Immigrate to Canada as a Data Entry Clerk – Full Guide

You might want to step up your game more by getting your documents ready to immigrate to Canada as a data entry clerk. This sounds great, doesn’t it?

Undoubtedly, you might want to step up your game more by getting your documents ready to immigrate to Canada as a data entry clerk. This sounds greatly, doesn’t it?

Besides, you do not have excuses as to why you can not make the big move now. Equally important, you will always achieve what you set your mind to achieve. So, what could you be waiting for?

In recent times, the Canadian government has made everything easy for anyone from any part of the world looking to move and work in their country.

So now, you can not be turned down by the Canadian government if you show up at their doorstep as an immigrant.

By all means, you will be warmly welcomed with open hands and a big smile on their faces. That’s amazingly beautiful!

With this information, we believe it is about time you step up that game and begin to plan your immigration to Canada as a data entry clerk.

And with the right strategy and pathway, you will be living and working in Canada in no distant time.

Table of contents

  • Who is a data entry clerk?
  • Main duties of a data entry clerk
  • Job positions of a data entry clerk
  • Is data entry clerk in-demand in Canada
  • Can data entry clerks immigrate to Canada successfully
  • Easy immigration routes to Canada as a data entry clerk
  • Employment qualification to immigrate to Canada as a data entry clerk
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Data Entry Clerk?

Basically, data entry is all about the process of entering information called data into a computer system by typing it in or by using voice recognition.

In continuation, a data entry clerk inputs data into an online database. Additionally, they are either employed or on contract to input information into a computer system.

Also, not everyone can be a data entry clerk even though it looks so easy and cheap when you talk or mention it.

Moreover, data entry clerks undergo training just, like people in any other field. And so, they are assessed to make sure that they are fit for the job.

Furthermore, data entry clerk is a career path for a lot of people to this day.

Even before now, firms and commercial business establishments always require the services of a data entry clerk. That is, for the smooth running of their businesses.

Main duties of a data entry clerk

Firstly, it is wise to understand that, In an organization or firm, data entry clerks do so many important duties around and with the information in the firm. That is to say, they work with information obtained in the firm as well as outside the firm.

For example, they take care of so many information-related tasks with or without anyone’s help. That is to say, they work independently.

Interestingly, they have the responsibility to:

  • Correct incorrectly entered data
  • Compile, organize, and sort data
  • Create data backups
  • Responding to information requests from authorized members
  • Enter data into database software
  • Always crosscheck the accuracy of entered data
  • Resolving discrepancies in information
  • Obtain complete information to complete outstanding documents
  • Transfer data from paper format to computer database system using keyboards and data recorders
  • Create and manage spreadsheet
  • Maintain accurate customer information
  • Regularly update existing database system records
  • Retrieve data when requested
  • Perform security database activities

Job positions of a data entry clerk

Generally, data entry clerks work as full-time employees or on contracts in their positions. More so, they work for both public and private organizations and they occupy positions like:

  • Casual office support
  • Data processing control clerk
  • Payment entry clerk
  • Data processor
  • Electronic data-processing equipment operator
  • Data entry processor
  • Computer equipment operator
  • Transcription
  • Word processor
  • Data entry technician
  • Administrative and data entry
  • Data analyst
  • Telephone data collection
  • Data entry coordinator customer service
  • Data entry associate
  • Order entry clerk
  • Order entry and shipping operator
  • Office clerk supervisor
  • Customer service representative
  • Records and data entry assistant
  • Data administrative specialist
  • Record store sales clerk
  • Team administrative assistant

Is data entry clerk in-demand in Canada

For sure, Canada is a well-developed country that has well-established firms and institutions in their teeming numbers.

Therefore, the urgent need for data entry clerks is in great demand for years now.

For that reason, the Canadian government registered data entry clerks under the Canadian National Occupation Classification (NOC) with code number 1422.

Luckily, if your job description falls under the NOC 1422, you are eligible to migrate to Canada.

Furthermore, you will always be busy with jobs in Canada as both public and private businesses will always be in high demand for data entry clerks.

