Immigrate to Canada as an Athlete

There is a special place for athletes in Canada as contributors its the socio economic growth

An opportune way to become a permanent resident or citizen of Canada is to immigrate to Canada as an athlete. Athletes are special people, who are treated and managed specially by the Canadian government because of the direct contribution to the growth of the socio and sports sector of the country.

Similarly, they also help to expose the country to the international community as a vibrant, sociable, and progressive country when they represent the country and do well in both local and international competitions.

Furthermore, athletes make the country popular and proud when they fly the flag of the Canada for the world to see.

When you immigrate to Canada as an athlete you set yourself up for the best of life experience. this is due to the fact that Canada offers you the best stage, assistance and opportunities for you to express and showcase your talent and to live your best of life by demonstrating your skills, prowess and competence in your chosen sport.

Canada offers you the greatest opportunity to express yourself with confidence. In Canada your background or nationality counts for nothing, likewise, it is an equal opportunity country for anyone to fulfil their aspirations and where the wildest of dreams can come through as there is a level playing ground for all to thrive and succeed regardless of nationality or origin.

Additionally, as you immigrate to Canada as an athlete you get the privilege to become a Canadian citizen in no time.

Thus, your athletic skills and ingenuity are of great importance in Canada; meanwhile, you also benefits immensely from the use of your skill, time and effort by making the move to immigrate to Canada.

Who is an Athlete?

by definition, an athlete is one who is also referred to as a sportsman or sportswoman. He or she is an individual who competes in one or more sports that often involves physical strength, speed or endurance.  Athletes may be professionals or amateurs.

Likewise, most professional athletes have particularly well-developed physiques obtained by extensive physical training and strict exercise accompanied by a strict dietary regimen that makes them fit and suitable to perform in the professional level of their sport.

Responsibilities and Duties to undertake to Immigrate to Canada as an Athlete

Athletes perform some or all of the following responsibilities and duties:

  • They train under the direction and guidance of a coach or trainer to qualify for competition.
  • Attend and participate in scheduled practice and training sessions.
  • Participate in local, regional, provincial, territorial, national or international competitions and sporting events.
  • Assess performance after an event to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Represent the province or country in sporting events as flag bearers

Job Descriptions of an Athlete

Athletes participate in competitive sports events on an amateur or professional basis. Consequently, they compete in team sports such as swimming, hockey, handball, baseball, football and lacrosse etc. or compete in individual sports such as boxing, karate, skiing, figure skating, or track and field; or in games such as scrabble, snooker, poker or chess. Therefore, they find employment from professional team organizations, government or may also be self-employed.

Examples of Athlete Roles and Titles in Canada

As an athlete desiring to immigrate to Canada to work under this NOC category 5251, you may be employed under working titles such as:

  • amateur athlete
  • archer
  • athlete
  • automobile racer
  • badminton player
  • baseball player
  • basketball player
  • billiard player
  • bowler
  • boxer
  • canoeist
  • chess player
  • chuckwagon driver
  • chuckwagon racer – stampede
  • competitor – chess
  • competitor – gambling
  • coxswain
  • curler
  • cyclist
  • demolition driver
  • discus thrower
  • diver – Olympic sport
  • fencer
  • figure skater
  • football player
  • footballer
  • gamer – video games
  • golf player
  • golfer
  • gymnast
  • hammer thrower
  • handball player
  • harness race driver
  • harness racing driver
  • helmsman – sports
  • hockey player
  • javelin thrower
  • jockey
  • judoka
  • jumper
  • pentathlete
  • ping-pong player
  • poker player
  • prize fighter
  • professional athlete
  • professional boxer
  • pool player
  • race car driver
  • rider
  • rodeo performer
  • rower
  • sailboarder
  • short-distance runner
  • shot put
  • skater
  • skier
  • snowboarder
  • soccer player
  • sprinter
  • stampede performer
  • stampede racer
  • standardbred pacer
  • stock car racer
  • sulky driver
  • swimmer
  • table tennis player
  • tennis player
  • track athlete
  • volleyball player
  • water-polo player
  • weight-lifter
  • wrestler

Thus, jobs on the Canada NOC List are designated immigration codes; the code for Athletes on the NOC is 5251. Therefore, all these roles held by an Athlete are eligible to apply under this specific NOC category of 5251.


included as members of this category are the following:

  • competitor – gambling
  • gamer – video games


The following under listed do not fall into the category of athlete occupational code in the NOC list of 5251

  • Coaches
  • Sports instructors
  • Sports officials and referees

Minimum Qualifications and Employment Requirements to Immigrate to Canada as an Athlete

  • Firstly, as an athlete, you must be able to demonstrate ability in a particular sport, or type of game.
  • Thereafter, undergo extensive training under the supervision of a coach.
  • Certification may be obtained with a particular sports federation before you can participate in that sports or become an athlete in it.
  • In Canada a background with athletic training and college or university studies is significant and therefore, strongly recommended and highly favorable.

