Immigrate to Canada as a Naturopath – Full Guide

This is an insightful prosé on Immigrating to Canada as a Naturopath.

Nowadays, Canadians seek a natural method of healing. So there is a high demand for natural healing practitioners to immigrate to Canada as a Naturopath.

Without a doubt, your service is needed by a lot of people that do not want modern treatment. Especially in our days where environmental pollution, modern technology stress, and poor diet are the order of the day.

Averagely, Naturopathic physicians are paid between $56,947 to $99,945 per annum. So, you can be sure of financial freedom.

There are a large number of naturopaths like you Immigrating to Canada, find out how to join them!

Who is a Naturopath

Generally speaking, a Naturopath is a natural health practitioner that applies natural therapies to treat patients. In addition, they are practitioners of natural healing and provide health care to sick patients.

Surely, you can immigrate to Canada as a naturopath where you gain employment in a team practice or group, private practice, spas, health clubs, or employed by clinics.

Oftentimes, you will use the techniques of traditional Chinese medicine and other treatment forms such as herbology, reflexology, and acupuncture to maintain, restore, and promote the holistic health of patients.

Undoubtedly, your spectrum comprises far more than water, fasting, nutrition, and exercise. But includes naturally approved practices such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, and homeopathy. Therefore you can use modern methods like ozone therapy, colon hydrotherapy, and Bio-resonance to improve healing.

Assuredly Naturopathic doctors or practitioners are recognized and accredited by the government. Hence, you can confidently carry out your career with ease. The Canadian NOC code assigned to Naturopath is 3232.

Main duties of a Naturopath

Of Course, Natural practitioners who immigrate to Canada as a Naturopath has a lot of duties and responsibility to care for. However, Naturopath occupation is grouped into units. Therefore, we will be discussing some of the duties you are most likely to carry out in each unit when you immigrate to Canada as a Naturopath

1. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners

Firstly, we will be discussing the duties that are most likely carried out by you when you assume the role of traditional Chinese medicine practitioner

  • Surely, you will diagnose diseases injuries, and physiological disorders of patients
  • In addition, you will also treat patients using raw herbs, acupuncture, dietary supplements, and other medicines

2. Naturopaths

Secondly, we will discuss the main duties of a Naturopath, and get you familiar with their duties when you immigrate to Canada has a Naturopath

  • Indeed, you will diagnose symptoms, injuries, and physiological disorders of patients
  • Also, you will treat patients by inserting acupuncture needles or other stimulation techniques such as moxibustion, electrical current, acupressure, or cupping.
  • In addition, you will access illness and give treatments by administering in herbal or chemical forms. However, your treatment can also be advice on lifestyle changes.

3. Herbalists

Thirdly, we will let you know about the main duties carried out by herbalists in Canada

  • Evidently, herbalists access patients and advise on the use of herbs for the treatment of disease conditions. Hence, you will access conditions such as asthma, arthritis, skin disorders, stomach ailments, and rheumatism. Then, prescribe medication as well.
  • Likewise, you may cultivate herbs, also manufacture and sell herbal compounds.

4. Osteopathic manual therapists

  • Create, manage and diagnose musculoskeletal and related disorders of the body structure. To do this, you will need to move, massage, and stretch the patient’s joints and muscles to correct biomechanical dysfunctions.

5. Reflexologist

The main duties of reflexology are:

  • To apply slight pressure to spots on the client to promote relaxation and better well-being and health.

Examples of jobs prospects for Naturopath

Importantly there are job categories in the Canadian NOC code 3232, So, to immigrate to Canada as a Naturopath,  you must be employed under either of the job titles below

  • acupressure therapist
  • Acupuncturist
  • Naturopath
  • auriculotherapist
  • ayurvedic practitioner
  • Iridotomies- certified
  • Reflexologist- certified
  • certified Rolfer
  • Rolfing movement teacher- certified
  • chartered herbalist
  • Chinese medicine doctor (CMD)
  • Chinese medicine practitioner
  • clinical hypnotherapist
  • doctor of acupuncture
  • Chinese medicine- Doctor
  • Naturopathic therapeutics- Doctor
  • doctor of Naturopathy
  • doctor of Oriental medicine
  • herb practitioner
  • herbal practitioner
  • Specialist- herbal
  • herbalist
  • herbologist
  • herbology practitioner
  • herborist
  • holistic practitioner
  • Homeopathist
  • Homeopathic physician
  • Homeopathic practitioner
  • Naturopathist
  • hypnotherapist
  • iridologist
  • medical Qi gong practitioner
  • naturopathy practitioner
  • Oriental medical practitioner
  • osteopath – manual therapy
  • Manual practitioner- osteopathic
  • osteopathic manual therapist
  • reflexologist
  • registered acupuncture practitioner
  • remedial herbalist
  • Herbologist- remedial
  • rolfer
  • rolfing movement teacher
  • shaman
  • shiatsu therapist
  • traditional Chinese medicine practitioner
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Requirements to work in Canada as a Naturopath

