificate.
  • Divorce documents.

#2. Working Permit

If you are applying for the Iceland working residence permit you will need the following documents

  • Job contract.
  • Application for a suitable work permit.

#3. Study Residence Permit

Likewise, if you’re applying for an Iceland residence permit for educational purposes, you will need to submit:

  • University admission or acceptance certificate.
  • And if you want to work as you study, you must get a work permit and work agreement.

#4. Au Pair Permit

To get the Iceland Au Pair Residence Permit, you need to provide a written contract between you and the host family.

#5. Volunteers

Moreso, if you are moving to Iceland to volunteer in an establishment, you need:

  • A contract with an acknowledged NGO working on philanthropy or humanitarian issues; and
  • Replica of a travel ticket from Iceland.

#6. Missionaries’ Residence Permit

Also, if you are traveling to Iceland for missionary purposes, you have to present a letter of invitation to an unpaid position for the religious organization of Iceland.

#7. Iceland Special Ties

To obtain the special ties residence permit, you need:

  • Proof of adequate monetary support during the entire stay.
  • Report on ties, which could be family, social or cultural.

#8. Work permit.

If you are moving to Iceland for work, it is sacrosanct to submit your employment contract.

#9. Legal and Special Purpose Residence Permit requirements

To obtain this type of permit, it is very important to get a document and statement that substantiates that you need the residence permit for legal and special purposes. Some of the documents required are

  • Request for a work permit.
  • Employment contract.

#10. Other requirements

In cases whereby you want to immigrate to Iceland from anywhere around the world, you need the following documents.

  • Documents on Support, include job contract and proof of tax payment for the past year.
  • Formal copies of current years’ tax-return forms

How to apply for Iceland Residence Permit

For you to get the Iceland residence permit, ensure that you follow the steps and instructions given below for a successful application.

Step one: Print out the visa application form

Firstly, you need to get the application form online. You must download the right application that suits your travel purpose.

Step two: Prepare all your documents

The next step to getting the Iceland residence permit is to prepare all your documents. Both general and specific documents for your application must be intact.

Step three: Schedule an appointment

You will have to make contact with the Iceland consulate or embassy in your home country to make an appointment to submit your application.

Step four: Prepare for your interview

Without a doubt, you need to prepare excellently for your interview. You will have to answer different questions about yourself and the purpose of your visit to Iceland. Therefore, be prepared to provide the right and legitimate answers.

Step five: Await your results

The time for the release of your results depends on the consulate or embassy you are applying for the residence. You can keep checking out your results online, at the portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become a resident of Iceland?

It takes about two years to become a resident of Iceland. The process involves applying for residency and then waiting for a decision from the government.

Can I live in Iceland for a long time?

Yes, you can live in Iceland for a long time. The process for obtaining residency is relatively straightforward and most people can get approved within a few months. There are a few requirements, such as demonstrating that you have adequate funds to support yourself and proving that you have a valid reason for wanting to live in Iceland. Overall, Iceland is a great place to live and the quality of life is high.

Can foreigners buy property in Iceland?

Yes, foreigners can buy property in Iceland. The process is relatively simple, and several restrictions apply. For more information, consult an attorney or real estate agent in Iceland.

Is Iceland a good place to live?

There are pros and cons to living in Iceland. The pros include a high quality of life, a strong economy, and beautiful scenery. The cons include high costs of living and the cold, dark winters. Overall, Iceland is a great place to live if you can afford it and don’t mind the cold winters.

Is there crime in Iceland?

Yes, there is a crime in Iceland. However, the crime rate is relatively low compared to other countries. This is likely because Iceland has a strong social safety net and a high degree of equality.


Moving to Iceland is one of the best decisions you would love to make. The requirements and types of residence permit to stay in Iceland has been given. It will take about two years to complete your registration, therefore start as soon as possible.

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