Immigrate to Canada as a Climatologist – Full Guide

Canada is currently employing Climatologists to provide solutions to global warming.

If you’re wanting to immigrate to Canada as a climatologist, this guide will provide information on demand for climatologists, jobs available, salary ranges, how to immigrate and provinces that have opportunities for this occupation.

Climatologist and their skills are high in demand in Canada. Canada is in high demand of climatologists to help oversee the current climate change. Especially now that the average land temperature has warmed by 1.72 degrees Celsius over the years.

Climate experts all over the world, and new entry climatologists (with at least one year of experience) can apply and immigrate to Canada as a climatologist to proceed in their careers.

Climatologists are paid pretty well because of their high demand. They also stand a chance of earning a bonus. The average salary of a climatologist in Canada is $104245 (CAD), and an average annual bonus of about $3,179, depending on the organization where you’re employed.

In this article, there are a lot of opportunities that we highlighted for you to successfully immigrate to Canada as a climatologist.

Who are Climatologists and what do they do?

Climatologists study the patterns of weather over a particular time. Their job description is similar to meteorologists, but their focus is on a longer time scale (for months, years, decades, or centuries).

Meteorologists and climatologists are tasked to analyze and forecast weather, conduct research into the processes and phenomena of Climate, atmosphere, and weather.

An immigration code is assigned to every occupation on the Canadian NOC list. The Canadian NOC code for climatologists is also the same code for meteorologists, and it is 2114.

Climatologists are employed by the government, utility companies, and natural resources at all levels. Climatologists can also work in private, media, and consulting firms, or be self-employed.

Many believe that Securing a job in Canada is a prerequisite to access Express entry to immigrate to Canada as a climatologist. There are also some requirements and things to put in place, which will be discussed expressly in this article.

Main duties of a Climatologist in Canada

Climate experts who immigrate to Canada as a climatologist have many duties and responsibilities to undertake. The main duties of a climatologist in Canada are such as:

  • Analyzing and interpreting data that is obtained from meteorological stations, radar, computer model outputs, and satellite imagery.
  • Participating in studies of the effects of weather and climate on the environment
  • Testing and developing mathematical computer models of climate and weather for operational and experimental use.
  • Producing weather forecasts and providing weather consulting services for industries. Some of the industries are marine, aviation, tourism, and agriculture.
  • Making scientific presentations, publishing articles reports to popular text for specialists, the general public, or individual users.
  • Analyzing the impact of human activities and industrial projects on climate and quality of air. Climatologists also work with social science economic communities and engineering to develop an appropriate mitigation strategy.
  • Disseminating reports and weather forecasts to the public through a variety of media such as television, radio, internet, and print.
  • Providing consultation and advice to researchers, or professionals on the interpretation and functions of climatological information.
  • Conducting research and providing consultation on the determinants and process of weather and climate, atmospheric phenomena, physical and chemical transformation of pollutants, and atmospheric dispersion.
  • They may engage in the development and design of new procedures and equipment for remote sensing, meteorological data collection, or related applications.

Examples of Climatologist Jobs in Canada

This is the list of jobs that is available for the Canadian NOC list 2114 if you immigrate to Canada as a climatologist.

  • Agricultural Climatologist
  • Air quality Climatologist
  • Applied Climatologist
  • Climatologist
  • HydroClimatologist
  • Industrial Climatologist
  • Climatologist
  • Operational Climatologist
  • PaleoClimatologist
  • Physical Climatologist
  • Synoptic Climatologist
  • Weather forecaster

Eligibility to Work in Canada as a Climatologist

Climate experts who want to work and immigrate to Canada as a climatologist has some requirements they have to meet. Meeting these requirements is a prerequisite to the success of their application. And they are grouped into general and specific.

General Requirements:

  • The least educational degree you can have to immigrate to Canada as a climatologist is a university degree/bachelor’s degree.
  • You must have language proficiency test results in either IELTS, TOEFL, etc. This is important because you would have to communicate with people in Canada.

The official language in Canada is French and English.

Having known the general requirements needed to work in Canada let’s now have a look at the specific requirements to immigrate to Canada as a climatologist.