Decidedly, a practitioner that  immigrate to Canada as a Naturopath have to meet the working requirement that is stated by the Canadian government

The requirements to work in Canada as a Naturopath is as follows

  • Firstly, You must have completed 3-4 is diploma degree
  • Secondly, you must possess a language proficiency test result
  • Importantly, you must be medically fit
  • Also, you must have good interpersonal communication skills


  • Undoubtedly, massage therapists are excluded (check 3236 Massage therapists)
  • In addition, naturopathic doctors and physicians of osteopathic medicine are excluded likewise. However, you can check “3125” (Other professional occupations in health diagnosing and treating)
  • Also, Midwives are excluded (You can check 3124 Allied primary health practitioners)

Requirements to immigrate to Canada as a Naturopath

Clearly, there are general and specific requirements to immigrate to Canada as a Naturopath. And, they are listed and explained below

General requirements to immigrate to Canada as a Naturopath

#Education requirements

#Age requirements

#Language requirements

#Education requirements to immigrate to Canada as a Naturopath

To immigrate to Canada as a Naturopath, the least educational qualification is a diploma degree that is not less than 3 to 4 years

#Age requirements to immigrate to Canada as a Naturopath

Assuredly, you will not be employed if you are less than 18 years of age or more than 40 years.

#Language requirements to immigrate to Canada as a Naturopath

To communicate with your patient in Canada, you must know their primary language which is English and French. Therefore you must be vast in either one or both languages.

Specific requirements to immigrate to Canada as a Naturopath

Surely, each unit in Naturopath has specific requirements that are peculiar to it. Hence, if you will immigrate to Canada as a Naturopath, you have to get familiar with their Language.

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners

  • Usually, they require the completion of a diploma degree (3-4 years) in traditional Chinese medicine.
  • In other words, they require that you complete a program in traditional Chinese medicine in any recognized medical school
  • Finally, you have to register with a regulatory body in Alberta, Quebec, British Columbia, and Ontario.


  • Also, Naturopath requires that you complete a diploma degree program in acupuncture from an institution. Preferably, private institution.
  • On the contrary, you can complete undergraduate studies in science. However, you have to undergo training that is related to the healthcare discipline. But know that your work experience will be supervised by a registered Naturopath.
  • And yes! if you will immigrate to Canada as a Naturopath, you will have to register with a regulator body in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta.

Osteopathic manual therapists

  • Note that the Specific requirement for you to immigrate to Canada as an Osteopathic manual therapist is the completion of a 4-5-year program in osteopathy

In conclusion, other related occupations in this unit often require the completion of training programs that is specific to the supervised practical training and type of practice

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Pathways to immigrate to Canada as a Naturopath

Immigrating to Canada is systematic. For this reason, the Canadian government has created pathways for you to immigrate to Canada as a Naturopath. And they are:

#1. Express entry

Without a doubt, Express entry is one of the fastest pathways to immigrate to Canada as a Naturopath. In this case, you will have to create a profile utilizing either the Federal skilled program, Canada experience class, or Federal skilled worker program. Afterward, create your profile and give your details for review.

#2. Quebec Experience Class

In other words, if you desire to work in Quebec as a Naturopath. Then you can apply for the Quebec experience class. This is because Quebec citizens have so much preference for healing by Naturopath. Thus, you can Immigrate to Canada as a Naturopath using this pathway

#3. Provincial nominee program

Not only do Quebec citizens enjoy the health care service via Naturopath but also some other provinces in Canada. Therefore, if you love to live and work in a particular province, you can apply through Provincial Nominee programs

#4. Occupation in-demand

Because of the drastic preference that Canadian citizens have for traditional healings via Naturopath, there is an increase in demand for people to immigrate to Canada as a Naturopath.

Steps to immigrate to Canada as a Naturopath

To immigrate to Canada as a Naturopath, there are certain steps you must take. However, you must do the right thing for your dream to move to Canada to come into reality

Firstly, create an Express entry account, and apply for province nomination or Quebec Canada experience (if need be)

Secondly, enter a program that best suits your application

Afterwards, you will receive an invitation to apply if the application went successfully. However, you can start finding a job in Canada before then

Then, Submit all necessary and supporting documents

Responding to the invitation to apply on time will help you get a quick response from IRCC. Therefore, start making all necessary preparation and arrangement to immigrate to Canada as a Naturopath

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are naturopathic physicians paid in Canada?

Summarily, Naturopathic physicians are paid $80,659 annually. However, in Ontario Naturopathic physicians are paid $39 per hour.

What is the highest level of education I can have as a naturopathic physician?

in summary, the highest level of education as a naturopathic physician is a doctorate.


Although, naturopathic decisions are not regarded as medical or real doctors. But, they are certified and verified in Canada to carry out healing procedures for sick patients