Immigrate to Canada as a Bank Manager – Full guide

As a bank manager you now have the opportunity to move to Canada. Here is a complete guide!

The Government of Canada has made it quite simple in recent times for anyone to immigrate to Canada as a Bank Manager, this is due to the fact that the Bank Manager occupation is on the list of in-demand jobs in Canada by the Canadian government.

Consequently, applicants should expect greater speed of processing and simpler procedures for those who apply to immigrate to Canada as bank managers.

Working in Canada as a bank manager holds lots of promise and the benefits are enormous. In addition, securing a job as a bank manager in Canada gives you an opportunity to become a permanent resident.

Who is a Bank Manager?

A bank manager is an individual who is in charge of the management of a bank, particularly of a branch, and consequently involved in taking decisions that pertain to whether to lend money to businesses and individuals or not.

Consequently, in Canada occupations relating to the management of a bank or certain investment and financial institutions fall under the National Occupation Code number 0122. This NOC number designates the Bank Manager jobs and related jobs to be in-demand. Thus, they are very much needed across Canada.

Bank Manager Job Description

The office of a Bank manager is saddled with the duties and tasks that regard Banking, credit offers, and other investment management plans. Additionally, it deals with the organization, direct control as well as evaluation of the activities of either the financial establishment or operational departments in the establishment, in addition to credit departments in industrial and commercial organizations.

The Bank manager’s job is to oversee the growth of the business and manage its total performance in line with instituted, established strategic decision-making processes and policies.

Examples of Jobs under the Bank Management Occupation with NOC 0122

  • Assistant operations manager – banking, credit, and investment
  • Bank manager
  • Banking operations manager
  • Collection centre manager
  • Commercial bank manager
  • Corporate bank centre manager
  • Corporate services manager – banking, credit and investment
  • Credit card centre manager
  • Operations manager credit card company
  • Manager Credit services
  • Credit union manager
  • Mortgage and consumer credit manager
  • Personal services manager – banking, credit, and investment
  • Regional collection manager
  • Trust company manager

Exclusions from the Bank Manager Occupation

The following examples of occupations are exclusions, that is not part of, though related to the Bank manager occupation with NOC 0122.

  • Mortgage brokerage managers: 0121
    • These include; Insurance, real estate, and financial brokerage managers
    • Other business services managers: 0125
  • Other business services managers
    • Senior managers: 0013
    • Senior managers are those in financial, communications and other business services, for instance, senior managers in financial organizations, communications and other business services.

What are the Main Duties and Responsibilities of Bank Managers?

This category of employees is responsible for some or all of the following duties:

Banking Managers

  • They lead, plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the branch operations of a bank, trust company, credit union or similar financial institution or of a department in such an institution responsible for administering personal and commercial loans, buying and selling securities, operating investment funds, administering trusts, settling estates or other related activities
  • A bank manager ensures strict adherence to the policies and procedures of the institution according to instituted guidelines and also offers recommendations for improvement.
  • They network to develop business relations, connect to promote the sale of loans, investment and other banking services, likewise attract corporate and individual customers.
  • Interview both corporate and individual clients, providing answers and responding to customer inquiries.
  • Peruse, analyze, review and approve or reject loan and credit applications with regards to authorized limits
  • Ensure to monitor the processing of loan applications and credit investigations.
  • Similarly, oversee the preparation of monthly financial and branch progress reports.
  • In charge of personnel recruitments and identification of their training needs.

Duties and Responsibilities of Credit managers in Canada

  • These likewise, plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the activities of the credit department in an industrial or commercial establishment.
  • Monitors corporate, commercial and personal loan accounts
  • Offer advice to customers on the type of commercial and personal financial services suited to their peculiar needs.
  • Evaluate and review loan and credit applications, likewise, their collateral and offer recommendations.
  • In charge of approving or rejecting credit/loan applications, establish the limits and design repayment plans or schedules in line with authorized limits.
  • Enforce the collection of overdue or delinquent accounts.
  • Makes sure strict adherence to credit policies and procedures according to instituted guidelines and working legislation.
  • Prepare credit and loan reports.
  • Recruit to employ credit personnel, identify their training needs and offer them appropriately.

