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Immigrate to Canada as a Nursing Supervisor

Passion, creativity, encouragement, and determination are driving factors that enable people to build and succeed in their chosen career. These factors are well preserved and improved on at short intervals in Canada for nursing profession.

The enormous benefits and encouragement for nursing supervisors in Canada will no doubt motivate you to immigrate to Canada as a Nursing Supervisor.

However, the world class standard of living country, Canada has all her occupation categorized comprehensively for easy assessment of progression and reviews. It is very important to know that as you immigrate to Canada as a nursing supervisor your National Occupation Code (NOC) is 3011.

Immigrating to Canada as a nursing supervisor will avail you the opportunities to social amenities, a relatively stable economy and focused government, which gives you the chance to thrive in whatever endeavor you desire

The job role/duties, example of jobs under nursing supervisors, employment requirements, requirements to immigrate to Canada as a nursing supervisor, pathways to Canada and other vital information needed as an immigrating nursing supervisor to Canada will be discussed in this article.

What do supervising nurses do in Canada?

Nursing supervisors are responsible for the co-ordination and supervising the activities of registered nurses, registered psychiatric nurses, licensed practical nurses and other nursing personnel in the provision of patient care.

They are employed in health care institutions such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, and in nursing agencies.

Main Duties of Supervising Nurses in Canada

     The followings are the duties performed by supervising nurses in Canada, you will not be doing anything different while you immigrate to Canada as a supervising nurse.

  • Supervise registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and other nursing personnel
  • Evaluate patients’ needs and ensure that required nursing care is delivered
  • Set up and co-ordinate nursing services in conjunction with other health services
  • Ensure quality nursing care is provided and appropriate administrative procedures are followed
  • Assist in the establishment of unit policies and procedures
  • Administer nursing unit budget and ensure that supplies and equipment are available
  • Assist in the selection, evaluation and professional development of nursing personnel
  • Collaborate on research projects related to nursing and medical care and multidisciplinary services
  • May provide direct patient care.

Example of jobs under supervising Nurse

The following jobs listed are grouped under the National Occupation Code (NOC) 3011 where supervising nursing fall into, this will give you better options to fit in as you immigrate to Canada as a supervising nurse.

  • acute care co-ordinator – nursing
  • assistant head nurse
  • birthing room nursing supervisor
  • burn unit nursing co-ordinator
  • burn unit nursing supervisor
  • co-ordinator of nursing services
  • critical care nursing supervisor
  • delivery room nursing supervisor
  • geriatric nursing supervisor
  • head nurse
  • nurse – team leader
  • nursing care co-ordinator
  • nursing co-ordinator
  • nursing services co-ordinator
  • nursing supervisor
  • nursing unit co-ordinator
  • nursing unit supervisor
  • nursing ward supervisor
  • obstetrical nursing supervisor
  • operating room nursing supervisor
  • patient care co-ordinator – nursing
  • psychiatric nursing supervisor
  • public health nursing supervisor
  • rehabilitation nursing supervisor
  • surgical co-ordinator – nursing
  • surgical ward supervisor – nursing
  • ward supervisor – nursing

Requirements to work in Canada as a Nursing Supervisors

To immigrate to Canada as a nursing supervisor under NOC code 3011 your credentials will have to be verified and certified by Canadian Government through Canada immigration and experts.

There are possibilities for the review of the exact documents and requirements needed nevertheless, they must relate to the considered educational requirements listed under the Canadian Government NOC list. For nursing supervisors these are the following requirements:

  • Completion of a university, college or other approved registered nursing, or registered psychiatric nursing, program is required.
  • Courses in management studies or a degree, diploma or certificate in management or administration may be required.
  • Registration with a regulatory body is required for registered nurses in all provinces and territories and for registered psychiatric nurses in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon.
  • Clinical experience as a registered nurse, or as a registered psychiatric nurse, is required.

Additional information              

Progression to management positions, such as director of nursing, is possible with experience.

Exclusions under Nursing Supervisors jobs

The following job listed below is very similar to the jobs of nursing supervisors but it is not categorized under the NOC code 3011, it is impossible to immigrate to Canada as a nursing supervisor and choose it.

  • Directors of nursing and nursing unit administrators (See 0311 Managers in health care)

Requirements to Immigrate to Canada as a Nursing Supervisor

Immigrating to Canada as a Nursing Supervisor you are expected to meet all the general requirements which is applicable to all immigrants to Canada and the specific requirements which are related to your profession and year of experience.

