Immigrate to Canada as an Air Pilot Flight Engineer

You can become a permanent resident in Canada even as an air pilot flight engineer.

Generally speaking, you can immigrate to Canada as an air pilot flight engineer to start up a new life or obtain a good working experience in Canada.

Furthermore, immigrating to Canada as an air pilot flight engineer will be a great opportunity for you to secure a job from various airline and airfreight companies.

Moreover, Canada is one of the countries that welcome immigrants with gladness of the heart with so much cheerfulness.

In addition, if you desire a country where you can easily feel among, then Canada should be your number one consideration.

In this article, you will learn the main duties and responsibilities carried out by air pilot flight engineer, as well as examples of job titles under air pilot flight engineer in Canada.

More so, you will learn about the requirements you need to immigrate to Canada. In addition, you will learn the steps and pathways to follow when applying for immigration.

In this article

Who is an air pilot flight engineer?

Air pilots fly fixed wing aircraft and helicopters to provide air transportation and other services such as crop spraying and aerial surveying.

Furthermore, flight engineers assist air pilots with monitoring, troubleshooting and maintenance of aircraft systems and with pre- and post-flight inspections.

In addition, flying instructors teach flying techniques and procedures to student and licensed pilots.

Air pilots, flight engineers and flight instructors are employed by airline and airfreight companies, flying schools and by other public and private sector aircraft operators.

Key responsibilities and duties of an air pilot flight engineer

The following are the expected duties, tasks, roles and responsibilities that you will undertake when you immigrate to Canada as an air pilot flight engineer.

Air pilots

  • Conduct pre-flight inspection of aircraft and check passenger and cargo distribution to ensure that weight and balance specifications are met.
  • Co-ordinate flight activities with ground crews and air-traffic control, inform crew-members of flight and test procedures and direct activities of aircraft crew during flights.
  • Contact control towers for takeoff clearances, arrival instructions and other information.
  • Conduct in-flight tests and monitor functioning of aircraft equipment and systems during flights, maintain communications with flight dispatchers and weather forecasters and respond to and report in-flight emergencies and malfunctions.
  • Prepare flight evaluation reports.
  • Train pilots to use new equipment, or prepare them for examinations to re-validate or upgrade existing licenses.
  • May fly new or experimental planes to examine their flight performance and safety.
  • May participate in search and rescue operations, forest firefighting, aerial surveying, crop dusting and other services.

Flight engineers

  • Inspect aircraft prior to takeoff according to pre-flight checklist and verify passengers and cargo distributions.
  • Assist air pilots in monitoring aircraft systems, equipment and functions during flight.
  • Make in-flight repairs, such as replacing fuses and adjusting instruments, and follow emergency procedures to compensate for equipment malfunction or failure.
  • Perform post-flight inspections, record equipment malfunctions and corrective actions taken during flight and report required repairs to ground maintenance personnel.

Flying instructors

  • Instruct student pilots in procedures and techniques of flying aircraft and in ground-school subjects such as navigation, radio procedures and flying regulations.
  • Train licensed pilots for additional certification.

Examples of jobs under air pilot flight engineer NOC code 2271

The following are jobs titles under National Occupational Classification code 2271. Hence, you can immigrate to Canada as an air pilot flight engineer under any of this job titles.

  • Aerial crop duster
  • Air navigator
  • Aerial sprayer
  • Air navigator
  • Aerial survey flight supervisor
  • Air patrol pilot
  • Aerial survey pilot
  • Air pilot
  • Bush pilot
  • Captain – air transport
  • Charter pilot
  • Check pilot
  • Chief flying instructor
  • Airline pilot
  • Chief pilot
  • Airplane pilot
  • Chief pilot – air transport
  • Commercial airline pilot
  • Air patrol pilot
  • Co-pilot airline
  • Commercial pilot
  • Pilot instructor
  • Corporate pilot
  • Crop duster
  • Engineering test pilot
  • Executive pilot
  • Fire patrol pilot
  • First officer – air transport
  • Co-pilot – air transport
  • Flight engineer
  • Business aircraft pilot
  • Flight engineer – air transport
  • Experimental test pilot
  • Flight instructor
  • Second officer – air transport
  • Spray pilot
  • Survey pilot
  • Test pilot
  • Topographic survey pilot
  • Water bomber pilot


  • Air traffic controllers and related occupations- NOC code 2272
  • Ground school instructors – NOC code 4021
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Requirements to immigrate to Canada as an air pilot flight engineer

Generally speaking, the requirement to immigrate to Canada as an air pilot flight engineer is divided into general and specific requirements, which will be explained below.

General requirements to immigrate to Canada as an air pilot flight engineer

First and foremost, we will be talking about the general requirement involved for you to successfully immigrate to Canada as an air pilot flight engineer. They include

  • Age requirements
  • Education requirements
  • Language requirements
  • Work experience
  • Adaptability

Age requirements

Undoubtedly, your age will determine if you can immigrate to Canada as an air pilot flight engineer.

