Immigrate to Canada as a Teachers’ Assistant

The services of Teachers’ Assistant are in high demand in Canada, take advantage of this opportunity and Immigrate to Canada as one.

The reasons why people continue to immigrate to Canada as a teacher’s assistant might still be unclear to you. It may interest you that with your Secondary school certificate you can use the different pathways such as express entry, job offer etc. to immigrate to Canada as a teacher’s assistant.

An entry level teacher’s assistant or an Elementary and secondary school teacher assistant in Canada earn as high as $71600 annually, this is another good reason people rush to immigrate to Canada as a teacher’s assistant.

The enormous benefits attached to having a permanent resident visa in Canada will no doubt motivate foreigners to immigrate to Canada.  An immigrating teacher’s assistant will no doubt have access to quality health and raise his or her family in a safe, conducive and peaceful environment.

Spare your time to learn about the job responsibilities, steps to immigrate to Canada as a teacher’s assistant, requirements, related jobs and pathways to Canada as a teacher’s assistant.

The teacher’s assistant job is categorize under the national Occupation code.

(NOC) 4413, under this code you will find all related jobs and duties for a teacher’s assistant in Canada.

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What does teacher’s assistant do in Canada?

Teacher’s assistants could also be called Elementary and secondary school teacher assistants in Canada, they play vital support services roles in the primary and secondary education programs in Canada, and they support students, and assist teachers and school counselors with teaching and non-instructional tasks. They assist in areas of personal care, teaching and behaviour management under the supervision of teachers or other child care professionals.

They are employed in public and private elementary, secondary and special needs schools and treatment centres.

Teacher’s assistant Job Descriptions/Duties

Immigrating to Canada as a teacher’s assistant will require that you perform these responsibilities or few out of them in any provincial Elementary and secondary schools you find a job.

  • He or she assist students with integration into the classroom and school setting
  • Help students individually or in small groups with assignments and reinforce learning and retention concepts under the supervision of classroom teacher
  • He or she assist students with special needs using techniques such as sign language, Braille and remedial programs
  • Monitor and report student progress to classroom teacher
  • Accompany and supervise students during activities in school gymnasiums, laboratories, libraries, resource centres and on field trips
  • May assist teacher in the operation of projectors, tape recorders and other audio-visual or electronic equipment
  • May assist in school library or office and perform other duties assigned by school principal
  • May monitor students during recess, at noon hour or during the day.

Examples of jobs under teacher’s assistant in Canada

The jobs listed below are related to teacher’s assistant jobs in Canada because they are all in the same NOC code 4413 hence, you can be employed under any of the title, take note of this while making preparation to immigrate to Canada as a teacher’s assistant.

  • child care attendant – elementary school
  • classroom assistant – primary and secondary school
  • educational assistant
  • educational resources assistant
  • elementary school teacher’s aide
  • elementary school teacher’s assistant
  • homework assistant
  • instructional assistant – primary and secondary school
  • lunchroom supervisor – school
  • lunchtime supervisor – primary and secondary school
  • paraeducator
  • paraprofessional educator
  • Immigrate to Canada as a Telecom Installation Technician remedial education aide
  • school lunchroom supervisor
  • secondary school teacher’s aide
  • secondary school teacher’s assistant
  • special education assistant
  • special needs educational assistant
  • special programs aide – education
  • student monitor
  • student support assistant
  • teacher’s aide
  • teacher’s assistant
  • teacher’s helper
  • teaching staff assistant – primary and secondary school

Requirements to work in Canada as a teacher’s assistant

The requirements for teacher’s assistant jobs in Canada are very easy to meet because they don’t involve advance academic qualifications or compulsorily huge years of experience.

Find below the requirements needed to work as a teacher’s assistant jobs:

  • You must have completed and have a secondary school certificate.
  • You should have completed of a 10-month college program in teaching assistance, educational assistance or other social science program.
  • Teacher assistants who help students with special needs usually require specialized training and experience.

Exclusions under teacher’s assistant jobs in Canada

The following jobs listed below are not under the National occupation Code (NOC) 4413, by implication you can’t immigrate to Canada as a teacher’s assistant and work in these job titles. Their NOC codes are attached for clarification.

  • Early childhood educators and assistants with NOC 4214
  • Elementary school and kindergarten teachers with NOC 4032
  • Instructors of persons with disabilities with NOC 4215
  • Post-secondary teaching and research assistants with NOC 4012

Requirements to Immigrate to Canada as a teacher’s assistant

Immigrating to Canada as a teacher’s assistant will be possible with ease when you have a good Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score especially using the express entry program.

