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Immigrate to Canada as a Service Station Attendant

If you wish to immigrate to Canada as a service station attendant and eventually become a permanent resident then you are in luck.

Furthermore, one of the best ways to move to Canada is by applying for jobs that are highly in-demand in Canada, and service station attendant is surely one of those occupations.

However, the jobs are readily available both at the provinces and at National basis for prospective employees who wish to immigrate to Canada as a service station attendant.

What is important while immigrating to Canada as a service station attendant are the steps to migrate to Canada, the job roles or descriptions, pathways to Canada, Salaries, etc.

This article will provide answer to your questions and enlighten you on the important things you need to know about moving to Canada as a service station attendant.

What does a service station attendant do?

Generally, service station attendants employed in automotive service stations sell fuel and other automotive products and perform such services as fueling, cleaning, lubricating and performing minor repairs to motor vehicles.

Indeed, those employed in marinas sell fuel, rent boats and related equipment, and maintain marina facilities.

Duties and responsibilities of service station attendant

Service station attendants function in a variety of organizations. Specific duties and responsibilities may vary, but there are several core tasks associated with the job, including:

Automotive service station attendants

  • Refuel vehicles
  • Perform minor service and maintenance such as washing the windshield, checking fluid levels and air pressure, and replacing parts such as tires, light bulbs and windshield-wiper blades
  • Receive payment from customers
  • Perform minor property maintenance duties such as sweeping service station lot, trimming shrubs, scrubbing service bays and painting curbs
  • May pick up and deliver customers’ cars for service station automotive repair department.

Marina service station attendants

  • Refuel boats.
  • Pump boat’s marine septic system.
  • Rent boats, life jackets and other equipment and record rental data.
  • Receive payment from customers.
  • Maintain dock area and marina facilities and assist in seasonal moving of ramps and docks.

Examples of jobs under NOC 6621

The following jobs are under NOC code 6621. Hence, you can immigrate to Canada as a service station attendant worker getting jobs under these work titles.

  • Apprentice service station attendant
  • Bus refueler
  • Filling station attendant
  • Gas bar attendant (except self-service)
  • Marina attendant
  • Gas jockey
  • Marina worker
  • Propane gas attendant
  • Gas station attendant (except self-serve)
  • Propane gas attendant
  • Pump operator – service station
  • Propane refueler
  • Service attendant – gas station
  • Propane tank attendant
  • Pump attendant – service station
  • Service station attendant
  • Pump operator – service station
  • Service station attendant apprentice

Exclusions under service station attendant

Below are exclusions for service station attendant jobs under NOC code 6621.

  • Auto technicians (See 7321 Automotive service technicians, truck and bus mechanics and mechanical repairers)
  • Self-serve gas bar cashiers (See 6611 Cashiers)
  • Service station managers (See 0621 Retail and wholesale trade managers)
  • Service station supervisors (See 6211 Retail sales supervisors)

Requirements to immigrate to Canada as a service station attendant

Generally, there are many requirements involved for immigration process. They are general and specific requirements. Therefore, check out these requirements and ensure you meet all of them.

General requirements to immigrate to Canada as a service station attendant

First and foremost, let’s consider the general requirement you need to successfully immigrate to Canada as a service station attendant.

1. Education requirements

Generally, the minimum educational requirements for you to immigrate to Canada as a service station attendant is the completion of secondary education.

However, you stand an additional advantage when you have a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree.

2. Age requirements

Without a doubt, your age will determine if you can immigrate to Canada as a service station attendant or not.

Moreover, in Canada, all immigrants must reach the working age (18 years) before they can be allowed to immigrate as a worker.

3. Language requirement

Obviously, if you want to work and live in Canada you must meet their language benchmark in speaking reading writing, and listening.

However, it is essential to partake in a proof of English or French language proficiency test.

Examples of these tests include IELTS, TOEFL, CAEL, PTE, CELPIP, TCF Canada, TEF Canada, among others.

