Immigrate to Canada as a Judge – Full Guide

Are you a Judge planning to immigrate to Canada? if yes, this guide will provide you all the needed information you will be needing.

Judges immigrating to Canada on yearly basis has not witness a decline in number but an increase, this might be a good reason why Canada has better judicial system which other countries model from.

The desire for the Canadian government to ensure it laws are preserved and updated to sustain the peaceful status of the Country push for the need to accommodate immigrating judges to Canada to fill in the vacant positions in courts in the provinces and at the centre remains a top priority to Government.

Immigrating to Canada as judge comes with lots of benefits attached to the profession making it unique and attractive to immigrants from different parts of the world.

The robust benefits include vacation compensations, sick pay, housing aids and cumulative performance functions. The occupation of a judge in Canada fall under the National Occupation Code (NOC) 4111.

This article will avail you the opportunities to know the job roles of judges in Canada, similar jobs, employment requirements, and steps to immigrate to Canada and comprehensive pathways to Canada for judges.

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Job Description of Judges in Canada

Judges adjudicate civil and criminal cases and administer justice in courts of law. They do this by been an impartial party and ensure the rights of all the parties are protected and respected.

 Main Duties of a judge in Canada

The duties or job roles of judges in Canada are listed below; this could give you a guide or clue while immigrating to Canada as a judge.

  • Preside over courts of law, interpret and enforce rules of procedure and make rulings regarding the admissibility of evidence
  • Instruct the jury on laws that are applicable to the case
  • Weigh and consider evidence in non-jury trials and decide legal guilt or innocence or degree of liability of the accused or defendant
  • Pass sentence on persons convicted in criminal cases and determine damages or other appropriate remedy in civil cases
  • Grant divorces and divides assets between spouses
  • Determine custody of children between contesting parents and other guardians
  • Enforce court orders for access or support
  • Supervise other judges and court officers.

Judges may specialize in particular areas of law such as civil, criminal or family law.

Examples of jobs under judges

The jobs listed below also fall under the national occupation code (NOC) 4111, this will enable you to perform in any of the jobs while you immigrate to Canada as a judge because they professionally related.

  • administrative judge
  • appellate court judge
  • associate chief justice
  • chief justice
  • county court judge
  • county judge
  • Court of Queen’s Bench justice
  • deputy justice
  • district and surrogate court judge
  • district court judge
  • family court judge
  • federal court justice
  • federal trial court justice
  • judge – law
  • justice
  • juvenile court judge
  • federal court justice – trial division
  • Federal Court of Appeal justice
  • magistrate court judge
  • probate court judge
  • provincial court judge
  • puisne judge
  • provincial court of appeal justice
  • provincial supreme court justice
  • small claims court judge
  • superior court justice
  • Supreme Court justice
  • Supreme Court of Canada justice
  • Tax Court judge
  • trial court judge
  • youth court judge

Requirements to work as a judge in Canada

The following are the requirements for you to become or work as a judge in Canada.

  • It is expected that you are an experienced lawyer or a professor of law with continuous membership in the bar association.
  • Your Membership in good standing with a provincial or territorial law society or bar association is required.
  • Your bachelor degree and law school certificate may be attached.

Job exclusions under judges in Canada

The following jobs do not fall under the national occupation code (NOC) 4111 which makes them not to be suitable for any immigrating judge to Canada. Find below their NOC code:

  • Administrative tribunal judges (See 0411 Government managers – health and social policy development and program administration)
  • Citizenship court judges (See 1227 Court officers and justices of the peace)
  • Justices of the peace (See 1227 Court officers and justices of the peace)

Requirements to Immigrate to Canada as a Judge

The requirements to immigrate to Canada as a judge are two which are general and specific requirements.

General requirements

These requirements are peculiar to all foreigners immigrating to Canada; there is no exemption for judges immigrating to Canada. The following are the general Requirements:


Judges are more in involved in both written and verbal communication to discharge their responsibilities. This is not different in Canada but you must be able to read, write and speak fluently in the Canadian official languages which are English and French language.

Here are the lists of language proficiency tests below that you can write to proof you are equal to the task.

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Test d’Evaluation de Français Canada (TEF)
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • Canadian Academic English Language assessment (CAEL


The minimum age expected is 18 years while immigrating to Canada as a judge though it is almost impossible to see a judge at the age of 18 years.