In Canada, all immigrants must reach the working age before they can immigrate to Canada as a worker. Generally, the working age in Canada is 18-45 years.

Education requirements

Generally, the minimum educational requirements for you to immigrate to Canada as a worker is secondary Education.

However, you stand an additional advantage when you have a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in your area of specialization.

Language requirements

Obviously, if you want to work and live in Canada you must be able to speak, read and write in English and French languages.

To achieve this, you will present language test results that have taken no less than 2 years. Therefore, you can present your test result in any of these language proficiency tests.

  • Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Canadian English language proficiency index program
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE)

Work experience

Ideally, the minimum work experience to immigrate to Canada as an air pilot flight engineer is 2 years of full-time work experience.


Likewise, medical fitness is very crucial for your immigration. You must be able to prove that you are healthy enough to adapt to Canada’s weather and climate.

Specific requirements to work in Canada as an air pilot flight engineer

After you immigrate to Canada as an air pilot flight engineer, you need to meet the following requirements before working for an employer or customer.

Pilots and flight engineers

  • Completion of secondary school and graduation from a certified flying or aviation school are required.
  • A university degree or college diploma.
  • A commercial pilot’s license or an air transport pilot’s license.
  • Additional licenses or endorsements to fly different types of aircraft.
  • Flight engineers require a flight engineer license issued by Transport Canada.
  • Employers provide structured training.

Flight instructors

  • Completion of secondary school and graduation from a certified flying or aviation school.
  • A university degree or college diploma.
  • A commercial pilot’s or an air transport pilot’s license.
  • Transport Canada ratings and endorsements to provide instructions on different types of aircraft.

Additional information

Furthermore, flight engineers may progress to co-pilot and pilot positions with required hours of flying experience and completion of licensing and endorsement requirements.

Pathways to immigrate to Canada as an air pilot flight engineer

Canada made its immigration system easy, and as a result, the Canadian government made available more than 20 ways for people to migrate to Canada.

However, lets briefly reflect on ways by which you can immigrate to Canada as an air pilot flight engineer.

  1. Express entry
  2. Provincial nominee programs
  3. Job offer
  4. Job in-demand

1. Express entry

Under the Express Entry program, lies some other programs, which you have to go through to apply for immigration.

Therefore, you can choose from any of the programs to immigrate to Canada as an air pilot flight engineer.

Express entry is the most convenient way to attain your dream and migrate to Canada without stress.

Furthermore, as a requirement for this express entry program, you have to be a skilled worker before you will be considered for this immigration program.

2. Provincial Nominee programs

If you are not a skilled worker, you maybe doubting your chances of being able to immigrate to Canada.

However, this is quite not hard, but yet not impossible. The provincial nominee program allows you to immigrate to Canada as an air pilot flight engineer.

In addition, learn more about how to migrate to Canada via the provincial nominee program.

3. Job offer

Therefore, your immigration to Canada as an air pilot flight engineer becomes easier with a valid job offer. This is because having an employment offer has a positive effect on your CRS score.

4. Job in demand

Moreover, this is closely related to a job offer. However, in this case it means that your job is scarce in Canada.

Therefore, lookout for a province or anywhere in Canada that is in demand of air pilot flight engineer and start your application. Hence, you can utilize this pathway to immigrate to Canada.

Steps to immigrate to Canada as an air pilot flight engineer

As a foreigner, if you would like to immigrate to Canada as a supervisor of library services, there are certain steps you must follow.

Step 1: Create an Express entry account

Basically, the first thing you need to do is to create an Express Entry profile at the official IRCC website.

Furthermore, you must also ensure that all information that you input is correct and valid. Invalid info can make you lose your application.

Step 2: Choose a program

Basically, you can choose from either Canada Express entry, federal skilled worker program, federal skilled trade programs, provincial nominee program, or Quebec experience class.

Step 3: Find a job in Canada

Generally, getting job offer points to boost your CRS points. However, you must be the right candidate for the job and no Canadian citizen can apply for the job.

Step 4: Get an invitation to apply

Moreover, an invitation to apply will only be sent to qualified candidates. Therefore, if you are qualified you need to apply for permanent residency of which you must do so within 60 days.

Step 5: Submit supporting documents

In addition, you must provide all documents such as signatures, proof of language proficiency and fees that have been asked for.

However, if your application is missing any of these, it is incomplete and will be returned to you unprocessed.

Step 6: Get your work permit

Another step is to get your work permit. However, you will get this only when you arrive in Canada.

Therefore, once you receive the message that your application has been processed, you can begin to prepare to move to Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average salary of an air pilot flight engineer in Canada?

Air pilots, flight engineers and flying instructor usually earn between $19.23/hour and $74.36/hour in Canada.

Am I eligible to migrate to Canada as an air pilot flight engineer?

Yes. Once you’ve satisfied the occupational and educational requirements to migrate to Canada as an air pilot flight engineer.


With this information, we hope you have 100% successes rate thinking of moving to Canada successfully as an air pilot flight engineer.