Specific Requirements for Climatologists:

  • If you are employed by the Federal Government as an Operational Climatologist, you must be available to undergo formal training provided by environmental Canada.
  • If you are qualified as a climatologist, you may join the Canadian meteorological and oceanographic Society.
  • You must have a degree in meteorology, climatology, or atmospheric science.
  • Strong writing skills.
  • Knowledge of scientific tools for analyzing data.
  • Critical thinking skills.
  • Complex problem-solving skills.
  • Understanding of graphic software


If you are a weather forecaster, you are included in the NOC code 2114 to immigrate to Canada as a climatologist.


Announcers that broadcast weather forecasts are excluded. You can check  NOC 5231.

Requirements to Immigrate to Canada as a Climatologist

There are several requirements needed for you to immigrate to Canada as a Climatologist. They’re not hectic! Let’s check below.

Educational requirements:

  • You must have at least a bachelor’s degree in atmospheric sciences meteorology or a related field. You must have a tender is certificate to prove your claims.
  • Working as a research scientist in Climatology or meteorology requires a doctoral degree.

Age Requirements:

  • The minimum age requirement to work or immigrate to Canada as a climatologist is 18 years, and the maximum age requirement is 45 years of age.

Work Experience:

  • The minimum employment requirement you need to immigrate to Canada as a climatologist is one year of experience as a full-time worker. But if you are a part-time worker in your previous place of work, you must have worked for 1560 hours.

Pathways to Immigrate to Canada as a Climatologist

Immigrating to Canada to fulfill your career as a climatologist requires that you follow this route or pathway.

  1. Express entry
  2. Provincial Nominee Programs
  3. Job offers
  4. In-demand occupation

#1. Express Entry

The best pathway to immigrate to Canada as a climatologist is through Express entry. For a start, you will be required to create a profile. Then, you will submit your details for review.

There are three profile options you can choose from. These are the Federal skilled program, Canada experience class, and federal skilled worker program.

#2. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

You will gain entrance to Canada if a province in Canada nominates you.

If you are lucky to be nominated to immigrate to Canada as a Climatologist. You wouldn’t have to go through the Express Entry or other Pathways.

#3. Job Offers

Job offer is one of the most common for expert climatologists. If you are an outstanding climatologist and your dream is to work in Canada. You will be granted and easy Access on the pathway to immigrate to Canada upon getting a job offer.

Climatologists who gain this type of offer are top-notch, hence their service is sorted after in Canada. If you step up your game, you are on your way to becoming that Climatologist.

#4. In-demand Occupations

Climatologists and meteorologists are in demand in Canada. Lands in Canada are facing an era of global warming that has increased over the years. So they require climate experts.

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Steps to Immigrate to Canada as a Climatologist

As it has been stated earlier, there are four different pathways in which you can immigrate to Canada as a climatologist. But we will discuss the most common pathway to immigrate to Canada. This pathway is Express entry.

Steps to immigrate to Canada through Express entry

Step 1: Check your eligibility status for Express entry (you can get to know this by calculating your CRS scores using your age, employment, etc).

Step 2: Register in the Express Entry pool.

Step 3: An invitation to apply will be sent to you if your profile is approved. So you can post it to apply.

Step 4: Register for permanent residence. Your permanent residency can only be approved if you have been invited to make an application

Step 5: You have to submit all your documents.

This document includes:

  • Proof of identity
  • Evidence of work experience
  • Employment letter
  • Language proficiency results.

The language proficiency results are:

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS).
  • Test de Connaissance du Français (TCF) Canada.
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE).
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).
  • Test d’Evaluation de Français (TEF) Canada.

You’d be required to pay a sum of CAD 150 at this stage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any difference between global warming and climate change?

Yes. While global warming refers to the long-term warming of the planet, climate change also includes everything happening to our planet.

What are the reasons why climate change is important to Canada?

Climate change is important to Canada because it has an impact on:

  • Human safety and health;
  • Natural resources;
  • Ecosystem; and
  • Economy in Canada


When you immigrate to Canada as a Climatologist, you stand a better chance of being successful even when you move out of Canada. This is because of the wide job prospects that will give you more experience.