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Immigrate to Canada as a Library Archive Museum Manager

There are several aspects to consider if you want to immigrate to Canada as a library archive museum manager.

These aspects include immigration pathways and requirements, employment requirements, as well as the steps to immigrate to any Canadian province or territory as a library archive museum manager.

Moreover, many foreigners experience issues in the process of applying for their permanency residency to Canada.

Hence, the information on this article can resolve most of the challenges encountered by foreigners when they want to immigrate to Canada as a library archive museum manager.

What do library archive museum managers do?

Library archive museum managers plan, coordinate, direct, control and assess the operations of libraries, art galleries, museums, archives or departments within these establishments.

Moreover, library archive museum managers work in libraries, museums, archives, as well as in non-retail art galleries across Canada.

Additionally, library archive museum managers are NOC 0511 under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) in Canada.

Job duties of library archive museum managers

Generally speaking, library archive museum managers have a wide range of job responsibilities.

Since you plan to immigrate to Canada as a library archive museum manager, you need to be aware of your job duties as listed below.

  • Firstly, library archive museum managers takes charge of planning, organizing, directing, controlling, as well as assessment of activities in a library or library system, museum or art gallery, archive or archive system or in a technical department within an establishment.
  • Secondly, they create and administer policies and programs.
  • Thirdly, library archive museum managers prepare and administer budgets.
  • Fourthly, they develop, promote and conduct public relations and promotional programs.
  • Fifthly, library archive museum managers prepare funding, as well as grant applications and proposals.
  • Moreover, they prepare operational & financial reports, analyses and recommendations.
  • Furthermore, library archive museum managers recruit and avail training to professional, technical and clerical staff.
  • Lastly, they also implement the duties of a librarian, curator or archivist in smaller establishments..

Examples of jobs under NOC 0511

The following are examples of jobs under National Occupational Classification (NOC) code 0511.

  • Administrative librarian
  • Archival document manager
  • Archives chief
  • Archives director
  • Archives manager
  • Art gallery administrator
  • Art gallery assistant director
  • Art gallery chief curator
  • Art gallery co-ordinator
  • Art gallery director
  • Art gallery manager
  • Art gallery manager assistant
  • Arts administrator
  • Assistant art gallery administrator
  • Assistant art gallery director
  • Assistant director of archives
  • Assistant director of historical park
  • Assistant museum administrator
  • Assistant museum director
  • Chief archivist
  • Chief curator
  • Chief librarian
  • Curator-director – museum
  • Deputy librarian
  • Division librarian
  • Head archivist
  • Head librarian
  • Head of cataloguing
  • Historic sites administrator
  • Historical park assistant director
  • Historical park assistant superintendent
  • Historical park director
  • Historical park superintendent
  • Library chief
  • Library director
  • Museum administrator
  • Museum assistant administrator
  • Museum assistant director
  • Museum co-ordinator
  • Museum director
  • Museum director of conservation
  • Museum executive director
  • Museum general director
  • Museum manager
  • Regional library director
  • Technical services head librarian

Requirements to work in Canada as a library archive museum manager

You need to qualify before you can commence work as a library archive museum manager in Canada.

However, you can qualify by meeting few requirements as noted below.

Library managers

  • Completion a graduate degree in library and information science
  • Must possess vast years of librarian work experience, as well as a supervisory experience

Archive managers

  • Must have completed a graduate degree in archival science or history
  • Need to have many years of work experience as an archivist or in historical research. Supervisory experience is also necessary.

Museum and art gallery managers

  • Need to have completed a graduate degree relevant to a specific collection or training program in arts administration
  • Must also possess extensive work experience as a conservator, curator or artist. You may qualify if you have work experience in other relevant museum and art gallery jobs.

Exclusions for library archive museum managers under NOC 0511

The occupations below have exclusions as library archive museum managers under NOC 0511.