General Requirements

The general requirements are not difficult to meet because they are things every intending immigrants should have. They include Education, Language, Employment experience, Age, Arranged employment and Adaptability.


The minimum education required while immigrating to work in Canada as a nursing supervisor is Bachelor degree in Nursing.


It is expected that you are able to speak, read and write fluently in either of the two official languages of Canada which are English and French while immigrating to Canada as Nursing Supervisor.

To proof this you will need to attach results of your proficiency test in either English or French. If you are yet write any of the tests, here are some:

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Test d’Evaluation de Français Canada (TEF)
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • Canadian Academic English Language assessment (CAEL)

Employment experience

The minimum work experience required from immigrating Nursing Supervisor is 1 year but having more will be a serious advantage.


The minimum age of immigrating nursing supervisor to Canada is 18 years.

Arranged employment

If you secure a job from an employer in Canada then you will need to attach the offer letter. Your employer must prove that nobody is in Canada and pick up your role.


Immigrating to Canada as nursing supervisor required that you are medically fit and physically fit to adapt to the weather conditions and traditions of Canada.

Specific Requirements/Certifications for Nursing Supervisors

These are related to your academic qualification, regulatory body registration and professional certification. The ones required for immigrating Nursing Supervisors are:

  • You must be registered with a regulatory body as nurse in all provinces and territories and for registered psychiatric nurses in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon.
  • Certificate in management or administration is necessary

Pathways to immigrate to Canada as a Nursing Supervisor

There are several ways people can immigrate to Canada but the easiest ways an intending nursing supervisor can immigrate to Canada successfully are:

  • Express Entry pathway
  • Job Offer
  • Provincial Nomination

Express Entry program

    This is the most preferred pathway program many immigrants wish for but it is very competitive as it required that you have a rich express entry profile which is a major booster to the comprehensive ranking system (CRS) scores.

The express entry has three programs which are:

As an immigrating nursing supervisor it is advisable to opt for federal skilled workers program since you are going there to work and as a professional

 Job Offer program

This option is also available to immigrate to Canada as a nursing supervisor, you can also use this pathway program because to a greater extent nursing profession are in demand occupations in Canada.

Provincial Nomination program

Immigrating to Canada as a nursing supervisor through provincial nomination program will require you to work closely with emigrate Canada ICRCC consultant to enable you secure a job in your desired province, this will fast track your processes.

If you succeed immigrating to Canada through provincial nomination program you will work at least two years in the province before you can move to another province.

Immigrate to Canada as a Personal Service Worker

Steps to immigrate to Canada as a Nursing Supervisor

You will find immigrating to Canada as a nursing supervisor if you follow these steps diligently.

Step 1 Entry profile       

You will need to visit IRCC official website to create a free express entry profile for the panel to use in accessing your details and possible background checks. While creating your express entry profile take into consideration the general requirements, specific requirements and your partner’s skill and other professional certification.

They are key factors to boost your comprehensive ranking system (CRS) score to minimum of 67 for express entry program option.

Step 2 Select a program

In this step you will be required to select your preferred pathway to Canada as a nursing supervisor, if you will be applying under a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), you need to demonstrate your nomination interest to a Canadian province or territory.

Step 3 Invitation to Apply

This is a feedback step which requires patience because after the panel has asses you profile and you are eligible you receive an invitation to apply notification, you are expected to comply within 60 days.

Step 4 Submission of documents

In this step you will be required to submit all the needed or supportive documents to proof all information filled are correct.

Step 5 Visa/ work permit application

This step involves you applying for Canadian visa or work permit. Ensure to submit your best application since your express entry profile is only valid for one year. Therefore, make sure to meet all the necessary requirements. The moment your visa is ready you move to Canada to practice as a nursing supervisor.

Frequently Asked Questions             

What is the average salary of a nursing supervisor in Canada?

 A nursing supervisor with less than one year experience earn  close to  $73500 while  a Nursing supervisor with level experience can expect to earn up to $99600 disposable income after tax, more experience nursing officer earn much higher.

Which province pays the highest salary for nursing supervisor?

Saskatoon pays 30% higher than other cities and provinces in Canada.


The jobs of nursing supervisor are in higher demand in all provinces in Canada, hurry up to apply and enjoy all the benefits the most safest country has to offer.

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