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Immigrate to Canada as a Railway Track Maintenance Worker

Foreigners can immigrate to Canada to become railway track maintenance workers. The National Occupational Classification specifies the job position is suitable for foreigners, and on-the-job training is provided.

The good thing about being a railway track maintenance worker in Canada is that the job position is not competitive.

Usually, thousands of foreigners apply to get jobs or immigrate to Canada every year. However, jobs related to railway track maintenance have fewer persons applying, making your chances of finding a job easier.

On this page, we have provided everything you need to know about railway track maintenance in Canada. These include the NOC classification, the related job titles, and exclusions for the NOC Code. Importantly, we have provided information on how to immigrate to Canada as a railway track maintenance worker.

You will discover the requirements you need to meet and the various immigration pathways you can apply to.

Who are Railway Track Maintenance Workers in Canada?

According to NOC, railway yard workers regulate yard traffic, couple and uncouple trains, and perform related yarn activities. Railway track maintenance workers operate machines and equipment to lay, maintain, and repair railway tracks. Generally, they are employed by railway transport companies.

The NOC code for railway track maintenance workers in Canada is 7531. The breakdown below further clarifies how the job is classified in Canada:

  • Category 7: Trades, transport, and equipment operators and related occupations
  • Major Group 75: Transport and heavy equipment operation and related maintenance occupations
  • Sub-group 753: Other transport equipment operators and related maintenance workers
  • Specific Job Group 7531: Railway yard and track maintenance workers

Work Title Job Description/Duties of Railway track maintenance workers in Canada under NOC Code 7531

Railway track maintenance workers in Canada perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Firstly, they operate control panel switches from railway yard tower to set traffic signals and to activate train switches that regulate railway traffic in railway yards.
  • They also operate car retarders, turntables and track switches to align locomotives and cars as required for coupling, uncoupling or servicing.
  • They operate machines and equipment to lay, maintain and repair railway tracks, align tracks, transfer, spread, level and tamp ballast around ties and rails and clear snow from tracks.
  • Also, they switch cars according to instructions which indicate the location, disposition and number of cars.
  • Lubricate moving parts of railway cars and locomotives
  • Additionally, they clean and make minor repairs to machines and equipment
  • They patrol assigned track sections to identify and report damaged or broken track
  • Lastly, they perform other track maintenance duties as directed.

Examples of Jobs Under Railway Track Maintenance (NOC Code 7531)

Railway track maintenance in Canada covers all of the following jobs:

  • aligner-tamper operator – railway
  • anchor-applicator operator – railway
  • automatic anchor-applicator operator – railway
  • ballast regulator operator – railway
  • ballast-equalizer operator – railway
  • ballast-leveller operator – railway
  • car controller – railway
  • car retarder operator – railway yard
  • control tower operator – railway
  • coupler – railway yard
  • fitter tracks – railway
  • freight car distributor – railway yard
  • gandy dancer – railway
  • interlocking cabin switcher – railway yard
  • interlocking signal box switcher – railway yard
  • journal box greaser – railway yard
  • lag bolter operator – railway
  • locomotive attendant – railway yard
  • locomotive distributor – railway yard
  • locomotive engine servicer
  • locomotive maintenance attendant
  • locomotive servicer
  • machine operator – railway
  • maintenance of way employee – railway
  • maintenance of way inspector – railway
  • mechanical tamper operator – railway
  • motor vehicle operator – pole yard
  • rail grinder – railway
  • rail sander
  • rail saw operator
  • rail saw operator – railway
  • rail-aligner operator – railway
  • rail-grinder operator – railway
  • rail-lifter operator – railway
  • railway car controller – railway yard
  • railway car distributor
  • railway car greaser
  • railway car lubricating specialist
  • railway car lubricator
  • railway car oiler
  • railway equipment operator
  • railway line inspector
  • railway maintenance equipment operator
  • railway signalman/woman
  • railway tank car servicer
  • railway tie inspector
  • railway track inspector
  • railway track maintenance equipment operator
  • railway track maintenance worker
  • railway track patroller
  • railway track repairer
  • railway track tamper operator
  • railway trackman/woman
  • railway train engine maintenance worker
  • railway-tie-injector operator
  • retarder operator – railway yard
  • section worker – railway
  • signal tower operator – railway
  • signalman/woman – railway transport
  • snowblower operator – railway
  • spike machine operator – railway
  • spike puller machine operator – railway
  • spike-driver operator – railway
  • spiker operator – railway
  • spiking machine operator – railway
  • switch tender – railway yard
  • switcher – railway yard
  • switching station switcher – railway yard
  • switchman/woman – railway
  • tamper operator – railway
  • tamper-aligner operator – railway
  • tamping machine operator – railway
  • tank car controller – railway yard
  • tie axe unit operator – railway
  • tie crane operator – railway
  • tie plate jack operator – railway
  • tie saw operator – railway
  • tie shear operator – railway
  • tie tamper operator – railway
  • tie-bed-scarifier operator – railway
  • tie-cutter operator – railway
  • tie-cutting machine operator – railway
  • tie-end-remover operator – railway
  • tie-injector operator – railway
  • tie-placer operator – railway
  • tie-plate-placer operator – railway
  • tower operator – railway transport
  • towerman/woman – railway transport
  • track broom machine operator – railway
  • track dresser – railway
  • track fitter – railway
  • track layer – railway
  • track maintenance worker – railway
  • track repairman/woman – railway
  • track tamper – railway
  • track-liner operator – railway
  • track-maintenance-machine operator – railway
  • trackman/woman – railway yard
  • trackmobile operator – railway
  • track-surfacing machine operator – railway
  • trackwalker – railway
  • trainman/woman – railway yard
  • transfer table operator – railway yard
  • turntable operator – railway yard
  • yard coupler – railway
  • yard switchman/woman – railway transport
  • yard trainman/woman
  • yard worker – railway
  • yardman/woman – railway


