Immigrate to Canada as a Water Transport Deck Crew

This article covers the pathways you need to immigrate to Canada as a Water Transport Deck Crew.

Have you been wondering if you can immigrate to Canada as a Water Transport Deck Crew?  Yes, you can. All you need is to follow the right path, the necessary steps and meet up with the requirements.

So many people immigrate to Canada as water transport deck crew because of the attractive and conducive immigration plan here in Canada.

Interestingly, finding a job in Canada as a water transport deck crew wont be something to worry about because the job is currently in high-demand and needs qualified workers to fill in the vacant job positions.

There are lots jobs in Canada and each of this jobs has been assigned a code on the Canadian national occupation code NOC List, and the code for those looking to immigrate to Canada as a water transport deck crew is 7532.

In this article, you will learn about all the important steps to take and pathways you need to immigrate to Canada as a Water Transport Deck Crew.

Furthermore, you will learn what water transport deck crew do, the necessary requirements and the examples of jobs available for water transport deck crew.

In this article

What do Water Transport Deck Crew do?

In Canada, Water Transport Deck Crew operate and maintain deck equipment, perform other deck and bridge duties and assist ship engineer officers to operate, maintain and repair engines, machinery and auxiliary equipment aboard ships or self-propelled vessels.

Water Transport Deck Crew are employed by marine transportation companies and federal government departments.

Main duties of Water Transport Deck Crew

  • Water Transport Deck Crew stand watch and steer ship or self-propelled vessel under the direction of the officer on watch.
  • Operate, maintain and repair deck equipment such as winches, cranes, derricks and hawsers.
  • Assist ship engineer officers in performing routine maintenance work and repair to ship’s engine, machinery and auxiliary equipment.
  • Monitor engine, machinery and equipment indicators, record variables and report abnormalities to ship engineer officer on watch.
  • Lubricate moving parts of engines, machinery and auxiliary equipment.
  • Operate and maintain off-loading liquid pumps and valves.
  • Clean engine parts and keep engine room clean.
  • Clean, chip and paint deck surfaces.
  • Handle mooring lines, and splice and repair ropes, wire cables and cordage.

Examples of jobs under Water Transport Deck Crew in Canada

As a Water Transport Deck Crew, you can get employed under any of the following job positions.

  • Able seaman/woman (except armed forces)
  • Able-bodied seaman/woman
  • Barge deckhand
  • Boatswain
  • Ship engine room mechanical assistant
  • Boatswain – water transport
  • Boiler tender – ships
  • Deckhand
  • Deckhand – ships
  • Dredge deckhand
  • Engine and boiler room crew member – ships
  • room greaser – marine
  • Engine room greaser – water transport
  • Engine room mechanical assistant – ships
  • Ferryboat deckhand
  • Helmsman/woman – water transport
  • Log boom tugboat deckhand
  • Marine engine oiler
  • Mechanical assistant – water transport
  • Ordinary seaman/woman (except armed forces)
  • Pump seaman/woman
  • Ship tunnel operator
  • Pumpman/woman – ships
  • Engine room crew member – ship
  • Quartermaster
  • Seaman/woman
  • Ship engine room greaser
  • Ship’s carpenter
  • Stoker – ships


  • Deck officers, water transport (See 2273 Deck officers, water transport)
  • Engineer officers, water transport (See 2274 Engineer officers, water transport)
  • Fishing vessel deckhands (See 8441 Fishing vessel deckhands)

Employment requirements to immigrate to Canada as a Water Transport Deck Crew

The following are the requirements you need to immigrate to Canada as a Water Transport Deck Crew.

  • Some secondary school education is required.
  • On-the-job training is provided.

Additional information.

  • Training and testing for various endorsements and certification, including the Marine Emergency Duty (MED) certificate, occur following employment as a deck crew member.
  • Senior positions in this unit group, such as able seaman/woman, require experience.
  • Progression to deck or ship engineer officer positions is possible with experience, additional training and deck officer certification by Transport Canada.

General information to immigrate to Canada as a Water Transport Deck Crew

Before you can work in Canada as a water transport deck crew you must meet up with some general and specific requirements.

General requirements to work in Canada

There are general requirements to move to Canada as a worker. Therefore,if you want to immigrate to Canada as a worker you need to have to meet up with the requirement mention below;

  1. Language requirements
  2. Age requirements
  3. Education requirements
  4. Arranged employment
  5. Adaptability
  6. Work experience
  7. Your partner’s ability

#1: Language

In order to immigrate to Canada as a worker, you must prove that you have a working knowledge of the Canadian language in areas of speaking, writing, reading and listening. Therefore, you must take an exam to prove this. This exam can be either English or French.

