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Immigrate to Canada as a Metal Products Machine Operator

Are you thinking if there are possibilities of future success when you immigrate to Canada as a metal products machine operator? This article is for you.

Undeniably, Canada is ready to accept you as a new immigrant inasmuch as you are eligible for immigration under a pathway.

Besides, many Canadian establishments offer employment to metal products machine operators. Examples of these establishments include Dendoff Springs Ltd., MBRP Ltd., CONCORD METAL MANUFACTURING INC., etc.

Working as a metal products machine operator in these establishments offers an average earning of $15 to $60 Canadian Dollars per hour.

Hence, reading this article will give you crucial insights on how to immigrate to Canada as a metal products machine operator.

Moreover, you will be able to understand the pathways you can use to become a Canadian immigrant, its requirements and steps to apply.

What do metal products machine operators do?

Metal products machine operators implement a range of automatic or multi-functional machines to manufacture various metal parts and products.

Examples of these metal parts and products include chains. nails, wire mesh and bolts.

Besides, metal products machine operators work in various metal products manufacturing companies.

Furthermore, metal products machine operators are under the grouping, 9418, in Canada’s National Occupational Classification (NOC).

Metal products machine operators’ job descriptions/duties

Here are the job descriptions of metal products machine operators.

  • Operating or tend automatic or multi-functional machines such as wire looms in order to manufacture metal parts and metal products.

For example, racks, wire screening, metal baskets, fencing, hooks, tinware, metal tubing and similar articles.

  • Fitting and assembling components via hand and power tools
  • Cleaning, polishing, filing or finishing products
  • Examining products for specifications, including quality
  • Cleaning and lubricating machinery

Examples of jobs under NOC 9418

The following are examples of jobs under NOC 9418.

