Immigrate to Canada as a Glazier – Full Guide

The use of glasses to design companies, offices, and homes in Canada have prompted the need for people to immigrate to Canada as a glazier.

Apparently, glass and its designs is one of the things that make a beautiful home and country like Canada. Many buildings in Canada has glass designs to provide access to outdoor views and natural lights.

More so, glaziers are heavily paid at their various places of employment. Therefore, you can be sure of a nice financial compensation for your service.

So, in this article, you will know so much about how to immigrate to Canada as a glazier.

Starting with who a glazier is and what they do

Secondly, you will know so much about your main duties when you immigrate to Canada as a glazier

Then, lists of jobs for you when you immigrate to Canada

Afterwards, the requirements to immigrate to Canada. As well as the different pathways for your immigration.

So, keep following!

Who is a Glazier and what do they do?

First and foremost, a Glazier is someone who fit, cut, replace and install glass in commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. They carry their operation on the walls of buildings, furniture,  and other structures and products

In line with this, they are employed by retail services, glass installation contractors, glass fabrication shops, and repair shops. And yes, you can also immigrate to Canada as a glazier and be self-employed.

For beginners, glaziers are fortunate to apply under Canadian government immigration because of the high demand for glaziers in Canada.

To get this done, you can register under code 7292. Which is the Canadian NOC code for Glazier.

Main duties of a Glazier

Generally, you must be able to display levels of responsibility in specific tasks when you Immigrate to Canada as a Glazier.

  • Firstly, mark and measure glass.
  • Use a computerized cutter or glass cutters to cut glass.
  • Create patterns and tint glass by sandblasting, etching, or painting designs.
  • Dismantle assemble erect scaffolds.
  • Rig and hoist equipment.
  • Secure glass using points, molds, or clips
  • Use the frame to position glass panes
  • Install and assemble prefabricated mirrors, glass, ceilings, glass products, or the exterior of a building.
  • Compose metal frames for installation of glass
  • Fit, attach, fabricate, and install architectural metals or related products in a residential and commercial building.
  • Install opaque, precut mirrors, and transparent glass panels to form exterior walls of buildings (in frame)
  • Change glass in furniture (other products as well)
  • Install and prepare skylights, aquariums, showcases, other special glasses in sports, museums, churches, and other establishments.
  • Service and repair residential windows.
  • Fitting of commercial aluminum doors and Glass supporting structures as well
  • Also, Replace faulty sealant and damaged glass.
  • Finally, you may prepare a cost estimate for clients or customers.

Examples of Glazier Jobs

In this case, there are wide job prospects for you if you immigrate to Canada as a glazier. However, not all may be listed here. But assuredly, you can make do of some of the ones on this list

  • Apprentice glazier
  • Building glass glazier
  • Building glazier
  • Curtain wall glazier
  • Exterior wall glazier
  • Metal and glass mechanic
  • Glass installer-glazier
  • Construction- Glass setter
  • Glass wall installer
  • Wallcovering installer-Glass
  • Glass worker – construction
  • Apprentice- Glass worker
  • Glazier
  • Glazier and metal mechanic
  • Metal and glazier mechanic apprentice
  • Glazier apprentice
  • Journeyman/woman glazier
  • Leaded glass glazier
  • Mirror wall installer
  • Plate glass installer
  • Stained glass glazier
  • Structural glass glazier
  • Structural glass installer

Requirements to work in Canada as a Glazier

If you want to work in Canada. As expected, you must fulfill all the requirements needed to immigrate to Canada as a glazier.

Generally, these requirements are not hectic but they are systematic

  • If you’re immigrating from the UK, you will have to document your NVQ Level III
  • However, if you’re immigrating from South Africa, ensure you have your Red Seal

In addition,

  • The Red Seal endorsement allows for interprovincial mobility.
  • Also, you need work experience to migrate to a supervisory position


Unfortunately, Glass cutters and Glass forming and finishing machine operators are excluded from this job description (Check 9413 Glass forming and finishing machine operators and glass cutters)

Also, Supervisors of glaziers are excluded likewise (To check 7205 Contractors and supervisors, other construction trades, installers, repairers, and servicers)

Requirements to Immigrate to Canada as a Glazier

Here we are, we’re almost there!. Earlier, we discussed what will be needed to work in Canada. But now, we will let you know about the requirements to immigrate to Canada as a glazier.

So, here it goes:

General requirements to immigrate to Canada as a glazier

First of all, let’s discuss the general requirement to work in Canada. Undoubtedly, this requirement has to be fully met before you can Immigrate to Canada. Take a look at it!

  • Education requirements
  • Language requirements
  • Age requirements
  • Work experience

#1. Education requirements

Beginning with this, the least qualification you can have to immigrate to Canada as a glazier is a secondary education or High School diploma. Moreover, you can get a degree to boost your supervisory position.

