Immigrate to Canada as a Customer Service Manager – Full Guide

Customer Service Managers are in hot demand in Canada. Find out how to immigrate to Canada as one.

What it would take you to immigrate to Canada as a customer service manager, is to know the right steps to take in the process of applying for immigration. The right steps to take include finding a province that is suitable to settle in, applying to an organization in Canada for employment, finding your NOC code, applying to the immigration department, and processing your documents.

As daunting as it appears, this whole process could take you just 6 months, if you make it a priority.

What is even more wonderful is that finding a job in Canada as a customer service manager, is easy because it is one of the in-demand skills for Canada. Do you want to know what an in-demand job is? Let this article enlighten you.

In this full guide, you will learn about :

  • Who a customer service manager is,
  • Available jobs for customer service managers in Canada
  • Your duties as a customer service manager in Canada
  • Requirements to immigrate to Canada as a customer service manager
  • General requirements to immigrate to Canada as a customer service manager
  • Pathways to immigrate to Canada as a customer service manager
  • Steps to Immigrate to Canada as a customer service manager

Who is a Customer Service Manager?

A customer service manager is someone who ensures that the needs and expectations of customers are met and exceeded. He does this through constant communication with the customer, to ensure that the customer experience is superb.

A customer service manager is anything and everything. He is the link between the organization and the customer. He interprets the organization’s policy in such a way that the customer would understand, and the organization would be satisfied.

Every organization or business outfit, needs a customer service manager, no matter how small that business is. Canada recognizes this and has opened its shores to customer service managers who are interested in migrating to Canada. There just isn’t enough to fill the demand for customer service managers in Canada.

So, if you are a customer service manager, and you are looking to migrate to Canada, relax, you’re halfway to Canada already!

What does a Customer Service Manager do?

A customer service manager is everything and anything. He provides services like dry cleaning, hairdressing, dog grooming, and residential cleaning.

If you are a school owner, a customer service manager could manage your school, provide driving instructions for a driving school, dance class, cooking, or fashion class.

The versatility of a customer service manager means that he is an indispensable fabric of every establishment, and as such, a member of the on-demand service group in Canada.

In Canada, the National Occupation Classification for customer service managers is 0651. Similar occupations in Canada are grouped together and given codes, and these codes are referred to as NOC codes.

In searching online for jobs, or in the process of immigrant application, NOC codes are used in place of occupation titles.

A customer service manager who plans to immigrate to Canada should know the NOC code for his occupation.

Roles held by a Customer Service manager under the NOC code 0651

The following are other roles that are grouped under the NOC code 0651:

Service Managers looking to move to Canada to work under this NOC category 0651, might be employed under work titles including:

  • academy of music manager
  • art school manager
  • automobile driver training school manager
  • automobile driving school manager
  • barbershop manager
  • beauty shop manager
  • boarding kennel manager
  • car wash manager
  • carpet cleaning service manager
  • cold-storage manager
  • cooking school manager
  • craft school manager
  • crematorium manager
  • dance school manager
  • dog grooming establishment manager
  • dog kennel manager
  • driving school manager
  • dry cleaning plant manager
  • dry cleaning service manager
  • escort agency manager
  • esthetic services manager
  • fur cleaning plant manager
  • hairdressing salon manager
  • hairstyling salon manager
  • holidays service manager
  • home care service manager
  • janitorial services manager
  • kennel manager
  • laundry and dry cleaning manager
  • laundry manager
  • laundry service manager
  • massage parlour manager
  • modelling school manager
  • movie theatre manager
  • music academy manager
  • music school manager
  • pest control service manager
  • pet care services manager
  • pet grooming establishment manager
  • pet grooming salon manager
  • pet-sitting service manager
  • residential cleaning service manager
  • sauna manager
  • school of art manager
  • septic tank service manager
  • shoe repair service manager
  • spa director
  • spa manager
  • swimming pool maintenance service manager
  • tanning salon manager
  • tour operator
  • truck wash manager
  • weight-loss clinic manager
  • window washing service manager


There are exclusions from this list, who though they are managers and supervisors, fall under different NOC codes. They are:

  • Accommodation service managers (NOC code 0632)
  • Cleaning supervisors (NOC code 6315)
  • Executive housekeepers (NOC code 6312)
  • Other business services managers (NOC code 0125)
  • Retail and wholesale trade managers (NOC code 0621)
  • Retail sales supervisors (NOC code 6211)

Duties of a Customer Service Manager

A customer service manager performs the following duties:

  • Establish or implement policies and procedures for staff. The customer service manager also interprets these policies for the staff to understand.
  • Plan and control budget and inventory for the organization
  • Hire, train and supervise staff to develop high standard of customer service for the organisation
  • Promote customer experience by providing platforms for customers to communicate with the organization.
  • Resolve issues as they arise
  • Assists customers by interpreting the organization’s policies as they affect customers
  • Assist customers to choose the most suitable product or service offered by the organization
  • Represent the customers in a negotiation with the organization, also bearing in mind, his role in the organization
  • Investigate customers’ complaints and solve them amicably
  • Know the customers’ important dates like birthdays and anniversaries, and promote the organization by reaching out to the customer at such important dates
  • Issue refunds or compensation to dissatisfied customers as a means to placate them
  • Keep records of interactions with customers
  • Learn about the organization’s policies and strategies to keep abreast of changes in the organization, and to be able to interact intelligently with the customer on any issue pertaining to the organization.