  • asbestos wire finisher
  • asbestos-covered wire finisher
  • automatic bolt machine operator
  • automatic coil machine operator
  • automatic coiling machine operator – metal products manufacturing
  • automatic machine metal polisher
  • axle cutter
  • barbed wire machine tender
  • beading machine operator – metal products manufacturing
  • bench loom wire weaver
  • bolt header operator
  • bolt machine operator
  • bolt maker
  • braider tender
  • braiding machine tender – wire products manufacturing
  • buckshot swage operator
  • bullet cutter and former
  • bullet cutter and former – metal products manufacturing
  • bullet maker
  • bullet-shaping machine tender
  • bullet-swaging machine adjuster
  • bullet-swaging machine setter – metal products manufacturing
  • bunching machine operator
  • cable armourer
  • cable insulator
  • cable-braiding machine operator
  • cage maker – wire products manufacturing
  • can inspector – metal products manufacturing
  • can machine operator
  • can machine setter
  • can-forming machine operator
  • can-making machine operator
  • can-making machine setter
  • carbide press tender
  • cartridge primers drop tester
  • chain inspector
  • chain tester
  • chain-link fence machine operator
  • chain-making machine feeder
  • chain-making machine operator
  • chain-making machine tender
  • chain-testing machine tender
  • chamfering and boring machine operator – metal products manufacturing
  • chamfering machine tender
  • chandelier maker
  • coil machine operator
  • coil spring machine tender
  • coiler – metal products manufacturing
  • coiling machine operator – metal products manufacturing
  • coil-rewind machine tender
  • crimping machine feeder – wire products manufacturing
  • cylinder roll fabricator
  • embossing machine tender – explosives manufacturing
  • foil rewinder
  • former, metal nuts
  • frame machine operator, tents
  • grid machine job setter
  • header machine operator – metal
  • hoop-making machine operator
  • hoop-punching and hoop-coiling machine operator – metal products manufacturing
  • hoop-riveting machine operator
  • hot-wound spring coiler
  • industrial knitting needle machine feeder
  • industrial needle machine setter-operator
  • industrial needle machine set-up operator
  • industrial needle maker
  • insulation machine operator
  • insulation machine operator – metal products manufacturing
  • knife blade polisher
  • knurling machine feeder
  • link wire machine set-up operator
  • link wire machine tender
  • loom setter, wire weaving
  • machine bullet shaper – metal products manufacturing
  • machine chain maker
  • machine chain tester
  • machine wire rewinder
  • metal awning machine operator
  • metal blade sharpener operator
  • metal cable machine operator
  • metal cable maker
  • metal cable maker operator
  • metal cable stretcher and tester
  • metal floor lamp maker
  • metal nut former
  • metal nut maker
  • metal pin maker
  • metal pipe cutter machine operator
  • metal pipe cutter operator
  • metal pipe machine cutter
  • metal products manufacturing machine operator
  • metal screened door and window maker
  • metal sponge machine tender
  • metal sponge maker
  • metal tack maker
  • metal-bonding equipment operator
  • metal-twisting machine tender
  • metalworking weaver – metal products manufacturing
  • nail maker
  • nail making machine set-up operator
  • nail making machine tender
  • Numerical Control (NC) riveting machine operator – metal products manufacturing
  • nut and bolt machine tender
  • nut disk cutter
  • pin maker – metal products
  • plating equipment fixture maker
  • pocketed spring machine tender
  • polishing machine operator – metal products
  • reinforcing cage maker
  • reinforcing cage winding machine operator
  • rimfire cartridge-priming machine tender
  • rivet maker
  • rivet shaper
  • roll threader operator
  • safety pin machine set-up operator
  • saw blade miller
  • saw knife miller
  • scarfer-borer – metal products manufacturing
  • scarfing and boring machine operator
  • scribing machine tender
  • scroll machine tender
  • serrating machine operator
  • serrating machine tender – metal products manufacturing
  • shaker-plate tender
  • shell-case chamfering machine tender
  • sizing and trimming machine adjuster – explosives manufacturing
  • slide fastener links machine tender
  • slide fastener links maker
  • spiral weaving machine operator
  • spiral weaving machine operator – metal products manufacturing
  • spool winder
  • spooler – metal products manufacturing
  • spring assembly machine operator
  • spring coiler
  • spring inspector
  • spring machine assembler
  • spring machine operator
  • spring machine set-up operator
  • spring tester
  • spring winder
  • spring-coiling machine operator
  • spring-making machine operator
  • spring-making machine set-up operator
  • spring-winding machine operator
  • staple machine set-up operator
  • steel wool machine operator
  • stranding machine operator
  • tack maker
  • tapping machine tender
  • tent frame machine operator
  • tin can inspector
  • tinware beader
  • trim machine adjuster
  • valve spring coiler
  • valve spring winder
  • weaver – metal products manufacturing
  • weaver, wire lattices
  • welding rod-extruder operator
  • welding rod-extruder tender
  • wire basket maker
  • wire bundle machine operator
  • wire cable assembler and tester
  • wire cable stretcher and tester
  • wire lampshade frame maker
  • wire lattice and wire mesh weaver
  • wire lattice weaver
  • wire loom operator
  • wire loom setter
  • wire loop machine operator
  • wire mesh fence-making machine operator
  • wire mesh gate assembler
  • wire mesh knitter
  • wire netting weaver
  • wire rope maker
  • wire rope sling and cable splicer
  • wire screen cutter and trimmer
  • wire screen former
  • wire screen maker
  • wire screen weaver
  • wire weaver
  • wire-coiner operator
  • wire-crimping machine operator
  • wire-netting machine operator
  • wire-pairing machine tender
  • wire-rewinding machine tender
  • wire-weaving loom setter
  • wireworks weaver – metal products manufacturing
  • zipper links machine tender
  • zipper links maker
Immigrate to Canada as a Personnel Clerk

Requirements to work in Canada as a metal products machine operators

Prior to working as a metal products machine operator in Canada, you need to satisfy the requirements below.

  • Completion of high school
  • Partaking in On-The-Job (OTJ) training
  • Possessing work experience as a labourer in the same company is often a criteria

Exclusions under metal products machine operators

The following occupations are left out under NOC 9418 for metal products machine operators.