  • 0114 – Managers of records management departments
  • 5111 – Librarians
  • 5112 – Conservators and curators
  • 5113 – Archivists

Requirements to immigrate to Canada as a library archive museum manager

Government of Canada assesses eligibility of Express Entry applicants based on a number of factors.

These include on your language skills, level of education, work experience, age, arranged employment in Canada, as well as adaptability.

Hence, you will get points on Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) for making provisions of each of these factors.

Indeed, you can earn up to 28 points for your language skills, 25 points for education, 15 points for your work experience, 12 points for age, 10 points for arranged employment, as well as 10 points for adaptability,

General requirements for immigration

Here are the general requirements to consider if you wish to immigrate to Canada as a library archive museum manager.

  • Age: You need to be aged between 18 and 35 years old in order to earn the highest points on Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).
  • Education: You must have completed high school or a post-secondary education program.

If you graduated outside Canada, you need to procure an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report for immigration purposes.

  • English or French language skills: You are required to take an approved proof of language proficiency test to demonstrate your language levels.

For example:-

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP)
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • Test de Connaissance du Français Canada (TCF Canada)
  • Test d’Evaluation de Français Canada (TEF Canada)
  • Work experience: You will earn more points on CRS for possessing 1 to 6 years work experience in a relevant field.
  • Arranged employment or job offer: You will also get points for having a valid job offer or arranged employment in Canada as regards to a paid full-time job.
  • Adaptability: Indeed, you can get additional CRS points if you are immigrating to Canada with your spouse or common-law partner.
  • Nomination certificate (only applicable to PNP applicants)

Pathways to immigrate to Canada as a library archive museum manager

Library archive museum managers can immigrate to Canada via two (2) pathways, which include Express Entry or Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

  1. Express Entry

Through Canada’s Express Entry, you can probably immigrate to Canada as an applicant under its Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP).

Without doubt, Express Entry’s Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) is the most suitable and effective pathway to immigrate to Canada as a library archive museum manager.

If you are already working in Canada or have previously worked for a Canadian employer, you may qualify for immigration under Canadian Experience Class (CEC), which is another program under the Express Entry System.

  1. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Of course, Provincial Nominee Programs works pretty well to immigrate to Canada as a library archive museum manager.

This is possible through eleven (11) Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), which include:-

Additionally, an advantage of applying through PNP is that you will earn extra 600 points on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) if your provincial nomination was successful.

Steps to immigrate to Canada as a library archive museum manager

The following steps can be your ideal course of actions for a successful immigration to Canada as a library archive museum manager.

STEP 1: Decide on immigration pathway: This step requires your decision based on the available pathways for immigration.

Thus, you need to choose from Express Entry (Federal Skilled Trades Program) or from any Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

STEP 2: Create and submit Express Entry profile: You are required to create an Express Entry profile online regardless of the pathway you intend using for immigration.

Additionally, you must reach out to a Canadian province or territory for nomination if you prefer applying under a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

STEP 3: Apply for Permanent Residency (PR) to Canada: After receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA), you are required to send your application for PR in less than 60 days.

STEP 4: Wait until processed

Of course, all applications with the Government of Canada have an estimated processing time, and are not processed instantly due to the large volume of applications.

For this reason, you need to wait for about 6 months if you are applying directly under Express Entry.

Moreover, Provincial Nominee Programs requires more waiting as its processing time takes up to 19 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is library archive museum managers NOC code?

NOC 0511

How much does library archive museum managers make in Canada?

The average salary of library technicians in Canada ranges from CAD $20 to CAD $30 per hour.

Where can I get an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report for immigration purposes?

  • Medical Council of Canada
  • World Education Services (WES)
  • International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS)
  • Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada
  • International Credential Evaluation Service
  • Comparative Education Service (University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies)
  • International Credential Assessment Service of Canada


We hope that this article has been able to provide you with the necessary clues to immigrate to Canada as a library archive museum manager. Best regards!

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