Immigrate to Canada as a Pharmacist – Full Guide

You can fulfil your dreams by immigrating to Canada as a Pharmacist.

You are definitely in luck if you have chosen to immigrate to Canada as a pharmacist, pharmacist play a very important role in the healthcare sector in Canada, and by so, are very much highly needed across the various provinces of Canada.

Thus, if you qualify as a certified pharmacist you have the opportunity of immigrating to Canada to become part of a world class healthcare sector where you can utilize your skills to meet the medical and health needs of millions of people and in addition fulfil your career dreams.

Who is a Pharmacist?

A pharmacist also referred to as a chemist in Commonwealth English countries or a druggist in North American and archaically Commonwealth English is a health professional that specializes in the preparation, properties, effects and use of medicines.

The pharmacist offers pharmaceutical care to patients, in addition to basic primary health care services.

While deploying knowledge of the mechanism of action of drugs, the pharmacist understands how they ought to be used to achieve maximum benefit, minimal side effects and to avoid drug interactions.

Responsibilities and Duties undertaken to Immigrate to Canada as a Pharmacist

The Pharmacist occupation in Canada are separated into two different segments based on the role and job types. Therefore, pharmacists perform some or all of the under listed duties:

Community Pharmacists and Hospital Pharmacists

  • They check drug prescriptions for proper dosage.
  • Compound prescribed pharmaceutical products by calculating, measuring and mixing the quantities of drugs and other ingredients required and filling appropriate containers with correct quantity.
  • Administer prescribed pharmaceuticals to customers as well as to other health care professionals while advising them on indications, contra-indications, adverse effects, drug interactions and dosage.
  • Keep medication profiles of customers and likewise registry of poisons and narcotic and controlled drugs.
  • Make sure there is proper preparation, packaging, distribution and storage of vaccines, serums, biologicals and other drugs and pharmaceuticals
  • Order and maintain stock of pharmaceutical supplies
  • Offer advise to customers on choosing and the use of non-prescription medication
  • Renew recent prescriptions in limited circumstances
  • Adapts the formulation, regimen, duration or mood of administration of medication
  • Can supervise and co-ordinate other pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, pharmacy technicians and other staff.

Industrial Pharmacists

  • Part of the research for development of new drugs
  • Develop new drug products created by medical researchers
  • Try new drug products for stability and to determine absorption and elimination patterns.
  • Co-ordinate clinical investigations of new drugs
  • Control the quality of drug products during production to ensure that they meet standards of potency, purity, uniformity, stability and safety
  • Develop information materials concerning the uses, properties and risks of particular drugs
  • Industrial pharmacists evaluate labelling, packaging and advertising of drug products
  • They help to promote pharmaceutical products to health professionals.

Whilst the above is meant as a general guide it is important that you get more specific information regarding the duties of this occupation, some of which you can avail yourself of from NOC and be sure to list out your skills and qualifications in detail.

Job Descriptions of a Pharmacist

Both community and hospital pharmacists compound and administer prescribed pharmaceuticals and likewise provide consultative services to clients and health care providers.

In addition, pharmacists are employed in retail pharmacies as well as health center pharmacies, otherwise, may be self-employed. Similarly, industrial pharmacists participate in the research, development, promotion and manufacture of pharmaceutical products. They find employment in pharmaceutical companies and government departments and agencies.

Examples of Pharmacist Roles and Titles in Canada

If you are qualified pharmacists from any part of the world you are eligible to enter for the Express Entry program for Canada residency so long as you have the right skills, competence, experience and qualifications from your home country.

Additionally, pharmacists, who want to immigrate to Canada to work in this NOC category 3131, can be employed under the following job titles:

  • Clinical pharmacist
  • Community pharmacist
  • Dispensary department supervisor – hospital
  • Drug information pharmacist
  • Druggist
  • Health care institution pharmacist
  • Hospital druggist
  • Hospital pharmacist
  • Industrial pharmacist
  • Intern pharmacist
  • Pharmacist
  • Pharmacist consultant
  • Registered pharmacist
  • Retail pharmacist


  • Chemists
  • Chiefs of pharmacy and pharmacy directors
  • Pharmaceutical sales representatives
  • Pharmacologists
  • Pharmacy aides
  • Drugstore and pharmacy managers
  • Pharmacy technicians

Minimum Qualifications and Employment Requirements to Immigrate to Canada as a Pharmacist

  • You must hold a university degree in pharmacy with a period of supervised practical training.
  • Licensure is mandatory in every provinces and territories for both community and hospital pharmacists.

