Immigrants/New Canadians Celebrate Canada At 150

Immigrants/New Canadians Celebrate Canada At 150. There’s a day set aside for celebration in Canada, a day to celebrate the discoveries of scientific researches, the heritage passed down through the works of authors, poets, artists and performers, in the success of entrepreneurs, and to commemorate history. Festivities across the country will celebrate the milestone birthday, as Canada will be turning 150-years-old on Saturday, July 1. It is a great opportunity to celebrate achievements, vision, to value ancestors, and all that in nearly all of the languages of the world through the contribution of New Canadians.

People from 16 different countries around the world participated in the annual Canada Day Citizenship ceremony on Friday at the Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre. On that same day, 31 Windsor residents received one of the most valuable gifts Canada has to offer — citizenship. Glenn Drinkwater, a member of the Order of Canada who has been conducting the ceremony since 1997 did the honor of swearing in the new Canadians.

Recent immigrants as well as international students living in Sydney, N.S., are also looking forward to the festivities, at least in part because they feel welcome to do so.

Immigrants with clean recors had to write an exam on government personnel, political structures and all the rules, regulations and privileges of citizenship in other to qualify for a permanet resident in Canada.

In the last 150 years, more than 17 million immigrants have immigrated to Canada, Canada has long been a ”land if Immigration”

In a bid to pack up the life they’ve created to move to a new country as an immigrant comes with some barriers. For some there is a new culture to adopt, new language to learn, a reset on education or career.

Many chose Canada because it is the best country in the world, where you can start and make a good life for yourself, everyone has an equal chance of being successful. Many wanted to move to a country that offered better social and civil rights, and personal freedom. They were attracted by the country’s natural beauty. What is appreciated the most is the hospitality of Canadians. It’s one of the rare places where upon arrival at the airport, people say, “Welcome to Canada”.

It is a privilege to be in such a beautiful and amazing country with all the rights and privileges Canadians have. Canada is an incredible place to be. Although, there are some hindrances to good citizenship in Canada which you must know.

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