Immigrate to Canada from Andorra – 5 Fastest Pathways

Why not check out the 5 fastest ways you can immigrate to Canada from Andorra here?

Do you have the conviction that you need to immigrate to Canada from Andorra? Would you like to live in a country where you can afford virtually everything you want? Are you set to work for longer hours with complementary fun moments?

As it stands, Canada is one of the best countries you can immigrate to. The US News and World Report updated in their 2020 ranking that Canada sits on the list of the top countries that acknowledge human capital.

Living in the country means you will enjoy top quality of education and incredible job opportunities. Let’s not forget the healthcare system, which is free for residents and citizens. What about the economy? It is one of the best in the world and has something for everyone who is willing to work.

Each year, the Canadian government invites over 400 applicants to live and work or study in the country. With over 80 immigration programs, you can immigrate to Canada from Andorra and start a new life. if you want to find yourself in this North American country, then, we have something for you.

What are the Fastest Pathways to Canada from Andorra?

There are several pathways available to immigrate to Canada from Andorra. They all serve different purposes and while some make your movement swifter, others do not. Not to worry, we are outlining the top five fastest pathways and how they work:

  1. Express Entry Program

The Express Entry system, without a doubt, is the fastest route to immigrate to Canada from Andorra. Through the program, you can obtain your permanent residence within six months. if you are a skilled worker or skilled tradesman who wishes to immigrate to Canada, you can try using the Express Entry. With your educational qualification, work experience and language ability in English or French language, you are good to go.

But you should understand that while it is the fastest, it has many people on the queue. Also, it was established by the government of Canada in 2015 and has since then, seen over 80 per cent of Canadian immigrants move to the country.

There are three federal economic programs supported by the Express Entry system and they are:

  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW): Established for immigrant skilled workers with work experience and educational qualifications
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC): For those who already worked in Canada on a temporary visa
  • Federal Skilled Trades (FST): For immigrants with work experience in eligible trade occupations.

How does the Express Entry system work?

The Express Entry requires that you create a profile, detailing your qualifications and skills. Once you meet the eligibility, you will be put in a pool with other applicants and your scores will be ranked using a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) in the next draw. The draws take place biweekly. The highest scorers in the pool will receive an invitation to apply (ITA) for the permanent residence by the federal government. Those who did not make it will remain in the pool for the next one year and if they still did not receive an ITA, it means they have to reapply for the program.

In addition, when you receive the ITA, you have just 60 days to gather your supporting documents and apply for your PR. Generally, it takes the federal government around six months to process the request. At this stage, they will send you an approval or rejection letter. If the former, you should start your immigration to Canada from Andorra. If not, you will have to resubmit your application.

Away from that, judging from the latest Express Entry draw, the CRS score requirement from the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is 454 points and above. But meeting the cut-off point does not still offer you the chance to receive the Canada PR invitation. The reason hangs on the number of people in the pool.

  1. British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)

The federal government, while operating the Express Entry program, gave the provincial governments the authority to operate their individual programs, which are mostly attached to the Express Entry system. It is called the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). This PNP gave birth to the BC PNP. However, the British Columbia PNP is not linked to the Express Entry system. It operates a separate program that accepts online applications. And that is why it is distinct.

Also, the waiting period is much shorter. This is because it has more draws than the Express Entry, mostly between two – four months. But to qualify under the BC PNP, you must meet certain in-demand occupational requirements. That is, you must possess IT skills under the skilled worker category. In essence, tech professionals are the most sought-after in the BC PNP.

  1. Rural Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP)

Introduced in 2017, the Rural Atlantic Pilot aims to attract new workers to the region of Atlantic Canada. the Atlantic Canada consists of the eastern provinces along the Atlantic coast, excluding Quebec. These provinces include:

Under this program, you will create your profile and wait for some months (six months, on average) before you are selected. To be eligible, you will need to meet the in-demand skills for the region. Generally, if you are a health worker, agriculturist, tech professional, or truck driver, you stand a better chance of immigrating to Canada through the Pilot program. . Since it the program is employer-driven, it assists skilled workers to swiftly immigrate to Canada from Andorra.

Remarkably, you can relocate to another province after spending some time in your current AIPP province. However, it is a smart move to check the feasibility of your working in the new province.

Besides, the program is of three parts and they are:

  • The Atlantic International Graduate Program
  • Atlantic High-skilled Program
  • Atlantic Intermediate-skilled Program
  1. Temporary Worker: Temporary Foreign Work Permit

You can immigrate to Canada from Andorra as a temporary worker. With a temporary work permit, you can stay and work in Canada for a short period, typically a few years. Besides, your educational qualification will have a great effect on your ability to receive this status in a short time, say 6 months. With less than one year work experience in Canada, you are eligible to apply for your permanent residence. Again, you can achieve that through the Canadian Experience Class and other programs.

