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Immigrate to Canada as a Survey Clerk – Full Guide

If you want to immigrate to Canada as a survey clerk, you will be making the right decision. Canada is one of the world’s largest economies and needs a workforce to maintain its standards and provide skilled workers migrating to Canada with employment opportunities around the world.

As a qualified survey clerk, you can start a new life as a Canadian worker and resident. Don’t worry, we are here to show you how.

This article describes what a survey clerk does, the requirements for working in Canada, the pathways to move to Canada, and the steps to move to Canada as a survey clerk.

Job definition of a Survey Clerk

Survey clerks contact individuals to collect information for market research, polls, or elections, and census. They also code and edit reports, lists, directories, interviews, and other data in other documents.

They are usually employed by market research and polling agencies, government ministries, utilities, contact centers, and other entities. This unit group also includes a clerk who monitors and records information about traffic flow.

Under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) in Canada, Survey Clerk’s code is 1454.

Job Description/Duties of a Survey Clerk

  • They contact individuals by telephone or in-person and explain the purpose of the interview.
  • Survey clerk ask questions following the outlines of questionnaires and surveys.
  • In addition, they record responses on paper or enter responses directly into a computer database through computer-assisted interviewing systems.
  • They check information gathered for completeness and accuracy.
  • They code information according to established coding manuals and enter data into statistical-based computer programs.
  • Finally, they conduct routine statistical analysis of data.

Examples of Jobs under a Survey Clerk

The following jobs are under NOC code 1454. Hence, you can immigrate to Canada as a Survey clerk getting jobs under these work titles.

  • census clerk
  • census enumerator
  • chart clerk
  • census taker
  • census worker
  • coding clerk – statistics
  • election enumerator
  • enumerator
  • interview clerk
  • interviewer – survey or poll
  • meter reader
  • poll clerk
  • public opinion collector
  • public opinion interviewer
  • statistical assistant
  • statistical clerk
  • survey compiler
  • survey interviewer
  • technical assistant – statistics
  • telephone survey clerk
  • traffic checker
  • traffic counter
  • vehicle counter

Requirements to work in Canada as a Survey clerk

  • Completion of college or secondary school education may be required.
  • Some experience in the operation of a computer may be required.
  • On-the-job training is usually provided.
  • You may be required to own a driver’s license.

Inclusion under Survey Clerks

The following job is included under NOC 1454

  • meter reader

Exclusions under Survey Clerks

Below are exclusions for Survey Clerk’s jobs under NOC 1454.

  • Correspondence, publication, and regulatory clerks 
  • Other customer and information services representatives 
  • Statistical officers and related research support occupations 
  • Telemarketers

Requirements to Immigrate to Canada as a Survey Clerk

Generally, there are many requirements involved in the immigration process. In this article, the requirements will be divided into two categories which are; general and specific requirements

General Requirements

First, we will be considering the general requirements for a successful Survey Clerk’s immigration to Canada.

Educational requirements

Generally, the minimum educational qualification to move to Canada as a Survey Clerk is college or secondary education. 

However, there are additional benefits to getting a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Age requirements

Undoubtedly, your age will determine if you can move to Canada as a Survey Clerk. 

In Canada, all immigrants must reach the working-age of18 years before immigrating as a worker.

Language requirement

Of course, you can work and live in Canada as a Survey Clerk, but before being eligible to do so, you must meet the language standards of speaking, reading, writing, and listening. 

However, proof of the language exam in English or French is required. 

Examples of these tests are IELTS, TOEFL, CAEL, PTE, CELPIP, TCF Canada, TEF Canada. 


Everyone knows that health is wealth, so medical fitness is essential for immigrants to Canada. 

You must be able to prove that you are medically adaptable to the Canadian weather and climate. 

Work experience

Ideally, the minimum work experience required to move to Canada as a Survey Clerk is six months to one year of full-time work experience or an equal one year of part-time work experience. 

In addition, you must prove your profession through the experience gained in your previous employment relationship.