Interestingly, this will not end anytime soon because firms, organizations, institutions, establishments will keep springing up in the country. And data entry clerks will always be in demand, as usual.

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Can data entry clerks immigrate to Canada successfully?

Absolutely, they can! Of a truth, Canada has been witnessing a massive influx of immigrants over the last few years.

That is to say, people from all walks of life have found solace mostly in Canada and data entry clerks are not left behind.

In other words, owing to the fact that data entry clerks have been registered under National Occupation Classification NOC 1422, they can now immigrate successfully to Canada without so many hassles.

However, you need to meet some rules and requirements slated for this purpose.

For that reason, once you get all the documents sorted and arranged, then, you should go through the process with determination.

Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Hence, you are eligible as a data entry clerk.

So, take your first step the legal way, you will cover a thousand miles in no distant time.

You have a spot waiting for you, hopefully.

Easy immigration pathways to Canada as a data entry clerk

By right, the minute you score all the requirements and make all the necessary documents needed by the Canadian immigration as a data entry clerk ready, you are set to move.

Here, your first gigantic step is to create an Express Entry profile. Your profile looks so much better when you get a high score from the Canadian Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS).

Furthermore, this is some information that helps you score good points on CRS which will help make your Express Entry profile look outstanding. Information like:

  • Age
  • With or without a spouse
  • Canadian Language proficiency score
  • Education level

So, once your profile is good, you can register in the Express Entry pool and wait for an Invitation To Apply (ITA).

Note that, your EE profile is valid for only one year and you need to keep updating it when necessary.

Finally, when you receive your ITA, you can joyfully apply for your Permanent Residence (PR).

Not to forget, you have to finish your medical and other nitty-gritty with Canadian immigration on or before sixty days.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is another easy immigration route

Equally important is to note that some provinces in Canada do offer up slots for people willing to live and work in their province.

That means, if you meet the said requirements from the province, you can go ahead and apply.

More so, you can send out job applications to companies you would like to work with once you get to Canada.

A job offer can boost your immigration faster but still, a job offer is never a determining factor for immigration.

Employment requirement to immigrate to Canada as a data entry clerk

Obviously, data entry clerk is listed under the Canadian National Occupation Classification code 1422.

But there are personal things the Canadian immigration would want to clear from you before you proceed further and become employable. They include:

  • College courses in data entry
  • Certificates showing completion of courses on data entry
  • Bachelor’s degree in related courses
  • Evidence of years of experience in data entry

Other general requirements include:

  • English language proficiency
  • French language proficiency
  • Up to date certification in data entry
  • Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

What is data entry?

Data entry is the process of inputting information called data into a computer system by various methods.

Moreover, you can do this through methods like typing or voice recording.

Is computer skill a requirement for a data entry job?

Data entry requires the knowledge of computers. As a data entry clerk, you will make use of some computer software, including Excel and Word.

As a result, this job requires a good knowledge of database software that untrained individual cannot handle.

Again, you have to be well versed in computer software knowledge and word processors.

What knowledge is required for data entry?

Aside from your educational knowledge which can not be left out of the discussion, there are other skills or knowledge that  you will need to excel as a data entry clerk.

In no other of preference, they are:

  • A strong written and verbal skills
  • Effective multitasking
  • High work output and accuracy
  • Attention to detail


Conclusively, negative stories may keep filtering into your ears about immigrating to Canada. You know, stories you didn’t ask for, with the sole purpose of discouraging you from your big plans.

Seriously, you should be sensitive enough to censor out those negative information and never allow them to take root on your mind.

For what it’s worth, Canada is in search of you. Yes, you, as a qualified data entry clerk.

Nevertheless, if you do not trust yourself enough to handle the whole information and process, you can employ the help of someone well knowledgeable in this field.

That is, someone authentic and trustworthy, who you can trust to a level to help explain things and arrange your documents for you.

Frankly speaking, your immigration to Canada as a data entry clerk should not be an uphill task.

Rest assured, you can make it through.