  • 9416 – Metalworking and forging machine operators
  • 9417 – Machining tool operators
  • 9226 – Supervisors, other mechanical and metal products manufacturing

Requirements to immigrate to Canada as a metal products machine operator

Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) necessitates that all prospective immigrants meet certain requirements before they can be qualified to live and work permanently in any province or territory.

General requirements

The following are the general requirements applicable to all prospective immigrants who want to take part in Canada’s economy.

  1. Age: Must be at least 18 and not above 35 years old. If you are within this age range, you qualify for 12 points on Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).
  2. Education: If you have completed studies from a secondary school, college or university, you can earn up to 25 points depending on the institution type, and some other factors.

Besides, an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report needs to be procured.

  1. Proof of language proficiency: By taking IELTS, TOEFL, CELPIP, TCF or TEF test, you will be able to meet Canada’s language skill requirements for prospective immigrants.
  2. Work experience: Your work experience (1 to 6 years) can give you up to 15 points on the CRS.
  3. Arranged employment: Also regarded as job offer, having an arranged employment in Canada offers 10 points on Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).
  4. Adaptability: You and your spouse or common-law partner can qualify for 10 points on the CRS if you are both applying to immigrate to Canada.
  5. Nomination certificate: With a nomination certificate, you will get additional 600 points on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). However, nomination certificates are only issued to PNP applicants.

Pathways to immigrate to Canada as a metal products machine operator

As a metal products machine operator from any part of the world, you can access two (2) pathways to immigrate to Canada.

These pathways include Express Entry FSWP, as well as Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

  1. Express Entry

Regardless of your present country or nationality, Express Entry can help you become a metal products machine operator in Canada.

Besides, Express Entry allows you to act on your own freewill regarding the province or territory you prefer staying.

Furthermore, you can change your employer, province or territory of residence at any time without affecting your permanent residency status.

Under this pathway, you need to apply under Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP).

  1. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

Indeed, you can use any of Canada’s eleven (11) Provincial Nominee Programs to immigrate to Canada as a metal products machine operator inasmuch as you meet the province or territory’s requirements.

Moreover, only two (2) Canadian provinces and territories does not offer a Provincial Nominee Program, which include Quebec province and Nunavut Territory.

Below are the provinces and territories with Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

Upon immigration to Canada via a Provincial Nominee Program, it is necessary that you stay and work within the province or territory in order to keep your permanent residency status.

British Columbia Population: Citizens vs Immigrants

Steps to immigrate to Canada as a metal products machine operator

If you are on the lookout for a stepwise guide on how to immigrate to Canada as a metal products machine operator, you can make use of the guidelines below.

STEP 1: Estimate probable scores on CRS

Use a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) online tool to estimate your potential points to qualify for Canada’s Express Entry

STEP 2: Choose immigration pathway

Make a choice from the available pathways for immigration, and then take the first move.

Therefore, you need to create Express Entry profile and submit if you choose Express Entry as your pathway to immigrate to Canada as a metal products machine operator.

Moreover, it is necessary to express need for nomination to a province or territory in Canada if you chose a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) as your immigration pathway.

STEP 3: Wait to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA)

This step does not require much effort. You only need to expect IRCC to send you an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residency (PR).

STEP 4: Apply for PR

Respond to ITA by submitting an application for Canadian permanent residence in less than 60 days.

STEP 5: Immigrate to Canada upon PR approval

You need to wait until your application is fully processed. Of course, this may take up to 6 months.

Thus, you can immigrate to Canada as a metal products machine operator once your PR application is approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is metal products machine operator NOC code?

NOC 9418

What is the average salary of metal products machine operator in Canada?

Indeed, the average hourly salary of metal products machine operator in Canada ranges from CAD $15 to CAD $60.


We expect and wish that you enjoy the read and gain understanding on how you can immigrate to Canada as a metal products machine operator. Wishing you lots of luck all through!

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