#2. Language requirement

Communication is key, that is why you must take the Canadian language proficiency test. Assuredly, these tests are not difficult, you just have to put your mind to it. Again, Canada speaks French and English so, your language will be tested based on these two languages.

# Age requirements

More so, age is a determinant to immigrating to Canada. Generally, Canada would not employ you for any job position if you are below 18 years or above 45 years. So, therefore, take note of this.

#4. Work experience

Possession of trade certification. However, you can only possess a trade certificate if you have over 4 years of working experience. Not only work experience but also high school, industry, or college courses in glazing.

However, you can still immigrate to Canada as a glazier without work experience. Provided that you have a good CRS score.

Specific requirements to immigrate to Canada as a Glazier

Not only are the general requirements to immigrate to Canada as a glazier they are also specific requirements.

  • Although, having a university certificate is not compulsory to work in Canada. But, you must have at least 2 years of working experience as a glazier.
  • More often, you will be required to communicate with either your client or your employee. Therefore, you must have a good understanding of either English or French.

Skills assessment for those looking to immigrate to Canada as a Glazier

First and foremost, skill assessment is the process of getting your glazing skills qualifications, and experience verified. More so, this assessment serves two major purposes.

Firstly, the skill assessment gives you clean requisite points on both federal skilled trades application and Express entry CRS

Secondly, having your skills assessed will double your Red  Seal qualification. Hence, from day one, you will be qualified to work in Canada as a glazier.

Pathways to immigrate to Canada as a Glazier

Thankfully, the Canadian government has prepared different programs for workers to establish their careers in Canada. Majorly, these programs are made for foreign workers. Hence, if you are planning to immigrate to Canada as a glazier you can utilize any of the programs stated below.

Here  are the different programs for you to choose from

  1. Express entry
  2. Job offer
  3. Provincial Nominee Programs
  4. In-Demand occupations

#1. Express Entry

Under this pathway, there are three immigration programs. Hence, you can have a look at any of it to immigrate to Canada as a glazier. These programs are

  • Canada experience class
  • A federal skilled worker program
  • Federal skilled trades program.

#2. Job Offer

It is worth taking note that having a job offer in a company or organization in Canada increases your CRS points. Therefore, the application to immigrate to Canada as a glazier becomes more feasible. Specifically, you will submit your appointment letter alongside other supporting documents.

#3. Province nominee programs

For this, you will have to apply to a province in Canada. If you’re in luck, and the province needs your service, voila!  You are set to immigrate to Canada as a glazier.

#4. In-Demand occupations

Similar to a job offer, when you immigrate to Canada as a glazier based on job in-demand, what it entails is that glaziers are scarce in Canada. Therefore, they need your skills. To achieve this, be on a constant lookout for provinces that need Glaziers, then throw an application

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Steps to immigrate to Canada as a Glazier

Importantly, we will discuss the step-wise guide for you to have successful immigration. Immigrating to Canada is not that difficult not only should you prepare all necessary documents but also follow the steps carefully to be considered eligible

Step 1: Create an account on Express entry

First and foremost, creating an Express Entry profile is key. It is the start of your journey to migrate to Canada as a glazier. Take note that all information to input in your profiles is verified and correct. False information or incorrect details will lead you to forfeit your application. We will advise you to visit the official IRCC website to create your Express Entry profile.

Step 2: Enter a program

Secondly, when creating an Express Entry profile you’ll be required to choose a program. you must carefully think about the program that best suits your qualifications before making a choice.

Step 3: Find a job in Canada

As stated earlier, job offers will not only boost your CRS points but also make your application easy. However, to achieve this height, you must show that you are an expert in glazing. And no one else can do what you can do.

Step 4: Invitation to apply

Upon qualification, you will be invited to apply. Note that, only candidates with outstanding CRS points will be given an invitation. After application, ensure that all documents are set because you have 60 days to pass a response.

Step 5: Apply with supporting documents

After applying, send all supporting documents and pay an application fee of CAD 150. Ensure that your documents are complete. Because if you miss one document you might lose the chance to immigrate to Canada as a glazier.

Without a doubt, if you’re choosing to follow these steps, the door of Canada is open to you. When you get to Canada you can work on your work permit.

Frequently Asked Question

How much do Glaziers make in Canada?

Averagely, glaziers make $39,975 annually for entry-level positions. However, experience glazier’s can make up to $59,818 per year.


Finally, glaziers all over the world have contributed to the making of glasses. Hence, contributing to the beautification and development of Canada. You can also be one of the lucky ones to immigrate to Canada as a glazier if you fully meet the requirements and follow the steps succinctly.

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