  1. Student visa

You can easily immigrate to Canada using a student visa. This means that you can apply to study in any of the Canada’s designated universities or colleges. Once you receive a letter of acceptance from your choice school, you can start your application on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) site.

Upon your arrival in Canada, you can apply for your study permit. This will enable you to work while studying in Canada. When you graduate, you can apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). This helps you to temporarily work for some years before applying for permanent residency through any program you are eligible for. In this case, you will have a higher chance of receiving an invitation to apply for PR than your counterparts who graduated in Andorra.

Is it easy to immigrate to Canada from Andorra?

Without a doubt, Canada is not only among the top countries for immigration purposes, it enables you to obtain permanent residency within the twinkle of an eye. The plan of the government of Canada is to invite over 1 million immigrants from different countries to fill out the gaps in labour market needs. That is, due to the aging population of Canada and the low birth rate, there is a need for the country to invite immigrants to help in growing the economy, while enjoying a good standard of living.

As a result, the government of Canada has taken proactive steps to meet the yearly immigration target. Nevertheless, that did not stop some measures to be put in place to curb the immigration of inadmissible people. To buttress, in admissible people are those who meet the immigration conditions but cannot gain entrance into the country because of some health challenges or criminal records.

What are the steps to immigrate to Canada from Andorra through the Express Entry System?

To immigrate to Canada using the Express Entry system, you will follow the practical steps below:

  1. Put your necessary documents together: There are several information you will need to create an Express Entry profile. However, you need three major documents to make it to the next stage. They are your credentials (Assessed by the Educational Credentials Assessment) and your proof of language ability in English or French language (mostly IELTS or TEF). The third one is your proof of work experience.
  2. Create your Express Entry profile: You can register under any of the federal programs as a skilled worker or tradesperson.
  3. Obtain at least 67 points: By submitting your age, educational qualification, language skills, work experience, medical exam, proof of fund and police certificate, you will be scored based on each of the variables. The overall score is 100. But you must score at least 67 points.
  4. Score high on the CRS points. If you scale through the previous step, you will need to score up to 454 in the pool before you can be eligible to receive an invitation to apply.
  5. Receive an invitation to apply (ITA): If you are among the people who scored the highest in the Express Entry pool, you will receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence. The cut-off is announced every biweekly draw.
  6. Submit your PR application: Once you receive an invitation to apply, you have just 60 days to submit your application. This will be together with your supporting documents and application fee.
  7. Provide your PCC and medical certificate: You must keep your police clearance and medical exam certificates handy and submit when the visa officer requests it.
  8. Get visa approval: If you meet the standards for the above, you will get PR visa approval from the immigration officer.
  9. Immigrate to Canada from Andorra.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I immigrate to Canada from Andorra without a job?

Yes, you can. However, having one will help you to rank higher if you are applying through the Express Entry system. on the other hand, some programs insist on having a job offer before you can come to Canada.

Am I eligible to apply for permanent residence under the Canada Experience Class?

Yes, you are. To be eligible, you will have at least 12 months full-time skilled work experience in Canada in the past three years before you apply. Additionally, you must meet or exceed the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) necessary for the NOC (National Occupation Classification) skill level of your work experience.

Are Andorrans qualified to immigrate to Canada under the International Experience Canada Program (IEC)?

If you are between the ages 18 and 30, you can live and work in Canada for up to one year throught the IEC program. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the program is suspended.

What are the benefits of Canadian permanent residence and citizenship?

As soon as you receive clearance for citizenship, you have the eligibility of gaining from all the social and national programs. This includes having access to free healthcare without having a health insurance. You will also enjoy the national social security system to be able to access some financial relief upon your retirement. Another benefit of becoming a PR or citizen of Canada is that your children will be able to attend education up to secondary level for free.

Should I immigrate to Canada from Andorra?

Deciding to move to Canada is not a decision you just take. You must consider the pros and cons before arriving at your decision. What’s more, you will need to meet the Canadian immigration requirements to enable you do so. If possible, you may contract an immigration lawyer to guide you through.

How long does it take to immigrate to Canada from Andorra?

Generally, you can spend around a year from start to finish for the processing of your application. Although it may take more or less, one year is usually the yardstick.

How long can I enjoy Canada permanent residency as an Andorran?

The moment you become a permanent residence of Canada, you will enjoy it for life. However, you must accumulate at least two years of residency in every five years. It must not be consecutive, but make sure to live at least a total two years in Canada. In essence, you can travel out of Canada at will so far you don’t stay longer than necessary.


We have simplified the processes and fastest pathways to immigrate to Canada from Andorra. all you need to do is to step up and step out of your country. Remember, your success is the ultimate.