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Immigrate to Canada as a Construction Manager – Full Guide

Believe it or not, your decision to leave and cross the shores of your country and immigrate to Canada as a construction manager is totally cool.

Interestingly, you get to experience and learn how things are done in a more refined way on your job.

More so, your area of expertise will be brushed up because, you will meet, rob minds, converse, and work with other excellent construction managers.

So, you have to be smart enough to push through with your decision without compromising.

However, be sure to follow all the laid down rules that are required of you legally and follow each of them to the letter.

In no distant time, your determination will pay off, hopefully. In this article, we are going to share with you what role you will play as a construction manager, how to immigrate to Canada as a construction manager and every other thing you need to know. Amazing, right? Follow us…

Table of contents

  • Who is a construction manager?
  • Job description of a construction manager
  • Positions for a construction manager
  • Are construction managers listed under Canadian National Occupation Classification (NOC)?
  • Can I immigrate to Canada as a construction manager?
  • Possible immigration routes to Canada for a construction manager as a Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)
  • Express Entry (EE)
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Qualifications required to immigrate to Canada as a construction manager
  • Do I need a job offer before I immigrate to Canada as a construction manager?
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Construction Manager?

A construction manager is one who specializes in planning and executing project management. Construction manager also oversees, analyzes, and directs the construction of a building and other construction projects from start to finish.

In addition, they organize the work schedule, budget, and cost the project before it kicks off. Then, oversee all the processes daily.

Job description of a construction manager

Construction managers play a very vital role in the construction and building sector, both private and commercial.

Even with so much responsibility laying on their shoulders, they make things easier for everyone on the team. Beginning with the client and down to the workers.

Their duties are equally broad and touch so many areas in the construction site such as:

  • Plan and make observations on the construction site
  • Organize, direct and control construction projects
  • Estimate and budget construction projects
  • Direct the purchase of building materials
  • Prepare progress report to clients
  • Develop and implement quality control programs
  • Supervise ongoing construction and workers
  • Monitor quality level and ensure safety at work
  • Direct general contractors and workers

Positions for a Construction Manager

When we look around us, there are a million and more construction projects going on in our environment every day.

In line with that, these constructions projects are always monitored by the watchful eyes of the construction managers in charge of them.

Even so, it is part of their core duties to see to the peaceful and smooth running of their sites.

Not just that, they, over time, develop an eagle’s eye with which they detect the littlest mistakes while the construction is ongoing.

Critically, they pay the utmost attention to details both on the work at hand and on the workers.

This is to make sure that not even a single worker is underpaid or laze on the work. Also, they make sure that the materials used are of the best quality.

As diverse as the positions are, a construction manager can be employed, depending on the project as a:

  • Highway construction manager
  • Pipeline construction manager
  • Residential construction site manager
  • Bridge construction site manager
  • Construction general superintendent
  • Bridge and building construction manager
  • Construction project coordinator
  • Construction assistant manager
  • Building materials branch director
  • Housing construction manager
  • Construction senior project manager
  • Pipeline construction superintendent
  • Construction special project manager

Are construction managers registered under the Canadian National Occupation Classification (NOC)

Despite having so many employable positions listed under construction management, your worry as to know if they are all recognized in Canada is legit.

For clarity’s sake, Canada sits comfortably on the list as one of the countries with mind-blowing infrastructures, both commercial and private.

For instance, Habitat 67 in Montreal, and other fascinating structures in Canada were all overseen by construction managers.

As a result, Canada recognizes the importance of construction managers and has seen the need to make room for more experts in the field to come into their country with their knowledge in construction. This was made for the benefit of both parties.

Having said that, the Canadian government has registered construction managers under the National Occupation Classification (NOC) with code number 0711.

Can I immigrate to Canada as a construction manager

Of course, you can. As a construction manager, regardless of role, you are very much eligible to immigrate to Canada.

Obviously, your job is in high demand by the commercial and private bodies in Canada because your worth is recognized.

Besides having a National Occupation Code (NOC) number (NOC 0711), you can easily immigrate to Canada in different ways and legally too.

In fact, you are lucky when it comes to immigrating to Canada because the Canadian government has made it less stressful.

Immigrate to Canada as a Conference Organiser

Possible immigration Pathways to Canada for a construction manager 

A qualified construction manager from any part of the world can immigrate to Canada. There are channels made available by the Canadian government for this purpose.

Due to the high demand for construction workers, the possible routes for you to move to Canada with your qualifications may be through the Federal Skilled Worker route or the Provincial Nominee Program route.

To begin the process, verify your qualifications and certificates as required by the Canadian immigration service.

Build up your Express Entry profile

Calculate your Express Entry and immigration points through the Canadian Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Some things that make  your points higher are:

  • Language proficiency
  • Age
  • Educational background
  • Work experience

Remember, your points must get up to 67 or above in your Express Entry profile for you to be given the Canadian Skilled Worker Visa.

Provincial Nominee Program

Provinces in Canada have programs for skilled workers looking to live and work in their province when they arrive in Canada.

Provinces like:

  • Ontario
  • British Columbia
  • New Brunswick
  • Saskatchewan
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Manibota
  • Alberta
  • Nova Scotia
  • Quebec
  • Yukon
  • NorthWest territories

These provinces have provincial nominee programs for anyone looking to move and work in their region.

As a construction manager, you can apply for the program for any province you meet their requirements.

Qualifications required to immigrate and work in Canada as a construction manager

Altough construction workers are in high demand in Canada, you have to be qualified and meet up the criteria before you become eligible for Canadian immigration.

On that note, the qualifications you need have been compiled here:

  • Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or a college diploma in construction technology.
  • Master’s degree in project management (if required)
  • Construction certifications (in your position)
  • Some years of working experience
  • English or French language proficiency
  • Additionally, other requirements may apply according to employers or clients.

Do I need a job offer to immigrate to Canada as a construction manager?

Certainly not. You can decide to secure a job once you arrive in Canada. Although, securing a job offer before immigrating adds some points to your CRS but it is not a strict requirement.

Besides, the Canadian government has made immigration so flexible with different routes and requirements.

So, your immigration plans should not be halted because there is no job offer coming your way!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the estimated salary of a construction manager in Canada?

In Canada, a construction manager makes an average pay of $71546-$92684 Canadian dollars

Construction managers make good money in Canada.

Of a truth, you can not be broke as a qualified construction worker in Canada.

How long will it take to secure a job in Canada as a construction manager?

You can even apply for a job before you arrive. Again, you can apply once you immigrate to Canada.

Over the years, construction workers have been in demand by both the government and the private sector.

A qualified construction manager will secure a job in no distant time immediately they arrive and settle in.

What is the NOC code for construction managers in Canada?

Canadian National Occupation Classification registered the construction managers under code 0711.

Can I apply for my Canadian immigration visa by myself?

Of course, you can. It will only require getting enough information and gathering all your documents to make sure you are eligible to apply.


In conclusion, we all live our lives hoping and wanting to grow and become better in life.

Making plans on how to keep moving ahead and not remain stagnant in life. It won’t be a surprise if those plans look scary to you and seem far-fetched to you.

It is your duty to help yourself by going to a place that will favour and nurture your big dreams and bring them to reality.

By all means, Canada possesses all the qualities of a place that helps people actualize their dreams.

And it has lived up to that standard since we can remember.

So, it is time to give wings to those big dreams of yours and begin your immigration process.

Hopefully, your plans will come to fruition.

Keep keeping your dreams alive.

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