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Immigrate to Canada as a Sports Referee and Official

To immigrate to Canada as a sports Referee and official is now a lot easier than before. As you know, Canada’s economy is one of the highest growing economies in the world. Moreover, the labor market of Canada is thriving.

As a result, it offers various opportunities to those who wish to immigrate to Canada for any job position, especially sports Referees and officials.

Since Canada is still looking to bring in so many new immigrants to work in different job positions, sports referees and officials can take the opportunity to immigrate to the country. 

Hence, this could be the chance you are looking for to immigrate to Canada. More so, we are sure you are not going to miss the chance, that is why we have put this article together for you.

Here, you will find every detail you need to immigrate to Canada as a sports Referee and official including job descriptions, and ways you can expressly immigrate to Canada.

Who are Sports Referee and Officials?

A sports Referee is someone who ensures that all the rules and regulations of the game are correctly followed while the game is in process.

While, a sports official is someone who officiates sporting events/games.

Sports Referees and Officials Job Definition

Sports officials and referees observe and enforce rules and regulations governing sporting events, athletic games, and sports competitions. 

All occupations on the Canadian National occupation code(NOC) list has a code and the code for those seeking to immigrate to Canada as sports Referee and official is 5253.

They are employed by national, provincial, and local sporting commissions, organizations, and leagues.

Main duties of a Sports Referee and official

This group performs some or all of the following duties:

  • Officiate at sporting events or athletic competitions to maintain standards of play and to ensure that game rules and safety regulations are observed
  • Record elapsed time and keep scores during events or competitions
  • Judge the performance of competitors, award points, impose penalties for infractions, and determine results
  • Compile scores and other athletic records
  • Establish and maintain rapport with coaches, players, and organizing committees
  • Verify credentials of athletes or animals engaged in sports or related special events, and respond to written protests.

Examples of jobs under sports Referee and official

  • athletics judge
  • clerk of scales – racetrack
  • clerk of the course – harness racing
  • clerk of the course – horseback racing
  • clerk of the course – racetrack
  • commission steward – horse racing
  • competitive sports judge
  • curling judge
  • figure skating evaluator
  • figure skating judge
  • goal judge
  • harness racing starter
  • horse identifier
  • horse plating inspector – racetrack
  • horse race timer
  • horse racing starter
  • horseshoe inspector
  • judge, sport competitions
  • paddock blacksmith – racetrack
  • paddock horseshoer – racetrack
  • paddock judge – racetrack
  • paddock plater – racetrack
  • patrol judge – racetrack
  • placing judge – racetrack
  • presiding steward – racetrack
  • racehorse judge – racetrack
  • racetrack clocker
  • racetrack steward
  • racetrack timer
  • racing secretary and handicapper
  • referee
  • scoreboard operator
  • scorekeeper
  • sports competition judge
  • sports judge
  • sports linesman/woman
  • sports official
  • sports referee
  • standardbred judge – racetrack
  • track and field judge
  • track judge
  • umpire

Requirements to work in Canada as a sports Referee and official

  • Sports officials require certification by and registration with a sport governing body or commission.
  • Sports referees require completion of an officiating program offered by a sport governing body

Exclusion of jobs under sports referee and official

  • Coaches 
  • Program leaders and instructors in recreation, sport, and fitness.
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Requirements to immigrate to Canada as a Sports Referee and Official

Without a doubt, you must meet some basic requirements before you can be allowed to live and work in Canada. And they are:

  • Language
  • Age
  • Educational requirements
  • Adaptability
  • Work experience


You need proof of language proficiency for you to successfully live anywhere in Canada. That means you must be able to communicate in English or French. As a result, you must pass one of the following language proficiency tests:

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Test de Connaissance du Français (TCF) Canada
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE)
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • Test d’Evaluation de Français (TEF) Canada.


Equally important, your age has an influence on your immigration to Canada as a sports Referee and official. Also, you must be up to 18 to qualify for a job in Canada. Still, your employer’s age requirement may vary.

Work experience

Significantly, you must have previous work experience to qualify to immigrate to Canada as a sports Referee and official. Essentially, the minimum work experience is one year, full-time experience in relevant fields.


Also, you must know that the weather in Canada is different from your home country. Therefore, you must show a certificate of medical fitness to adapt to the Canadian weather.

Educational requirements

Unarguably, the least educational requirement you can immigrate to Canada to work as a sports Referee and official is your degree certificate in a relevant field. However, a master’s degree or Ph.D. will improve your CRS points.

Pathways to Immigrate to Canada as a Sports Referee and official

The Canadian government did not just provide massive employment to foreigners to live and work in the country, it provided the pathway to make it happen.

For that reason, the following are different pathways you can immigrate to Canada as a sports Referee and official.

Express Entry

This is the most common pathway that you can use to immigrate to Canada as a sports Referee and official. Most decisively, immigration through express entry entails that you must meet every requirement that is stipulated on the system.

And so, they involve the right age language skills in French or English, qualifications, work experience, and other criteria.

Hence, you must meet them all to qualify for the Express Entry system. Similarly, the following programs are valid under the Express Entry system:

Provincial Nominee Programs

Each province in Canada is in charge of the provincial nomination of their respective provinces. Yet, you must meet their requirements for you to qualify for nomination.

If you have what your chosen province is looking for and receive a provincial nomination, you are one step closer to your dream to immigrate to Canada as a sports Referee and official.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot offers intermediate, semi-skilled, and highly-skilled foreign workers to emigrate to Canada’s Atlantic provinces.

Yet, as a sports referee and official you have a good chance of getting selected if you have a valid job offer for at least one year.

Job Offer

If you have received a job in any industry in Canada, you can immigrate to Canada as a sports referee and official. Not to forget, you must show your employment letter.

Steps to Immigrate to Canada as a Sports Referee and Official

To easily immigrate to Canada as a sports Referee and official, you should check through these steps:

Step 1: Create an Express Entry Account 

To do this, you must first create an Express Entry Profile on the official IRCC website. 

You also need to make sure that all the information you enter is correct and valid. Invalid information can result in the loss of your application. 

Step 2: Join a Program 

You can choose from Canada Express Admission, Federal Skilled Workers Program, Federal Professional Trade Program, and State Nominee Program.

Step 3: Find a Job in Canada 

Your getting a job in Canada can increase CRS points. However, to do what is offered, you must be a suitable candidate for that position, not a Canadian citizen. 

Step 4: Receive application invitation  

Application invitations will only be sent to qualified applicants. Therefore, if you are eligible, you will be asked to start your application. It must be applied for within 60 days. 

Step 5: Submit your application with support documents

After receiving your application invitation, you only have 60 days to send your response to the IRCC. Otherwise, you may lose your chance to go to Canada. 

Therefore, you should start collecting documents as soon as you start immigration. 

Step 6: Obtaining a work permit 

The next step is to apply for a work permit. However, you will only receive feedback that the approval has been processed. 

However, if you do not see such a message, the document is missing or some of the information in your application is incorrect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which provinces are best for sports referees and official and related jobs in Canada?

The job of sports referees and officials in Canada is currently in high demand. While in terms of high demand, the province of Ontario has a more significant demand for a job position. This should be the best place you can begin with.

Can I get a work permit to work in Canada as a sports referee and official?

It depends on your employer and other conditions. However, it is commonly possible for you to receive a job offer and be sponsored by your potential employer to enable you to get a work permit.

What is the Canadian NOC code for sports referees and official?

The Canadian NOC code for sports referees and officials is 5253.


Conclusively, immigrating to Canada as a sports Referee and official is equally possible, just like other professionals.

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