Immigrate to Canada as an Electrical Trade Contractor – Full Guide

Canada is currently granting immigration to electrical trade contractors.

There are many job prospects for you if you want to immigrate to Canada as an electrical trade contractor. Currently, electrical trade contractors are in high demand in Canada to function as contractors and supervisors in different firms.

Recently, electrical trading is one of the five most demanded construction trades in Canada. So, if you dream to immigrate to Canada as an electrical trade contractor, you’ve made the right choice.

Averagely, electrical contractors are paid $107,25 per annum or $55 hourly. However, if you are employed at an entry-level position, your salary starts at $55,288 per annum.

Undoubtedly, this article will provide valuable information for you to successfully immigrate to Canada as an electrical trade contractor.

Who is an Electrical Trade Contractor and what do they do?

Electrical Trade contractors and supervisors supervise and coordinate the activities of electrical workers and activities in different establishments.

Importantly, the Canadian NOC code is assigned to every occupation in Canada. If you want to immigrate to Canada as an electrical trade contractor, the NOC code for you is 7202.

In your job description as a supervisor, you can supervise workers under the following unit

  • Electricians (7241)
  • Industrial Electricians (7242)
  • Power System Electricians (7243)
  • Electrical Power Line and Cable Workers (7244)
  • Telecommunications Line and Cable Workers (7245)
  • Telecommunications Installation and Repair Workers (7246); and
  • Cable Television Service and Maintenance Technicians (7247)

Main duties of an Electrical Trade contractor in Canada

Majorly, electrical trade contractors who immigrate to Canada have a lot of duties and responsibilities to undertake. Some of which are:

  • Coordinate schedule and activities of workers who repair, install and maintain the features of electrical wiring.
  • Control Cablevision systems and power systems telecommunication systems.
  • Make requisition of supplies and materials.
  • Arrange training for workers.
  • Resolve work challenges.
  • Recommend work measures to improve productivity.
  • Ensure standards for working-safe conditions are met.
  • Prepare a report on work progress.
  • Make the management of the operations of a personal company.
  • Recommend personnel actions such as promotions and hirings.
  • Supervise, schedule, and coordinate activities of laborers and apprentices helpers.
  • Coordinate work activities and establish a method to meet schedules with other subcontractors or departments.

Examples of Electrical Trade Contractor Jobs in Canada

So far, these are available jobs for you, if you want to immigrate to Canada as an electrical trade contractor.

  • Cable installation and repair foreman/woman – telecommunications
  • Cable installation contractor
  • Cable installation foreman/woman
  • Cable installation supervisor
  • Cable installers and repairers foreman/woman – telecommunications
  • Cable maintenance and repair supervisor
  • Cable splicers foreman/woman – telecommunications
  • Cable splicing foreman/woman – telecommunications
  • Cable television system installers and repairers foreman/woman
  • Cable workers front line supervisor
  • Cablevision technician supervisor
  • Cablevision technicians foreman/woman
  • Chief electrician
  • Communications foreman/woman
  • Construction electricians and repairers foreman/woman
  • Construction electricians foreman/woman
  • Construction electricians supervisor
  • Contractor-electrician
  • Electric meter installers foreman/woman
  • Electric meter installers supervisor
  • Electrical appliances installation foreman/woman
  • Electrical construction contractor
  • Electrical construction foreman/woman
  • Electrical contractor
  • Electrical equipment installation and repair foreman/woman
  • Electrical foreman/woman
  • Electrical installation contractor
  • Electrical installation supervisor
  • Electrical load tester supervisor
  • Electrical power inspector and tester supervisor
  • Electrical supervisor – drilling rig
  • Electrical systems contractor
  • Electrical wiring inspector supervisor
  • The electrical wiring installation contractor
  • Electrician foreman/woman
  • Electrician-contractor
  • Electricians supervisor
  • Emergency team foreman/woman – telecommunications

Eligibility to work in Canada as an electrical trade contractor

Working in Canada, or planning to immigrate to Canada as an electrical trade contractor requires that you meet some requirements. Definitely, if you meet this condition you are eligible to build a career in Canada as an electrical trade contractor.

These requirements are categorized into general and specific requirements

General requirements:

  • Without a doubt, you need to possess an international passport
  • To be eligible, your documents and credentials must be verified and certified by Canada
  • Proof of language proficiency. French and English is the official language in Canada. So, you must take a language test to prove that you will be able to communicate efficiently when you move to Canada.
  • In addition, you need a work permit
  • Medical fitness results and other necessary documents.