4. Adaptability

As we all know that health is wealth, medical fitness is very crucial for your immigration to Canada.

You must be able to prove that you are medically fit to adapt to Canada’s weather and climate.

5. Work experience

Ideally, the minimum work experience you need to immigrate to Canada as a service station attendant is 1 year of full-time work experience or a part-time job that is equivalent to one year.

In addition, you must have proof for your profession through the experiences you have gathered in your previous working places.

Specific/employment requirements to immigrate to Canada as a service station attendant

In Canada, service station attendant who desire to work in particular province or territory must meet these requirements.

If otherwise, you might not be able to work in Canada as a service station attendant. These requirements includes:

  • Completion of secondary school education.
  • Propane and natural gas pump attendants may require an operator’s license.

Pathways to immigrate to Canada as a service station attendant

Immigrating to Canada as a service station attendant has four pathway programs in which you can immigrate easily and peacefully. They include

  • Express entry
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  •  In-Demand occupations
  • Job offer

 Express entry

This pathway to Canada remains the most preferred considering the ease and the multiple programs through which you can immigrate to Canada as a community service worker are listed below.

However, considering the job description and duties of a service station attendant under the NOC code 6621, exploring the Federal skilled worker program as pathway to Canada will be beneficial.

Provincial Nominee Program

Indeed, all provinces in Canada at different time or period offer provincial nominee programs for immigrants to Canada by constantly updating their occupation in demand list with available job offers.

Indeed, using the PNP to immigrate to Canada, as a service station attendant will require you to work for minimum of two years in the province before you can move to another.

However, the examples of provincial nominee programs are listed below:

In-Demand occupations

Undoubtedly, service station attendants falls under the in-demand jobs in Canada. You can as well use it as an option to immigrate to Canada.

 Job offer

This is an easy pathway to immigrate to Canada as a service station attendant. However, before you can do this, you must get a valid job offer from a Canadian employer.

In addition, the employer must get a certificate from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before employing.

Steps to immigrate to Canada as a service station attendant

Generally, for you to immigrate to Canada as a service station attendant there are certain steps you must follow.

Step 1: Create an Express entry account

However, to do this you must first create an Express Entry profile at the official IRCC website.

Furthermore, you must ensure that all information that you input is correct and valid. Invalid info can make you forfeit your application.

Step 2: Enter a program

Definitely, you can either choose from Canada Express entry, federal skilled worker program, federal skilled trade programs and provincial nominee program

Step 3: Find a job in Canada

It is important you know that getting job offer in Canada can boosts your CRS points.

However, you must be the right candidate for the job and no Canadian citizen as a qualification to do what you have been offered to do.

Step 4: Get an invitation to apply

Moreover, an invitation to apply will only be forwarded to qualified candidates.

Therefore, if you are qualified you will be invited to apply for permanent residency of which you must do so within 60 days.

Step 5: Submit application with supporting documents

Once you receive an invitation to apply, you have only 60 days to send your reply to IRCC. If you fail to do so, you may lose your chance of going to Canada.

Therefore, you should start gathering your documents once you begin your immigration process.

Step 6: Get your work permit

Finally, the next thing is to get your work permit. However, you will only get a reply that your permit has been processed.

However, if you do not receive such news, it means that your documents are missing or that some details in your application are not correct.

Step 7: Congratulations

Finally, you can now move to Canada once your application has been approved and make sure you pick up your work permit at a Canadian border crossing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average salary of a service station attendant in Canada?

Service Station Attendant make an average of $26,325 per year in Canada, or $13.50 per hour.

Can my family join me when I migrate to Canada as a service station attendant?

Yes, the rights and privileges given to the main visa holder are passed onto partners and children automatically.

In fact, your partner’s skills, education and qualifications may even make your overall application even stronger.

Are service station attendants in demand in Canada?

Yes, service station attendants are greatly desired in various provinces and territories of Canada.


In closing, you will realize no regret when you immigrate to Canada as a service station attendant. You can apply for Canada’s immigration by yourself at almost any time in the year.

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