Emigrate Canada takes into consideration the general, specific requirements and few other factors to award CRS scores. Find below the general and specific requirements for you to immigrate to Canada as a teacher’s assistant.

General Requirements

If you will be immigrating to Canada as a teacher’s assistant, you are expected to meet up with the minimum language proficiency, Age, Adaptability, Education, Work experience and possible arranged employment requirements.


The use of French and English languages is the official means of written and verbal communication in Canada. It is expected that while you plan to immigrate to Canada as a teacher’s assistant you have your test results in any of French or English language proficiency tests you have written.

These are some of the tests IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo English Test, PTE, TEF Canada, TCF Canada, CELPIP, etc.


The minimum age of 18 years and maximum of 42 years are the ages you can immigrate to Canada as a teacher’s assistant to earn significant CRS points below or above these ages won’t make your application scale through.


Immigrating to Canada as a teacher’s assistant requires that you complete your secondary school with your certificate and a possible diploma certificate from college.


It is very important that your body system is friendly to the Canadian weather conditions and you must be medically fit and certified as you plan to immigrate to Canada as a teacher’s assistant. Read more about the weather conditions in Canada.

Arranged employment

Arranged employment is a good booster to CRS point while immigrating to Canada as a teacher’s assistant especially through job offer or provincial nomination program.

Specific Requirements

These are requirements that are very relevant and related to your roles, association and professional certification. The specific requirements for immigrating teacher’s assistant are stated below:

  • Completion of 10 months teaching assistant and social program certificate.
  • Specialize training and experiences certificate for teacher’s assistant in charge of students with special needs.
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Pathways to immigrate to Canada as a teacher’s assistant

Immigrating to Canada as a teacher’s assistant has different pathways but no doubt if you are prepared and determine to immigrate to Canada as a teacher’s assistant, one out of the  three pathway programs below will be suitable for you.

  • Express entry
  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Job offer

Express entry

All most every foreigners immigrating to Canada always wish to use this pathway but for the fact that it is competitive only very few are usually lucky to meet up with the Comprehensive ranking system Score. Your entry profile information most time determines your eligibility.

This program is subdivided into three; you can select any one that you meet the requirement.

Provincial Nominee Programs

This pathway option gives you the opportunity to immigrate to Canada  teacher’s assistant, you will need to show your nomination interest to your desired province and work in collaboration with emigrate Canada consultants for jobs and other immigration process.

If successful you must at least two years in the province before moving to another province.

Job offer

This is the easiest pathway option to Canada provided you have a valid job offer from your Canadian employer, with this your application processes will be fast tracked and you immigrate to start work immediately.

Steps to immigrate to Canada as a teacher’s assistant,

You will find it much easier and stress free immigrating to Canada as a teacher’s assistant if you follow these recommended steps below:

Step 1: Create an express entry account

An express entry profile account is the first thing to create, it is free and you do this by visiting the IRCC website. Ensure you provide all the needed or required information so that you can be ranked higher in CRS score.

Step 2: Enter a program

Immigrating or pathway programs such as Canada Experience Class, Federal skilled, trade program, Federal skilled worker program, Provincial Nominee programs, Quebec Experience Class and Quebec skilled worker program are the available options, you read about their requirements and pick the most suitable one for you.

Step 3: Find a job in Canada

You will pass through this step If you have an opportunity to get a job offer in Canada. If you don’t you are still good to go but having a job offer already increase your chances.

Step 4: Receive an invitation to apply

In this step, it is expected that you will receive an invitation to apply notification from the IRCC if your application is successful. You are expected to apply within 60 days of this notification.

 Step 5: Submit your application with supporting documents

Every supporting document to backup all information you have supplied in your application process such as language proficiency, educational qualifications and the likes should be submitted for verification.

Step 6: Get your work permit

In this stage you will a notification from IRCC that you’re your work permit is ready, this is an indication that your application and verification was successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the application fee?

It cost about CAD$150

What is the recommended score for Comprehensive ranking score for express entry program?

It is expected that you have 1200 points before you can immigrate to Canada as a teacher’s assistant on express entry program.

Can I access permanent resident visa as teacher’s assistant in Canada?

Yes you can and you enjoy all the benefits attached to it.


Life is interesting and peaceful  in Canada, immigrating as a teacher’s assistant will expose you to lots of programs to build you up professionally and add up to your experience in the job.

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