  • motor vehicle operator – pole yard

Exclusions for Railway Track Maintenance Jobs in Canada

Although the following jobs are related to railway track maintenance, they do not have the same NOC code and are therefore not classified together.

  • Contractors and supervisors, heavy equipment operator crews (7302)
  • Railway and motor transport labourers (7622)
  • Railway conductors and brakemen/women (7362)
  • Supervisors of railway yard workers (7304)

Requirements to Immigrate to Canada as a Railway Track Maintenance Worker

There are certain immigration requirements you must meet before becoming a railway track maintenance worker in Canada. Aside from the general immigration requirements, some criteria are to be met that are special to only foreigners working in this category.

Follow the breakdown below to understand both the general and specific requirements.

General Requirements to Immigrate to Canada as a Railway Track Maintenance Worker

  • Education: Becoming a railway track maintenance worker requires some level of secondary school education.
  • Employment Experience: Although on-the-job training will be provided, experience as a railway labourer is also required.
  • Language: You will prove proficiency in English or French by taking a language test. You have several options of language tests to choose from for either language. Generally, the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) determines how each language test is graded to meet Canadian communication standards.

Specific Requirements to Immigrate to Canada as a Railway Track Maintenance Worker

Due to the intricacies and high level of expertise needed to work as railway track maintenance workers, immigrants need to also meet the following special requirements:

  • Previous experience as a railway labourer
  • Railway yard workers must obtain a Canadian Rail Operating Rules Certificate

Note that progression to a position such as brakeman is possible with experience.

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Pathways to Immigrate to Canada as a Railway Track Maintenance Worker

  • Express Entry System
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program
  • Family Class Sponsorship
  • LMIA Work Visa
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers
  • Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

How to Immigrate to Canada as a Railway Track Maintenance Worker through the Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is one of the most popular ways to immigrate to Canada and become a permanent resident. PNP allows provinces and territories in Canada to select immigrants based on their qualities to become permanent working residents in that province or territory.

There are two ways to immigrate to Canada through PNP. You either apply to a provinces’ nominee program directly or show interest when filling your Express Entry profile and then wait to be selected from the express entry pool. Either way, you must first create an Express Entry profile.

Here is a step by guide to immigrating to Canada as a railway track maintenance using Express Entry:

Step 1: Submit an Express Entry Profile

All applicants for the Provincial Nominee Program must first create an Express Entry profile. When filling the profile, you can indicate interest in the provinces or territories you’d like to immigrate to by selecting them.

If you already have a nomination before filling your profile, you must indicate this in your profile. If the nomination comes later, you can return to your profile and include the detail. This can be done in the Application Details section under “Nomination and Selection”.

Step 2: Get a Nomination or have it Confirmed if you have one already

You may get a nomination from any of the provinces you included in your profile. If you have one nomination already, contact the province or territory so they can confirm you.

Step 3: Accept the Nomination

Once a province confirms your nomination, you will get a message in your account asking you to accept or reject the nomination. Of course, you will click on accept! After this, the system checks if you meet the requirement for PNP and awards you 600 extra CRS points if you do.

The next thing is to wait for the Express Entry draw when you will be selected for immigration based on your overall CRS points.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Can I Earn as a Railway Track Maintenance Worker in Canada?

The average railway track maintenance worker earns $45,845 per year in Canada. Experienced workers may earn up to $58,547, while entry-level workers earn about $32,213 annually.


Immigrating to Canada as a railway track maintenance worker is a great decision to make. If you have relevant work experience especially, you have the edge over other applicants. We believe you will harness all the information provided on this page as you begin the process. Good luck!

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