General Requirements to Immigrate to Canada as a Pharmacist

To immigrate to Canada as a pharmacist you generally would begin by going through the procedure of gathering your Canada immigration points for the Express Entry pool through the Canadian Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Therefore, the following under listed immigration requirements are required for you to obtain important CRS Points:

  • Your age at the time of application
  • Educational Qualifications
  • English language proficiency
  • French language proficiency
  • Partner’s skills/qualification
  • Work experience

Specific Employment Criteria to Immigrate to Canada as a Pharmacist

  • To be licensed is mandatory in every province and territory in Canada for both community and hospital pharmacists.

Pathways to Immigrate to Canada as a Pharmacist

Any job in the Canadian NOC list is considered as ‘in demand’ thus, the pharmacist job with the code 3131 on the list is very much in demand across Canada and has been so for many years providing lots of opportunities to both nationals and immigrants.

Consequently, as a qualified new and highly skilled immigrant worker in Canada, you have the chance to choose to work full time from your very first day, either as a direct employee, a contractor staff or self-employed.

Moreover, pharmacist jobs in Canada pay quite better than in other countries; likewise, Canadian employment law encourages the work-life balance.

Therefore, as an immigrant who wants to move to Canada, this you can do in several ways. Nevertheless, getting a job is a crucial criterion that increases your chances in the Express Entry process by giving you more points; nevertheless, as a pharmacist who wants to work in the health sector, there are other valuable options that are available to you to help you secure a Canada immigration Visa.

Consequently, pharmacists in the health sector do qualify to apply for Canada immigration under several Canada immigration programs, a consequence of the demand across Canada. Furthermore, is the very fact that the pharmacist occupation in the health sector is listed in the target NOC list.

Thus, the following are pathways and options by which you can immigrate to Canada as a pharmacist:

What Benefits do I and My Family Stand to Gain if I immigrate to Canada as a Pharmacist?

Firstly, by becoming a permanent resident in Canada you stand the chance of benefiting enormously from varied socio programs of the government in addition to the following:

  • Relish the goodness of living and working in Canada
  • Opportunity to enter and exit Canada without restriction
  • Education in prestigious Canadian institutions
  • Good quality Healthcare
  • Access to social benefits
  • Become citizen and hold a dual Nationality after four years
  • Enjoy world class security and protection under the Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Procedures to Immigrate to Canada as a Pharmacist

To begin with, increase your chances by getting the necessary CRS points through these criteria (your age, qualification, work experience, etc. as listed above), to add to your overall Immigration Points score which must be equal to or exceed a total sum of 67.

  • Firstly, you should undertake a free online visa assessment to check your eligibility to meet the requirements for a Canadian immigration and whether you meet the necessary criteria that should award you the necessary points to immigrate to Canada as a pharmacist in both the Express Entry and immigration stand point.
  • Secondly, after receiving an Invitation to apply (ITA) from Canadian Immigration, note that you have only 60 days to formally send your application.
  • Thirdly, make sure to verify and assess your qualifications through the standard testing, education equivalence certificates assessment and skilled worker assessments.
  • Fourthly, upon invitation to apply for Canadian Visa, submit your best application by meeting all the necessary requirements, since your express entry profile is only valid for one year.
  • Lastly, ensure you have all your qualifications and certificates assessed by the relevant and approved ECA as required by the Canadian immigration.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I Immigrate to Canada as a Pharmacist without a Job Offer?

The answer is yes, as long as you have obtained the necessary minimum total CRS score on your Express Entry account for application equivalent to the 67 immigration point benchmark for your Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa.

However, landing a job offer surely will award you with added CRS score of 200 points which will boost your chances of being selected; therefore, it is necessary that you start your job searching process as soon as possible.


In Canada, pharmacist are highly in demand, therefore, you have a golden opportunity to become a Canadian Permanent Resident with or without a job offer. As a pharmacist with the relevant competence to work in Canada, you therefore qualify to immigrate to Canada.