Immigrate to Canada as a Land Surveyor – Full Guide

Immigrating to Canada as a land surveyor is a nice decision, follow this guide and achieve your goals.

If you want to immigrate to Canada as a land surveyor, it will be a great benefit for you because Canada is the best destination for immigrants all over the world.

Under NOC 2154, land surveyors are eligible to apply and immigrate to Canada through in demand occupation lists.

Furthermore,  Canada is a home to many festivals and so many other interesting features which attracts foreigners to admire those who have the opportunity to secure employment in Canada.

In addition, Canada is also a multicultural environment, in such a way that immigrants will not find it difficult to cope with the environment.

The Canadian government has made available many pathway programs which will help qualified land surveyors to immigrate to Canada for employment.

However, in this article we described in detail different ways through which one can immigrate to Canada as a land surveyor, what land surveyors does in Canada.

The examples of jobs under NOC 2154, the requirements for immigrating to Canada, the pathway programs and necessary steps to follow to Immigrate to Canada as a land surveyor

What land surveyors do in Canada

While trying to Immigrate to Canada as a land surveyor, you must be able to know what your Profession entails

  • Under NOC 2154, land surveyors plan direct and conduct Legal surveys establish the location of real property boundaries contours and other natural and human-made features, and prepare and maintain cross-sectional drawings, official plans, records and documents pertaining to this surveys
  • They are employed by federal, provincial and municipal governments, private sector, land surveying establishment, real estate development, natural resource, engineering and construction firm, or they may be self-employed

Examples of jobs under NOC 2154 land surveyor

Planning to immigrate to Canada as a land surveyor. You should know the occupations under this category .The following and their examples:

  • Land surveyors
  • country surveyor
  • city surveyor
  • Canada lands surveyor
  • cadastral surveyor
  • professional land surveyor
  • legal surveyor
  • commissioned land surveyor
  • land survey supervisor
  • land surveying party chief
  • land surveyor
  • pipeline surveyor
  • port surveyor
  • property surveyor
  • provincial land surveyor
  • railway surveyor


Many other closely related jobs I excluded from this group. The following and the excluded jobs:

  • Engineering managers
  • Engineering technologists and technicians who apply geotechnology and topographical information to land use and urban planning
  • Geomatics and civil engineers
  • Hydrographic surveyors
  • geoscientist and oceanographers
  • Technical occupations in geomatics and metrology
  • Urban and land-use planners

Major duties of land surveyors in Canada

Immigrate to Canada as a land surveyor when you should remember the main duties and functions of land surveyors in Canada. The following are the main duties performed by land surveyors in Canada:

  • Develop survey plans, methods and procedures for conducting legal surveys
  • Plan, direct and supervise or conduct surveys to establish and mark legal boundaries of properties, parcels of lands, provincial and Canada Lands, Aboriginal land claims, well sites, mining claims, utility rights-of-way, roadways and highways
  • Survey and lay out subdivisions for rural and urban development
  • Determine precise locations using electronic distance measuring equipment and global positioning systems (GPS)
  • Analyze, manage and display data using geographic information systems (GIS) and computer-aided design and drafting (CAD)
  • Record all measurements and other information obtained during survey activities
  • Prepare or supervise the preparation and compilation of all data, plans, charts, records and documents related to surveys of real property boundaries
  • Certify and assume liability for surveys made to establish real property boundaries
  • Advise, provide consultation and testify as an expert witness on matters related to legal surveys
  • May supervise other land surveyors, and land survey technologists and technicians.

Requirements for immigrating to Canada as a land surveyor

Immigrating to Canada as a land surveyor may demand some necessary requirements which an  interested person must meet up with before immigrating to Canada. These requirements are divided into two the specific or employment requirements and the general requirements

Specific requirements

Specific requirements are those requirements needed to work in Canada as a land surveyor. It is peculiar to the jobs under the NOC group. Below are the specific requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in geomatics engineering or survey engineering or
  • A college diploma in survey science or geomatics technology with additional academic credits and successful completion of equivalent examinations set by a regional board of examiners for land surveyors is required.
  • A one- to three-year articling period is required.
  • Successful completion of professional land surveyor examinations is required.
  • A federal or provincial land surveyor’s licence is required.

Additional information

In addition, there is some other necessary information which entails the following;

Federal statutes require a separate licence from the Association of Canada Land Surveyors to survey areas such as national parks, Aboriginal lands, offshore areas and northern territories

General Requirements

General Requirements are those peculiar Requirements to all the Immigrants of Canada. Therefore to Immigrate to Canada as a land surveyor, you must meet the necessary general requirements. They includes:

  • Language requirements
  • Age requirements
  • Education requirements
  • Work experience
  • Partners ability

Language Requirements

To immigrate to Canada as a land surveyor, you must have a knowledge of one of the official languages in Canada which is English and French.