Specific requirements:

  • Importantly, you must have several years of experience working as an electrical trade contractor.
  • The minimum qualification you must have to migrate to Canada as an electrical trade contractor is a secondary school certificate
  • You must have a journeyman/journeywoman certification in Trading.
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Requirements to Immigrate to Canada as an electrical trade contractor

Indeed, there are requirements to immigrate to Canada as an electrical trade contractor. This condition disqualifies some contractors who want to immigrate to Canada. But if you can meet these requirements, the door of Canada is open to you!

Work experience

  • You must have at least three years of working experience or a division not less than 5 years as an electrical trade contractor
  • A qualification certificate issued by the Canadian territorial, federal, or provincial authority. For a full-time job offer with a minimum of one year contract

Language ability

  • Without a doubt, certain aspects of your job will require you to communicate with customers and workers. For this reason, you will have to pass the Canadian language proficiency test.

Educational qualifications

  • Although, the minimum educational requirement to immigrate to Canada as an electrical trade contractor is a secondary school/ High School degree. But, you will stand a better chance if you have a degree.

Moreso, you have to possess a legal status and be in good health in the country you are living in presently.

Age requirements

  • The minimum age requirement for you to immigrate to Canada as an electrical trade contractor is 18. Also, you wouldn’t be employed if you are above 45 years of age.

Pathways to immigrate to Canada as an electrical trade Contractor

Basically, there are 3 different pathways to immigrate to Canada as an electrical trade Contractor. These pathways are:

  1. Provincial nominee programs
  2. Express Entry
  3. Job offers

#1. Provincial nominee programs

Provincial nominee programs is a program that allows a contractor to immigrate to Canada through a provincial nomination.

There are two ways to apply for provincial nomination to immigrate to Canada as an electrical trade contractor

Firstly, you can apply for a provisional nomination when you express your interest to live and work in a particular province on your Express Entry profile. If your skill is in line with the province’s demand, you will be issued a provincial nomination.

This is a land-breaking height, that contributes 600 points to your CRS score point of 1,200 overall. Hence, you will be on top of other candidates that are without a provincial nomination.

Secondly, go to the government website of the province you wish to work and live in, then create a profile and submit your expressed interest to them directly. If they need your skills, you will be invited to apply directly to that province.

In addition to that, the province will motivate your permanent resident application to the government of Canada

#2. Express entry

This is another pathway to immigrate to Canada as an electrical trade contractor. Electricians are tagged “type B” under the Canadian NOC. Hence, you can work in Canada under the federal skilled trades program.

The express entry uses the comprehensive ranking score to rank your chance of immigrating to Canada. This CRS score is calculated using points influenced by your age, experience, status, etc. The qualified electrical trade applicants will be invited to apply for a permanent residence permit in Canada.

#3. Job offers

Not only establishment and companies, are in demand of electrical trade contractors to supervise electrical works but also governments. Therefore, electrical trade contractors have a high chance of being employed if you send an application to Canada.

Steps to immigrate to Canada as an electrical trade contractor

There are three different pathways to immigrate to Canada as an electrical trade Contractor. But we will be making an explanation of one of the most common pathways to immigrate to Canada.

Unquestionably, the provincial nominee program is one of the common routes to immigrate to Canada as an electrical trade contractor. Here are the steps to apply for this program

Step 1: Determine and check if you are eligible to apply to a province

Step 2: If you are eligible, start your application process

Step 3: Check for the process times

Step 4: Provide relevant documents. This document may include language proficiency test results, work permits, school certificates, medical fitness results.

Step 5: Make preparations for your arrival in Canada.

Finally, the following provinces (with immigration streams) under PNP makes provisions for electricians who want to immigrate to Canada as electrical trade contractor.

  • British Columbia- skills immigration pathway
  • New Brunswick- skilled worker stream
  • Nova Scotia- occupations in demand stream
  • Ontario- regional immigration pilot
  • Yukon- critical impact worker category

Frequently asked questions

What is needed to work as an electrical trade contractor in Canada?

To work as an electrical trade contractor in Canada;

  • You must be up to 18 years
  • You must have had a great 12 education or equivalent
  • Taking courses in English maths and physics can be helpful.

How many hours does electrical trade contractor work in Canada?

An average of 40 hours per week

Is electrical trade considered a stable occupation in Canada?

Yes, electrical trading is expected to have a 9% growth rate before 2026.


In conclusion, having a career in electrical trading in Canada is promising. Many electrical contractors are looking forward to moving to Canada. So, you should try to meet all requirements to have a successful application.