General Qualifications needed to Immigrate to Canada as a Bank Manager

  • University degree or college diploma in business administration, commerce, economics or a related field is often a criterion.
  • Master’s degree in business administration, finance, or management science is needed in other to manage large commercial loans.
  • Certifications from the completion of the company or other management training programs may be required.
  • A good number of years of working experience within the industry, in addition to supervisory experience, is usually needed.

Additional Information

  • Having good working experience is necessary for a fast progression to senior management positions in this field.

Bank Manager Occupation in Canada

Every type of job in the Canada NOC list is classified as ‘in-demand therefore, the Bank Manager code 0122 has been on the list and for many years now provides great opportunities across Canada for anyone who is qualified as a bank manager.

In addition, if you are an eligible new and highly competent permanent resident of Canada you may begin work full time as a bank manager from the very first day.

Bank manager occupations in Canada offer better salaries than in the UK, Europe and Asia, and likewise, Canadian labor law respects the work-life balance.

The industry association for Bank Managers in Canada is the Canadian Association of Bank Managers.

Pathway to Immigrate to Canada as a Bank Manager

As stated earlier, all occupations in the NOC List as a designated immigration code, thus, the immigration NOC number to immigrate to Canada as a Bank Manager is 0122. It is likewise, the NOC Code for Investment Managers.

In addition, individuals applying to immigrate to Canada as a Bank manager, have other options to do so without having to secure a job first in Canada or being listed in the Express Entry pool.

In the first place, bank managers generally qualify to make an application for Canada Immigration in the Canadian Government’s Immigration program, this is because of the increase in demand for Bank Managers across Canada, therefore, the occupation has been added to the targeted occupations list, commonly referred to as the NOC list “National Occupation Code in-Demand List”. Consequently, the code for Bank Managers on the NOC is 0122

Because the Express Entry is not a visa type among the category of visas in Canada, it, however, is a method (or database) Canadian Immigration employs to choose the appropriate candidates for a Permanent Residency Visa. Bank Managers, therefore, desiring to immigrate to Canada have the option of a Federal Skilled Worker visa and a Provincial Nominee Program.

However, bank Managers from any part of the world are qualified to apply to an Express Entry for a Canada residency as long as they possess the right skills, experience, and qualifications in their home country.

Steps to Immigrate to Canada as a Bank Manager

Firstly, to begin your Canadian immigration procedure you must calculate your immigration points for the Express Entry with the Canadian Comprehensive Ranking System. The CRS ranking system awards you score depending on how well you satisfy or meet certain criteria.

The following are important requirements that get points in the comprehensive ranking system.

  • Age
  • Qualifications
  • Language proficiency (English/French)
  • Your partner’s skills
  • Work experience

Additionally, although these requirements award you important points in the CRS, however, as a Bank Manager they also count towards your total immigration points score which must be equal to or greater than 67

Also, when you receive the invitation to apply (ITA), you will be granted nothing less than 60 days to send a formal application, therefore, for no reason would you have to lodge an Express Entry application to declare to have a particular number of points, this must first have been verified by several examining, education equivalence certificates, and skilled worker assessments.

Therefore, because the Express Entry application is only valid for one is important you send in your best point awards.

Consequently, prior to making an application for your express entry, you have to go through the process of getting your qualifications and certificates verified as mandated by immigration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to immigrate to Canada as a Bank Manager without a job offer?

Absolutely yes, it, however, depends on whether you have a qualifying overall CRS score on your Express Entry application that meets the 67 point benchmark for the Federal Skilled Worker Visa.

Nevertheless, landing a job offer verified by immigration awards you with a CRS point of 200, thus having a job helps a lot to secure the needed visa easily.

Also, generally, there is no minimum CRS score for which you can submit a Bank Manager Canada Express Entry profile.


That the Bank manager occupation in Canada is in demand makes it far more likely to land a bank manager job in Canada as soon as you arrive. Also, your immigration pathway becomes easier and quicker, being in demand, Canada cannot wait to have you as soon as possible.