Immigrate to Canada as a Performer or Magician

Definitely, if you plan to immigrate to Canada as a performer, you will find this piece quite valuable!

Truthfully, in Canada, magic is one way to connect and interact with people. Using various illusion performances.

The increase in the numbers of people interested in watching performers and magicians entertain them has resulted in the need for artists to immigrate to Canada as a performer.

Therefore in this article, you will know more about who a performer is.

Also, your main duty as a performer in Canada, as well as what is required of you to immigrate to Canada as a performer

Who is a Performer?

Firstly, a performer or magician is someone who entertains an audience by performing illusions, effects, or magic tricks.

However, in this group, there are other performers such as magicians, circus performers, puppeteers, pictures models, etc

Oftentimes, you can gain employment in social groups such as nightclubs, circuses, and theatres. Not only will you be gainfully employed by social groups but also in production and advertising companies. However, you can also desire to be self-employed.

Importantly, performers’ occupations are recognized by Canada. Hence, attached is a Canadian NOC code. So, the Canadian NOC code attached to performers or magicians is 5232. Therefore you can immigrate to Canada as a performer.

Main duties of a performer or magician

Assuredly, performers or magicians that immigrate to Canada as a performer have duties to carry out. However, these duties are segmented into units. Therefore, check for the main duties of some of the job prospects you will be exposed to in Canada.

  • Firstly, you will be required to entertain passers-by on the park, and sidewalks with a juggling act, magic tricks, music, dramatic work, short drama, and other entertaining displays.
  • Also, circus performers such as high wire walkers, trapeze artists, jugglers, and clowns will perform entertaining acts.
  • In addition, you will be perform illusion and magic
  • Likewise, you will Perform disappearing acts, sleight-of-hand tricks, and other illusions.
  • However, you can be a fashion model
  • Lastly, you can also display merchandise and clothing in fashion shows and commercial advertisements. Where you will pose for photographers and artists as well.

Examples of job prospects for a performer or magician

The following are the jobs available in Canada when you immigrate to Canada as a performer

  • Acrobat
  • Aerial acrobat – entertainment
  • Art and photography model
  • Busker
  • Circus artist
  • Circus performer
  • Clown
  • Contortionist
  • Deejay (DJ) – turntablist
  • Entertainer
  • Equilibrist
  • Erotic dancer
  • Exotic dancer
  • Face painter
  • Fashion model
  • High-wire walker
  • Hypnotist
  • Illusionist
  • Impersonator
  • Juggler
  • Look-alike
  • Magician
  • Marionette handler
  • Mascot
  • Mimic
  • Model
  • Nude dancer
  • Prestidigitator
  • Puppeteer
  • Rodeo driver
  • Rodeo horse rider
  • Santa Claus/Mrs. Claus
  • Show horse rider
  • Slack-rope performer – entertainment
  • Sleight-of-hand artist
  • Street entertainer

Requirements to work in Canada as a performer or magician

Importantly, you have to know about the different requirements for you to immigrate to Canada as a performer. Foreigners from all over the world have been welcomed into Canada to make a living and establish their careers.

Luckily, you might also be the next fortunate one. However, you have to know about their working criteria which are listed below:

  • First and foremost, you must possess a Certificate of study at a Circus School- for circus performers
  • Ability and talent to communicate with people. Definitely, you need good communication skills.
  • Language proficiency test results


  • Surely deejay (DJ) – turntablist is included.


  • However, the NOC code excludes comedians and actors (check to see 5135 Actors and comedians)
  • Also, the NOC code excludes dancers (check to see 5134 Dancers)
  • Lastly, the NOC code excludes singers are musicians (check to see 5133 Musicians and singers)

Requirements to immigrate to Canada as a performer or magician

So, let’s assume that you are capable of doing any or all of the prescribed jobs above. Then, you should know about the requirements to immigrate to Canada as a performer

Basically, these requirements are in two groups or categories, I.e  the general and specific requirements

General requirements to immigrate to Canada as a performer or magician

As it has been stated earlier,you have to meet  some general requirements before you will immigrate to Canada as a performer. Check through it and ensure that you meet all requirements

  • Language requirements
  • Age requirement
  • Adaptability
  • Work experience

Language requirements

Basically, you must be able to communicate in either French or English because English and French are the official languages in Canada

Age requirement

While calculating CRS points for age range, the age range that scores highest is between 20 to 29. Meaning, you have a higher chance to immigrate to Canada as a performer within that age range.  However, you will score 0 if you are below 18 and above 45 years of age.