#2: Age

Another factor to consider for immigration to Canada as a worker is age. Canada has a minimum age for workers.

Therefore, before you can immigrate to Canada to work,  you must have reached that age. The minimum age for workers in Canada is 18 years. However, employers can  employ under aged children on special occasions but with the permission of Canadian authority.

#3: Education

In order to work in Canada, you  must at least complete your secondary education. That means that if you want to work in Canada, you must have completed your secondary education. However, some jobs demand at least a college or university degree.

#4: Arranged employment

With a valid job offer, that is an arranged employment, you can easily immigrate to Canada as a worker. However, you must meet certain requirements for the job.

#5: Adaptability

If you cannot adapt to the Canadian weather or working conditions, you may not be able to work in Canada. Therefore, you must provide a medical report showing that you are medically fit to work in Canada.

#6: Work experience

Another deciding factor for immigrating to Canada is your work experience. Therefore, if you have enough work experience, you can use the Canada experience class. However, there are other programs you can use.

#7: Your partner’s skills

The work experience, skills, language proficiency and age of your spouse or common law partner can also help you to immigrate to Canada as a facility operation manager. Therefore, if your spouse has worked in Canada or lived in Canada, you will have more chances.

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Pathways to immigrate to Canada as a Water Transport Deck Crew

As a water transport deck crew that wants to immigrate to Canada,you can use any of this pathways that best suit you;

  1. Express entry
  2. Provincial Nominee Programs
  3. In-Demand occupations
  4. Job offer
  5. Quebec Experience Class

1: Express entry

There are three programs under express entry in Canada. They  include

Therefore, you can use any of them while immigrating to Canada as a water transport deck crew. However, you must choose a program that you meet the eligibility criteria.

This is because you will be judged based on your scores in CRS. Therefore, before you choose a program, try to know everything about the programs, especially the requirements for the program.

2: Provincial Nominee Program

Every province in Canada has a provincial nominee program. This program allows immigrants to live and work in a particular province. Therefore, you can decide to use the PNP to immigrate to Canada as a deck officer water transport.

3: Job offer

This is the easiest pathway to immigrate to Canada as a water transport deck crew. However, before you can do this, you must get a valid job offer from a Canadian employer.

In addition, the employer must get a certificate from the Labour Market Impact Assessment before employing.

4: In-demand jobs

Water transport deck crew falls under the in-demand job. in Canada, you can as well use it as an option to immigrate to Canada.

Steps to immigrate to Canada as a Water Transport Deck Crew

Step 1: Express entry

In order to successfully emigrate to Canada as a water transport deck crew, firstly, you need to create an Express entry program. Express Entry is where the work really begins in earnest, it’s the start of your immigration journey and not the end.

You need to create the very best Express Entry profile possible by hitting the required benchmarks laid down by Canadian Immigration which also gives you those all-important Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points.

Step 2 : Choose aprogram

Secondly, you must choose the best program that suits your profile. Therefore, you must check to know the program that you qualify for. The programs include:

Step 3 : Get a job offer by a Canadian employer

At this stage, you will now get a job offer from a Canadian employer. With a valid job offer you can immigrate to Canada as a chemist.

This implies that it  is important to get a job offer to help your process to be very easy. Therefore, you must meet the necessary requirements to be offered employment.

Step 4 : Receive an invitation to apply (ITA)

If you are among the successful candidates, you  will receive an invitation to apply. With this invitation, you can now apply to immigrate to Canada as a deck officer water transport.

Note that only the candidates who secured a high score in CRS receive the invitation to apply.

Step 5 : Submit your application with supporting documents 

Once you receive an invitation to apply, you have only 60 days to send your reply to IRCC. If you fail to do so, you will lose your slot.

Therefore, you should start gathering your documents once you begin your immigration process. This way,everything will be ready.

Also, while sending the application, you must send it along with an application fee of CAD $150.

Step 6 : Get your work permit

The next thing is to get your work permit. However, you will only get a reply that your permit has been processed.

This will be done within 28 days, so you can start making preparations to move to Canada. If you do not receive such news, it means that either a document is missing or that some details in your application are not correct. Therefore, make sure to send ever document needed.

Step 7: Congratulations

Finally, you can now arrive in Canada.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the NOC code for Water Transport Deck Crew?

The NOC code for Water Transport Deck Crew is 7532.


With this full guide, we hope immigrating to Canada as a water transport deck crew wont be something to worry about anymore.