Immigrate to Canada as a Senior Manager in Construction Utility

What will you do if you get the opportunity to immigrate to Canada as a senior manager in construction utility? That sounds fantastic, does it not?

All the same, if you have all it takes to immigrate to Canada as a senior manager in construction utility, we have got you covered.

You know what, Canada is one of the best countries you can immigrate to and enjoy the best services in diverse areas of life. Health, education, you name, Canada has got you covered.

Do you care to know more? Follow us in this article as we unveil everything you need to know about immigrating to Canada as a senior manager in construction utility.

And that includes job definition, title and description, together with the best pathways and steps to enable you to work in Canada. Are you ready?

Who is a Senior Manager in Construction Utility?

Under the NOC code 0016, a senior manager in construction utility is burdened with the duty of organizing, directing, controlling and evaluating the general processes of goods production, utility, conveyance and construction companies.

In addition, they put into words, policies that map out the direction to be taken by these companies, either alone or in together with other members of a board of directors. As the case may be, the middle managers help them to carry out all these functions.

In addition, senior managers in construction utility work in organizations under the following sectors: fishing, forestry, logging and agriculture; mining, oil and gas extraction; construction; transportation and warehousing; printing; manufacturing; as well as utilities.

What are the Job Descriptions of a Senior Manager in Construction Utility?

For you to effectively carry out your duty as a senior manager construction utility, you should be able to understand all that the job entails. As a matter of fact, you will perform some or all of the following roles:

  • Create the objectives of the organization
  • Articulate or accept guidelines and plans of the organization
  • Approve and establish the major units and associated senior staff positions
  • Assign material, human and financial resources to implement company policies and programs
  • Inaugurate financial and administrative controls
  • Articulate and approve advertorials
  • Approve the general planning of the workforce
  • Choose middle managers, directors or other executive staff
  • Organize the duties of regions, divisions or units
  • Represent the company, or choose delegates to represent the organization, in areas of conferences or other official duties.

What are the Examples of Job Titles to Immigrate to Canada as a Senior Manager in Construction Utility?

Having known the job descriptions to enable you to work effectively in Canada as a senior manager in construction utility, it is eminent for you to know the different job titles and roles you can possibly assume.

It also prepares you ahead of your immigration to Canada so that you can focus on other relevant things. Therefore, the following are the categories of jobs you can do in Canada:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – manufacturing company
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – urban transit system
  • Corporate Controller, logging company
  • Executive Vice-President – railway
  • Vice-President, finance – mining company
  • General Manager, trucking company
  • Vice-President, sales – pulp and paper manufacturing
  • President, residential construction company
  • Publishing house General Manager
  • Vice-President, operations – electric power company production company
  • Vice-President, marketing – airline

What are the Employment Requirements to immigrate to Canada as a Senior Manager in Construction Utility?

The employment requirements include:

  • A college diploma university degree in engineering, business administration, commerce or other discipline related to the company’s product.
  • So many years of work experience as a middle manager in construction.
  • Specialty in a certain practice area or product. You can achieve this through specific university or college training in that area or through previous work experience.
  • Senior managers in finance. This normally requires an expert accounting description.

In addition to the above, there is mobility among senior management occupations.

Exclusions for the Senior Manager in Construction Utility

The following related groups of managers are excluded from the category of senior managers in construction utility.

  • 071 Managers in construction and facility operation and maintenance
  • 091 Managers in manufacturing and utilities
  • 0811 Managers in natural resources production and fishing
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Employment Requirements Necessary to Immigrate to Canada as a Senior Manager in Construction Utility

At this juncture, you have known the various duties and job titles of senior managers in construction utility. Now, we can move over to what it takes to enable you effectively immigrate to Canada.

That being said, you need to fulfil certain criteria for you to achieve your aim. These criteria can be categorically divided into two. As such, they are the general and specific categories.

Thus, the specific requirements have been provided under the employment requirements above. However, we will state the general requirements below:

General requirements

Generally, the requirements to immigrate to Canada as a senior manager in construction utility are:


Once you plan to work in Canada, you must provide proof of your language proficiency. The essence is for you to prove that you can listen to, write, read and speak either or both of the Canadian official languages, that is, English or French.

As a result, you are bound to take any of the language proficiency tests including IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, CAEL, TCF, TEF and others.


In addition, to immigrate to Canada, as a senior manager in construction and utility, you must be between 18 and 35 years.


Basically, you must meet the educational requirement to immigrate to Canada. This is usually at least a secondary education. However, for such a sensitive position as yours, you must have a university education or college diploma.

Then, having a master’s degree or PhD will give you leverage to immigrate. You will also need a report from Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) to validate your educational qualification.

Work experience 

You must have previous work experience to qualify to immigrate to Canada as a senior manager in construction utility. You will need to have worked for at least one-year full-time job to qualify for this criterion.


This is another important criterion that you need to immigrate to Canada as a senior manager in construction utility.

What’s more, you must provide a medical report that shows your ability to adapt to the Canadian weather.

Pathways to Immigrate to Canada as a Senior Manager in Construction Utility

While providing massive jobs for foreigners, the Canadian government also provided pathways to make immigration possible.

Besides, through these pathways, you can qualify to live and work in the country. There are many of these pathways available but to save you the cost of searching through them, we decided to bring out the best among them. They include:

Express Entry

The Express Entry program is a pathway made available by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Moreover, it is provided for potential immigrants to apply for permanent residency. The Express Entry programme is classified into three and they are:

  • Canada experience class
  • Federal skilled worker
  • Federal skilled trades program

For your class of job, you can immigrate through the federal skilled program as it provides a comprehensive approach to immigrating to Canada for skilled workers.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

This pathway is for immigrants who wish to live and work in a particular province. Equally important, all provinces have their own PNP, with differing requirements.

Without a doubt, qualifying for any of the provincial nominations will enable you to live and work in that province for two years. Then, you can decide to live and work elsewhere in Canada.

Job Offer

While you are considering immigrating to Canada as a senior manager in construction utility, it is equally important to secure a job beforehand.

As long as you can prove that you can work in the right organization with a job offer from a Canadian employer, then, you can easily emigrate to Canada.

Quebec Experience Class

This is specifically for those who wish to live in just Quebec. However, because Quebec is a French-speaking province, you must provide your proficiency in the French language.

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Steps to Immigrate to Canada as a Senior Manager in Construction Utility

For you to immigrate to Canada as a senior manager in construction utility, you will need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Open and Express Entry account

You will create this account when you visit the IRCC web page. You will receive all the required information as well. Here, you will need to put all the requirements mentioned above to use.

Step 2: Choose a Program

You can choose any of the pathways mentioned above. Not to forget, the best option for you is the federal skilled worker program. However, you can be fortunate with the provincial nomination.

Step 3: Find a job offer

If you have a valid job offer, you can easily immigrate to Canada as a senior manager in construction and utility.

With a job offer before your immigration, you are assuring the Canadian government that you will not be a burden to the country.

Step 4: receive an ITA (invitation to apply)

This happens once you have created your account and filled the necessary form. You can only receive an ITA if your CRS score is high. Once this is done, you can apply for your permanent residency.

Step 5: Submit your application with supporting documents

Upon receiving an ITA, you must reply as soon as possible. Your response must take place within the next 60 days and failure to do so may result in your forfeiting your slot. Besides, an application fee of CAD 150 will be required of you.

Step 6: get your work permit

A work permit is your gateway to work in Canada. So, you need it as quickly as possible. This will be made available to you at the port of entry to Canada.


The need for senior managers in construction utility keeps rising every day. You can utilize the opportunity to relocate to Canada, more especially, due to the promise of good life over there.

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