Immigrate to Canada as a Letter Carrier – Full Guide

This article will enlighten you on the steps to immigrate as a letter carrier and examples of jobs under the NOC code 1512.

Most foreign nationals who desire to immigrate to Canada as a letter carrier always have good news because Canada is one of the best countries to work and live in.

Without a doubt, Canada is a country filled with job opportunities. More so, they create a work-friendly environment for foreigners that immigrate to Canada.

Furthermore, you can immigrate to Canada as a letter carrier if you meet the necessary requirement. You can as well grab the opportunity of securing for yourself a Canadian permanent resident visa.

Therefore, this article will provide answer to your entire question and enlighten you on all the important things you need to know about moving to Canada as a letter carrier.

More so, this article will enlighten you on the steps to follow, minimum requirements, main duties and examples of jobs under the NOC code 1512.

What do letter carriers do?

Letter carriers sort and deliver mail, record delivery of registered mail and collect money for cash-on-delivery parcels.

Furthermore, a letter carrier sort, process, deliver, and collect letters, postcards, and packages from a customer’s house, a mailbox, or a sorting facility.

Depending on where you live, you may drive a mail truck or car or deliver mail by bicycle or on foot.

However, if you live in a rural area, your responsibilities may include carrying postal supplies, such as envelopes and stamps for sale.

Letter carriers must interact with people on a daily basis and provide customer service, such as giving people change of address forms or other official documents.

This individual works directly for Canada Post Corporation.

Job descriptions of a letter carrier

However, if you are planning to immigrate to Canada as a letter carrier, below are likely duties, tasks, and responsibilities you will carry out as a letter carrier.

  • Firstly, letter carriers organize mail by address and load into mailbag.
  • Secondly, they deliver letters, small parcels and other printed matter along established routes.
  • Letter carriers deliver telegrams, special delivery and express mail.
  • More so, they collect payment for cash-on-delivery service.
  • Letter carriers record delivery of registered mail.
  • Additionally, they leave notices indicating that items could not be delivered and the location where they can be picked up.
  • Letter carriers return undeliverable mail to postal station.
  • More so, they answer customer questions regarding the postal service and regulations.

Examples of jobs under letter carrier

If you qualify under the NOC code 1512 letter carrier in Canada, you can get employment opportunities under the following job titles letter carrier.

However, it is very possible amongst them you find the one that is suitable for while preparing to immigrate to Canada as a letter carrier. Find the jobs below

  • Postal worker
  • Mail carrier
  • Postal carrier
  • Postman/woman
  • Priority post carrier
  • Rural mail carrier
  • Postal service deliverer
  • Special delivery mail carrier among others.

Jobs excluded from letter carrier in Canada 

The following jobs are not listed under the National occupation code (NOC) 1512 for letter carrier so you cannot immigrate to Canada as a letter carrier for these jobs.

  • Couriers, messengers and door-to-door distributors (See 1513 Couriers, messengers and door-to-door distributors)
  • Letter carrier supervisors (See 1214 Supervisors, mail and message distribution occupations)
  • Mail, postal and related workers (See 1511 Mail, postal and related workers)
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Requirements to Immigrate to Canada as a letter carrier

As easy as it is to immigrate to Canada for jobs, there basic and specific minimum requirements you meet up with to enable to immigrate to Canada as a letter carrier.

General Requirements                       

These are the requirements every intending immigrants to Canada must meet which includes a letter carrier.

  1. Language requirements
  2. Age requirements
  3. Education requirements
  4. Adaptability
  5. Work experience
  6. Your partner’s ability

Language Requirements

Canada being a multi lingua country requires that immigrating as a letter carrier, you should be able to communicate effectively in written and verbal form in English and French preferably languages.

Unavoidably, you will be requiring some language proficiency tests, The test includes:

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • Canadian Academic English Language assessment (CAEL)
  • Test d’Evaluation de Français Canada (TEF)
  • Test de Connaissance du Français Canada (TCF)


Age is a strong factor of consideration while running eligibility assessment on your profile and educational qualification by the Canadian Immigration service.

It is on rare case of recognition that you will see a 17 years old immigrant into Canada for job otherwise the minimum age for you to immigrate to as letter carrier is 18 years.


The minimum educational qualification required while immigrating to Canada as a letter carrier is completion of secondary school, additional qualification will give you placement.