 Educational qualifications

Immigrating to Canada demanded qualifications in education such as completing the higher level education.

Partner’s skills

To have better comprehensive ranking system score and  a greater chance of immigrating to Canada as a judge  it is advisable to add your partners skills in your entry data profile.


Ensure to run all basic medical fitness examination to prove you are fit to adapt to Canada weather and environment because Immigrating to Canada as a judge implies working and living in Canada..

Work experience

It is advisable to have minimum of 1 year or more work experience to enable to fit in and cope easily with the job responsibilities as an immigrating Judge to Canada.

Specific requirements

Here what is required is your academic or educational qualification and professional certification by relevant regulatory bodies. Some of the specific requirements are:

  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognized law school.
  • Licensing by the provincial or territorial professional bodies in Canada
  • Other relevant documents to boost your chances.

Pathway programs been great to Canada as a Judge

In a bid to make migration of foreigners to Canada in search for job opportunities much easier, the Canadian has different pathways to immigrate to Canada from all the countries in the world. The pathway program includes the following:

  • Express entry program program
  • Provincial nominee program
  • In-demand jobs

Express Entry pathway

This is the most desired and best pathway program in Canada, it is of higher advantage because as a judge you don’t need a job before you can immigrate to Canada as a Judge, work in any province of your choice and get your permanent resident visa much faster than other pathway options.

The express entry pathway is subdivided into three programs which are according to job demand, qualification and skill. They are:

  • Federal skilled worker program
  • Federal skilled trades program
  • Canada experience class

You can opt for Federal skilled worker program as a immigrating judge to Canada because it is easier and has lots of benefits.

Provincial nomination program

Immigrating to Canada as a judge through provincial nomination program will require you to work closely with emigrate Canada ICRCC consultant to enable you secure a job in your desired province, this will fast track your processes.

If you succeed immigrating to Canada through provincial nomination program you will work at least two years in the province before you can move to another province.

In-demand occupations

This option is also available to Immigrate to Canada as a judge, you can also use this pathway program when you find out that your job is among be in demand occupations in Canada.

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Steps to immigrate to Canada as a Judge

The steps to migrate to Canada as a judge are very simple to understand, once followed and you meet up with the minimum requirements you will move to Canada peacefully with ease.

Step 1: open an Express entry profile

This first step require that you visit the IRCC site to create an express entry profile which will be used for assessment and background checks to enable the experts use the comprehensive ranking system to score you.

It is very important you supply all the basic requirements and every other information that will boost your CRS points like partner’s skill and pool of experience in your profession

Step 2: choose a program

To immigrate to Canada as a Judge you will have to choose a program through which you want to apply.

In doing that, you must make sure that you choose a correct program which matches your profession or occupation like the Federal skilled trades program

Step 3: get a job offer from Canada

If you will be immigrating to Canada as a judge under the provincial nomination or in-demand occupation, you need to secure a job in Canada. Your employer must prove that nobody is in Canada and pick up your role.

And also permission will be granted from the labour market impact Assessment for you to immigrate to Canada as a judge.

 Step 4: get notification to apply

If you receive the invitation to apply email it means you have succeeded in the process and you will be expected to hurry up and apply wihin the period of 60 days

Step 5 submit your application and attach other document to it

At this very step you will have to submit your application and the supporting documents. This application must be submitted within two months from the time you get the invitation to apply.

The documents you will have to attach include an identity card, work experience proof, language proficiency examination results etc.

Application fee is CAD$150.

Step 6 apply and get your work permit

At this point you’ll have to get your work permit. This may not take you more than two weeks once you are done with the application. Notification will be sent to you once your visa has been approved.

In addition you may not bother having your work permit before traveling to Canada because you can still get it at Canada port of entry when you arrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average salary of a judge in Canada?

The minimum a judge with less than 5 years work experience can earn yearly is $59,000 while experience judges can earn up to $345,000 yearly.

Is the Salary of judges the same across all the provinces?

No, Saskatoon pay 30% higher follows by Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal etc.


The demands for judges are high in Canada especially the experience ones with lots of benefits attached. Follow this guide and immigrate to Canada as a judge.