Without a doubt, the ability to survive is important in any organization. That is why you must be mentally, physically, and emotionally fit to immigrate to Canada as a performer.

Thus, you need to tender a medical fitness certificate to show that you can adapt to working in Canada.

Work experience

Also, the minimum work experience required to immigrate to immigrate to Canada as a performer is one year of employment as a performer or magician.

Specific requirements to immigrate to Canada as a performer or magician

In general, you need adequate training and perfection to succeed as a performer in Canada. What this means is that you must have a quality time of practice and perfection.

The following are the specific requirements you need to meet to immigrate to Canada as a performer

  • Firstly, Acrobat and Circus performance may require study at a Circus school
  • Secondly, if you are a model you are required to complete modeling courses
  • Also, any training in this occupation must be obtained by a certified practitioner
  • You have to demonstrate maximum ability and talent.
  • Lastly, membership in a union or guild that is related to your type of performance is required.
Immigrate to Canada as a Painter or Decorator

Pathways to immigrate to Canada as a performer

Interestingly, now that you know the requirements you need to immigrate to Canada as a performer, you might be pondering on the next thing to do is. And the question pops up within you, “what are the pathways to immigrate to Canada as a performer”? Not to worry we got you covered.

Not only would we highlight and explain the different pathways with which you can immigrate to Canada as a performer but also explain the different steps involved. So, stay close!

Here are the different pathways to immigrate to Canada as a performer

Express Entry

Without a doubt, it might interest you to know that Express entry is one of the fastest and commonest pathways to immigrate to Canada as a performer.

Assuredly, after your registration, you will need to wait for an invitation to apply. Consequently, the CIC will make a selection of top candidates and send an invitation to apply based on your CRS point.

Note that, you have a 1,200 comprehensive ranking score to deal with. Therefore try as much as possible to be one of the best candidates.

Provincial nominee program

On an alternative, you can decide to choose the Provincial nominee program as your pathway to immigrate to Canada as a performer.

However, when you choose this pathway it means that you are ready to live and work in that province of your choice.

Here is the list of provincial nominee programs you can choose from

Occupation in-demand

Also, another pathway to immigrate to Canada as a performer or magician is through occupation in-demand

If you are offered a job in any of the Canadian province,you can tender your employment proof .

Steps to immigrate to Canada as a performer

Here is a stepwise guide to help you in your application process

Step 1: Open an Express entry profile

Firstly, you must create an account with Express entry to immigrate to Canada as a performer or magician. However, opening an account is just the tip of the iceberg, it only depicted that your immigration journey is just about to start

Step 2: Decide on a program to apply

Secondly, you should have a clear view of the program you will apply to while creating your Express Entry profile. You can choose from the following programs

  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal skilled trade program
  • A federal skilled worker program
  • Provincial Nominee programs

Step 3: Get a job from an employer in Canada

Furthermore, you must find a job from any social groups such as night clubs circuses, and other establishments in need of your service. However, your employer must approve that no Canadian citizen is capable of filling that vacancy.

Step 4: Invitation to apply

An invitation to apply will be sent to you if your application is successful. Importantly, ensure that your document is ready by this time

Step 5: Submit all documents

It is noteworthy that you have approximately 60 days to respond to your invite. Moreover, you will have to pay a ransom of $150 application fee.

Step 6: Obtain a work permit

Lastly, you will obtain your work permit at the Canadian ports

Frequently asked question

How much does a performer or magician earn in Canada?

When do you immigrate to Canada as a performer, you will earn an average salary of $69,927


Life in Canada as a performer is interesting and lucrative. Canada appreciates performers and magicians. Thus, you will enjoy what you do

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