To prove this  language proficiency test and the score from this test will qualify you for this requirement. Example of this language proficiency test is the IELTS test.


Another requirement is age. If you are planning to immigrate to Canada as a land surveyor, you must be up to the legal age which is 18 and above.

However, under a special arrangements under  18 may work in Canada

Education requirements

Education requirements are also one of the general requirements to immigrate to Canada for any employment.

In order to immigrate to Canada as a land surveyor, you must complete your secondary school education and also hold your high School diploma. There are some other requirements under this educational qualification for immigrants who want to be employed in Canada as a land surveyor.


Planning to immigrate to Canada as a land surveyor, you must also prove that you can adapt to the Canadian weather and working conditions which will make your employment a successful one when you immigrate to Canada to work.

Someone who could not adapt to the conditions and weather and Canada will have no reason to immigrate to Canada as a land surveyor.

Work experience

Experience matters in every job.

Therefore it is required that someone who wants to immigrate to Canada as a land surveyor must have gained some experience in some of the places of work

Years of experience must expose the employers as it is required.

Your partner’s skills or abilities

Your competitive ranking system score could be Higher when you add your partner’s skills such as language proficiency, age and so on

It is demanded as a general requirement for immigrating to Canada as a land surveyor.

Pathway programs for immigrating to Canada as a land surveyor

There are some pathway programs that can help one immigrate to Canada as a land surveyor.  These programs includes the following:

  • Express entry program
  • Provincial nominee program
  • In-demand occupations
  • Job offer

Express entry program

Owing to the effects of COVID19, pandemic, the government of Canada arranged this program for immigrants to occupy some offices in Canada.

However, immigrating to Canada as a land surveyor becomes easy through the Express entry program.

Though, Immigrating to Canada through Express entry program is for those who who qualified for any of the program under Express entry which includes:

  • Canada experience class
  • Federal skilled worker program
  • Federal skilled trades program

Provincial nominee program

This is a provincial arrangement for immigrants who are coming to work in a particular province in Canada. This program has different requirements in various provinces in Canada.

Moreover,  Immigrating to Canada as a land surveyor through a provincial nominee program implies going to work and live in a particular province. Such as Quebec provincial class.

Job offer

Another pathway assistant for immigrants who is to  work in Canada is securing a job offer from a Canadian employer. This must be a valid job appointment.

The employer might have don’t so many necessary arrangements and take permission from the headquarters to approve your coming  as an employee of a land surveyor in Canada.

In-demand occupations

The national occupational classification (NOC),has described the job in demand in Canada with the NOC Code. You can apply to Immigrate to Canada when your job is among the in-demand jobs in Canada.

Immigrate to Canada as a Video Camera Operator

Steps to immigrate to Canada as a land surveyor

Many steps must be followed if you want to immigrate to Canada as a land surveyor the steps includes the following:

Step 1: open an Express entry profile

To Immigrate to Canada as a land surveyor will have to visit IRCC official website and open and Express entry profile.

Through this profile, all the necessary information will be updated .

In addition, creating this profile will cost you nothing.

Step 2: choose a program

After creating an Express entry profile, the next  thing is to choose your preferred program which will enable you Immigrate to Canada as a land surveyor.

Adding to that, you must make sure that you choose a program that matches your occupation. You can choose Canada experience class to work for Canadian government as a land surveyor

Step 3: Get a job offer by a Canadian employer

At this step, an applicant will get a job offer from a Canadian employer which must be valid. To be given this offer you must have met some necessary requirements presented by the employer in order to immigrate to Canada as a land surveyor. Without meeting the necessary requirement the employment will not be offered to you.

Step 4: Get an invitation to apply

However, the invitation shows that you are eligible to apply to immigrate to Canada as a land surveyor.

After getting this invitation to apply, you must make the necessary arrangements to put all the documents in order.

It is only when you score high in CRS that you will receive an invitation to apply.

Now that you have gotten the invitation to apply, it will go ahead and apply with all the requested documents.

Step 5: submit your application with other supporting documents

Right now you will have to submit your application and attach the necessary documents for you to immigrate to Canada as a land surveyor.

In addition, this application must be submitted within 60 days from the day you get the intention to apply.

This letter of application will cost you about CAD$150.

Step 6: get your work permit

Once we are through with the application and submission within some days you can apply for work permit after which you prepare yourself to move into Canada

Moreover, you may get your work permit and the Canada port of entry.

Step 7: welcome to Canada

If you Immigrate to Canada to carry on your duties as a land surveyor, and there is a delay and your work permit you can meet the immigration officer who will direct you on the steps to get your work permit immediately.

Frequently Asked Question 

What is the average salary of a land surveyor in Canada?

The latest figure shows that a typical full-time annual salary for land surveyors is from$60,000 to $80,000


In conclusion, securing employment in Canada  will be a strength to the immigrant.

We hope that you will get the necessary help from this article to achieve your goal of immigrating to Canada as a land surveyor.