Requirements for immigration to Canada as a Customer Service Manager

  • Age

The legal age for immigrating to Canada as a customer service manager is between 18 to 35. You must show proof that you are of age.

  • Language

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada as a customer service manager, you must be proficient in English and/or French. French is especially needed if you will be working in French-speaking provinces like Quebec.

You must prove that you have proficiency in the language. Remember that customer service is all about interacting with the customer. How can you do that, if you cannot speak their language?

  • Educational qualification

Luckily for the customer service manager, the minimum requirement for education is the completion of secondary school. An added advantage is further and higher qualifications.

Therefore, the higher qualification you attain, the better your chances of immigrating to Canada as a customer service manager.

  • Arranged employment

If you are lucky to get an offer of employment before you immigrate to Canada as a customer service manager, it is an advantage.

However, your employer must prove that there is no Canadian or permanent resident who is more qualified for the job, than you.

  • Adaptability

Adaptability is the ability to learn new skills and behaviors in a different environment from the one you are used to. It is a needed skill for a customer service manager who wants to immigrate to Canada. How well are you likely to settle in Canada?

  • Work experience

Simply put, if you want to immigrate to Canada as a customer service manager, you must show that you have worked in your home country as a customer service manager.

Previous work experience in the field of customer service, is a plus in your application. It will improve your CSR scores. Find out how to understand your Express entry CRS result as a customer service manager.

  • Your partner’s ability

With your mind set on scoring points in the CRS, your partner’s contribution is a big help. If you are immigrating to Canada with a partner, there is a score for your partner’s ability.

Pathways to immigrate to Canada as a Customer Service Manager

There are different pathways to immigrating to Canada as a customer service manager. Find the program that is best for you.

1. Express entry

This is the simplest pathway to immigrate to Canada as a customer service manager. This is an application process for skilled immigrants.

Simply create an express entry profile, and submit your details for review, then wait. If your application is approved, you will be notified.

There are 3 profile options to choose from:

  • Canada experience class,
  • Federal skilled worker program, and
  • Federal skilled trades program.

The main path to choose if you want to immigrate to Canada as a customer service manager through the Express entry path is the Federal skilled worker program.

2. Provincial Nominee Programs

If you have a particular province in mind, you can apply to work and live in that province. If your application is approved, you can immigrate to Canada as a customer service manager. This program is called the Provincial nominee program.

3. Occupation in demand

Customer service managers are in hot demand in Canada. This job falls into the category of occupation in demand, according to the NOC specification. A customer service manager can immigrate to Canada with the 0651 code.

4. Job offer

It is an advantage to get a job offer first, before immigrating to Canada as a customer service manager. This ensures that your work permit will be automatically made available at the port of entry into Canada.

Your potential employer has to prove, though, that you are the best suited for the job, in comparison to permanent residents of Canada.

5. Quebec Experience Class

This applies to people who will be residing in Quebec. The province is a French-speaking province. You must prove your proficiency in the language, as well as certain other qualifications required.

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Steps to immigrate to Canada as a Customer Service Manager

Now that you are ready to immigrate to Canada as a customer service manager, these are the steps that you need to follow, to ensure a hitch-free process.

Step 1: Create an express entry account

This is the first step when you want to immigrate to Canada as a customer service manager. Visit the desktop publishing operator. Visit the Immigrations, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website and create a free express entry account.

With this, you will be getting information and updates about Canadian immigration. Ensure that you input the correct details.

Step 2: Choose a program

Which program do you think is best for you? This decision should be based on your qualifications and experience. They are:

  • Canada Experience Class
  • Federal skilled worker program
  • Provincial Nominee programs

Step 3: Get a job offer

If you already have a job offer as a customer service manager in Canada, you’re off to a good start. All that is needed is for your employer to prove that no other Canadian or permanent resident is better qualified.

Step 4: Receive an invitation to apply (ITA)

Once your CRS points are adequate (based on the above), you will receive an invitation to apply. This invitation comes from Canada Immigration, and it gives you 60 days to apply.

It is important that you are honest in your assessment of your CRS, and are ready to provide the required documents without hesitation. Remember that once you are invited to apply, you cannot retrace your steps or change your scores.

Step 5: Submit your application with supporting documents

You have only 60 days from the time you receive your ITA, to the submission of your application and supporting documents. At this point, time seems to run fast, so be ready with all you need.

These are your job offer (if any), language proficiency test result, your proof of identification, proof of funds, and proof of work experience. Remember that you must pay an application fee of CAD $150.

Step 6: Get your work permit

You will get this at the point of entry into Canada. A work permit allows you to work in Canada. You may have a visa to Canada, but without a work permit, you will not be able to work as a bartender in Canada.

Step 7: Welcome to Canada

Congratulations. You made it! Now, a new phase of your life has begun. You are now an immigrant to Canada as a customer service manager.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a demand for customer service managers in Canada?

The customer service manager is one of the in-demand jobs in Canada. Employment is readily available to customer service managers waiting to immigrate to Canada.

What is the legal age for customer service managers in Canada?

While some provinces may accept immigrants who are less than 18 years, to work as customer service managers, most provinces accept only immigrants from the age of 18 to 35.

What is the average salary for a customer service manager in Canada?

The average salary for a customer service manager in Canada is C$59138, annually, depending on the province.


In conclusion. there is no end to the opportunities available to an immigrant to Canada as a customer service manager. You can work in any capacity that is available under the NOC code 0651, giving you a variety that most occupational categories do not enjoy.