It is very important that you are physically and mentally fit such that you can adapt to the weather and working conditions while immigrating to Canada as a letter carrier.

Your medical fitness certificate will be required to authenticate this.

Work experience

Work experience is very important when you have decided to immigrate to Canada as a letter carrier.

It determines if your placement will be on entry level, part time and full time basis. Minimum of 3-year experience is usually required.

Your partner’s skills      

If will be of advantage having a partner that is skillful because your chances to immigrate to Canada as a letter carrier will be higher during the verification process.

Specific requirements to immigrate to Canada as a letter carrier

These forms of requirements are related to your education qualification and occupation certification.

However, the specific requirements to immigrate to Canada as a letter carrier includes:

  • Some secondary school education is required.
  • Two weeks to one month of training is provided by Canada Post Corporation.

Additional information

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with additional training or experience.

Pathways to immigrate to Canada as a construction trade installer or repairer

Immigrating to Canada as a letter carrier has three pathways through which you can easily and peacefully. They include

  1. Express entry
  2. Provincial Nominee Programs
  3.  In-Demand occupations
  4. Job offer

 Express entry

This pathway to Canada remains the most preferred considering the ease and the multiple programs through which you can immigrate to Canada as a letter carrier are listed below.

  • Canada experience class
  • Federal skilled worker program
  • Federal skilled trades program

However considering the job description and duties of a letter carrier under the NOC code 1512, exploring the Federal skilled program as pathway to Canada will be much easier and beneficial.

Provincial Nominee Program

Indeed, all provinces in Canada at different time or period offer provincial nominee programs for immigrants to Canada by constantly updating their occupation in demand list with available job offers.

However, using the PNP to immigrate to Canada as a letter carrier will require you to work for minimum of two years in the province before you can move to another.

In-Demand occupations

Undoubtedly, letter carrier falls under the in-demand jobs in Canada. You can as well use it as an option to immigrate to Canada.

 Job offer

This is an easy pathway to immigrate to Canada as a letter carrier. However, before you can do this, you must get a valid job offer from a Canadian employer.

In addition, the employer must get a certificate from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before employing.

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Steps to immigrate to Canada as a letter carrier

There are steps to follow in order to immigrate to Canada as a letter carrier. The step includes

Step 1: Express entry

Immigrating to Canada as a letter carrier, the first thing you need to do is to create an Express entry profile. The entry profile is very crucial because it determine your CRS point.

When your express entry profile meet up with the requirements to immigrate as a letter carrier, there is high possibility that you will be picked for express entry path to Canada.

 Step 2: Choose a program

However, the various pathways to immigrate to Canada as a letter carrier are listed below

It will be required of you to choose from the various pathways to Canada programs, this is largely dependent on your nature of job you intend to do in Canada.

Step 3: Get a job offer by a Canadian employer

At this stage, you will now get a job offer from a Canadian employer. With a valid job offer, you can immigrate to Canada as a letter carrier.

In addition, this implies that it is important to get a job offer to help your process to be very easy. Therefore, you must meet the necessary requirements to immigrate to Canada as a letter carrier.

Step 4: Receive an invitation to apply (ITA)

Upon successful completion of your eligibility assessment and background check, you will receive an invitation to apply. However, you can now apply to immigrate to Canada as a letter carrier.

Most importantly, note that only the candidates who secured a high score in CRS receive the invitation to apply.

Step 5: Submit your application with supporting documents

Once you receive an invitation to apply, you have only 60 days to send your reply to IRCC. If you fail to do so, you may lose your chance of going to Canada.

Therefore, you should start gathering your documents once you begin your immigration process.

Step 6: Get your work permit

Finally, the next thing is to get your work permit. However, you will only get a reply that your permit has been processed.

Moreover, this will be done within 28 days, so you can start preparing to move to Canada.

If you do not receive such news, it means that your documents are missing or that some details in your application are not correct.

It is important you submit all documents in the correct format.

Step 7: Congratulations

Finally, you can now arrive in Canada as a letter carrier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average salary of a letter carrier?

The average letter carrier salary in Canada is $38,727 per year or $19.86 per hour.

Am I eligible to migrate to Canada as a letter carrier?

Yes. You can migrate to Canada once you have satisfied the occupational and educational requirements to migrate to Canada as a letter carrier.


In this article, we have made everything you need to immigrate to Canada as a letter carrier very simple. We wish you all the best.