General Requirements to Immigrate to Canada as an Athlete

The first step to begin to immigrate to Canada as an athlete is by starting the process of obtaining your Canada immigration points needed for the Express Entry pool through the Canadian Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Therefore, the following immigration requirements are needed to be satisfied for you to obtain the important CRS Points:

  • Age
  • Academic Qualifications
  • English language proficiency
  • French language proficiency
  • Partner’s skills/qualification
  • Work experience

Specific Employment Criteria to Immigrate to Canada as an athlete

  • Certification may be obtained with a particular sports federation.
  • In Canada a background with athletic training and college or university studies is strongly recommended and highly favorable.

Pathways to Immigrate to Canada as an Athlete

Jobs and titles in the Canadian NOC list are designated as ‘in demand’. This is because, the athlete job list in the NOC code 5251 is very much in need, it however, requires eligible practitioners to fill available positions across Canada .

Therefore, as an eligible highly skilled athlete in Canada, you have the chance of becoming a full time worker from your first day, either as a direct employee, a contractor staff or self-employed.

Moreover, athlete jobs in Canada offer better pay than in most countries; likewise, the Canadian employment law which insists on the work-life balance is another great benefit, as it enables you to truly live your life to the fullest while you build a career through your work.

Thus, choosing to immigrate to Canada as an athlete, there are many ways in which you can do so. in addition, if you land a job offer that can be an added advantage, because having a job offer is a very important criterion that increases your chances in the Express Entry pool as it awards you with more points.

Therefore, the following are pathways by which you can immigrate to Canada as an athlete:

What Advantages are there to Immigrate to Canada as an Athlete?

To begin with, when you immigrate to Canada and you consequently become a permanent resident in Canada you enjoy enormous benefits from various Canadian socio programs in addition to the following:

  • Opportunity to live and work in one of the finest countries in the world.
  • Freedom to enter and exit Canada without restriction
  • Sound education in prestigious Canadian institutions
  • World class Healthcare
  • Access to social benefits
  • Citizenship and a dual Nationality after four years
  • Security and protection under the Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Steps to take to Immigrate to Canada as an Athlete

The following requirements; age, qualification, work experience, and others as listed above can increase your chances to get the necessary CRS points, to add to your overall Immigration Points score which must be equal to or exceed a total sum of 67.

Therefore, the following steps are necessary for you to take to prepare yourself to immigrate to Canada under any of the above listed pathways.

  • Firstly, you have to undertake a free online visa assessment to check your eligibility to satisfy the requirements for a Canadian immigration and whether you meet the criteria that are needed to award you points to immigrate to Canada as an athlete.
  • Secondly, after receiving an Invitation to apply (ITA) from Canadian Immigration, note that you have only 60 days to formally send in your application.
  • Thirdly, ensure to verify your qualifications through the standard testing, education equivalence certificates assessment and skilled worker assessments.
  • Fourthly, upon invitation to apply for Canadian Visa, submit your best application by meeting all requirements, since your express entry profile is only valid for one year.
  • Lastly, ensure you have all your qualifications and certificates assessed by the relevant and approved ECA as required by the Canadian immigration.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I Immigrate to Canada an Athlete without a Job Offer?

Absolutely yes, you can, as long as you have obtained all the required minimum total CRS score on your Express Entry account for your application equivalent to the 67 immigration point benchmark for your Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa.

Nevertheless, with a job offer awarding you with added CRS score of 200 points you boost your chances of selection from the pool of applications.


In conclusion, athletes are in high demand in Canada, therefore, you have the golden opportunity to become a Canadian Permanent Resident with or without a job offer. Likewise, as an athlete with the relevant skill to work in Canada, you qualify to immigrate to Canada.