Specific Requirements

There are some specific requirements you must meet if you want to immigrate to Canada as a Survey Clerk. The specific requirements include:

  • Completion of college or secondary school is usually required.
  • Completion of a one- or two-year college or other programs related to the field of a Survey clerk
  • Previous clerical experience is required.

Pathways to Immigrate to Canada as a Survey Clerk

There are various programs in place to help you move to Canada as a Survey clerk. These include: 

  1. Express Entry. 
  2. Provincial Nominee Program
  3. In-Demand Occupations.

1. Express Entry

This is one of the easiest ways to immigrate to Canada as a Survey clerk. Therefore, you can choose one of these Express Entry Level programs. 

However, you must meet the eligibility requirements before deciding on a program. Express Entry has three programs. They are: 

  • Canada Experience Class(CEC). 
  • Federal Skilled Worker Programs(FSWP). 
  • Federal Skilled Trade Programs(FSTP).

2. Provincial Nominee Program

Except for the Express Entry System, you can go through the provincial nominee program. This program can be implemented in any Province of Canada. 

Therefore, if you want to live in a particular province/state, you need to enroll in a program sponsored by that state. However, before you can use a particular program, you must meet the requirements of that program.

3. In-Demand occupations

An In-demand occupation is where employers encourage foreign workers to fill vacancies. Therefore, if you meet the requirements for such a position, you can apply for it as a paid job.

Steps to Immigrate to Canada as a Survey Clerk

Before immigrating to Canada as a Survey Clerk, you must follow the steps below:

Step 1. Open an express entry account

This is the first step towards immigrating to Canada as a Survey Clerk. You need to open an account with IRCC.

This is also known as the Express Entry Profile. Without this account, you will not be able to receive the latest updates/information from IRCC. Therefore, you need an express entry profile.

Step 2. Choose a program

The next step after creating the profile is to choose the program you will be using. This is very important as the program you choose will determine if you will succeed.

Be sure to research all the requirements before choosing a program. The programs include :

  • Canada Experience Class
  • Federal skilled trade program
  • A federal skilled worker program
  • Provincial Nominee programs
  • Quebec Experience Class
  • Quebec skilled worker program

Step 3. Find a job in Canada

You can get yourself a job. This is because a job will help you to immigrate to Canada easily. Finding a job is another way of making sure your immigration process works out perfectly.

Step 4. Receive an invitation to apply

The next step is to receive an invitation from IRCC to apply. However, this depends on the score of the overall ranking system over there. If you do not receive the invitation, it means you were not qualified.

Step 5. Submit your application with supporting documents

Once you receive an invitation to apply, you have limited time to send a reply. Therefore, you need to be sure that your application and supporting documents are ready.

This is because it only takes 60 days to submit this application. You will also have to pay an application fee of CAD 150.

Step 6. Get your work permit

The next step after applying is receiving a response from the IRCC within 28 days.

However, this answer does not mean that you will get your work permit immediately. This is because you cannot get a permit until you arrive in Canada.

Step 7: Welcome to Canada

The final step is arriving in Canada. This is the stage where you get your work permit.

Note, do not forget to collect your work permit from the immigration officer at the Canadian entry port.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I work as a Survey Clerk in Canada?

Yes, you can! Survey Clerks are allowed to move to Canada under code 1454 on the Canadian NOC list.

What is the Canadian Survey Clerk’s NOC Code?

The NOC code for the Canadian Survey Clerk is 1454.

Do I need a work permit to immigrate to Canada as a Survey Clerk?

A work permit is required for temporary residents who wish to work in Canada. 

Permanent residents and citizens do not need a work permit as their status allows them to work.

Students who want to work off-campus need a work permit.

What is a Permanent Resident Permit?

Permanent Residents have Canadian immigration status and immigrants can live and work in Canada for as long as they wish. 

Permanent residents are free to move around the state, study without permission, and travel abroad with a Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) card.


As a Survey Clerk, I hope you find the information about immigration to Canada useful. We also hope that your trip to Canada will be made easy. 

Although many Survey Clerks have immigrated to Canada in the last few years, Canada is still in high demand for Survey Clerks at both national and local levels.

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