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Immigrate to Canada from Bhutan – How to Apply

Immigrating to Canada from Bhutan has become increasingly popular in recent years. Immigrating to Canada presents a wealth of  opportunities not available to them in their home country. A thriving economy and Internationally recognized Universities and Colleges are all factors that make Canada the best destination for Bhutan Immigrants.

Among other pathways for Immigrating to Canada, Express Entry (EE) is the fastest and Most popular route for Immigrants seeking a new life in Canada. This program organizes and processes applications for people who wish to Immigrate to Canada and acquire Canadian Permanent Residence.

Also, Canada is looking for talented entrepreneurs that are interested in starting businesses that will stimulate the Canadian economy while creating employment opportunities for its residents.

Note that for you to Immigrate to Canada from Bhutan, you will almost certainly need to sit for one of Canada’s official language exams.

Almost all Canadian immigration programs require candidates to provide French or English language results from an authorized organization.

However, this article will detail the fastest pathways to Immigrate to Canada as a worker, Students or family.

See Canada Immigration Table 2023-2024:

Immigrant Program CategoryImmigration ClassYear 2021 TargetMin Target 2021Max Target 2021Year 2023 TargetMin Target 2023Max Target 2023Year 2023 TargetMin Target 2023Max Target 2023
Federal High SkilledEconomic1085008100011025011050096250112900113750100000114500
Federal BusinessEconomic100040012501000250125010005001250
Economic Pilots: CaregiversEconomic8500490092501000045001050010250450011000
Atlantic Immigration Pilot ProgramEconomic600033006250625030006750650035006750
Provincial Nominee ProgramEconomic808006400081500815006360082500830006500084000
Quebec Skilled Workers and BusinessEconomic* Quebec immigration planTBDTBD
Total EconomicEconomic232500180500237000241500199000247000249500207000253500
Spouses, Partners and ChildrenFamily800006100081000800006000081000810006000082000
Parents and GrandparentsFamily235001500024000235001400024000235001400024000
Total FamilyFamily103500760001050001035007400010500010450074000106000
Protected Persons in Canada and Dependents AbroadRefugees and Protected Persons235001700025000245001900025000250001950025500
Resettled Refugees - Government-AssistedRefugees and Protected Persons125007500130001250075001300012500840013000
Resettled Refugees - Privately SponsoredRefugees and Protected Persons225001490023000225001540023000225001550023000
Resettled Refugees - Blended Visa Office-ReferredRefugees and Protected Persons100010010001000100100010001001000
Total Refugees and Protected PersonsRefugees and Protected Persons595003950062000605004200062000610004350062500
Total Humanitarian & Compassionate and OtherHumanitarian and Other550040006000550050006000600055008000
Overall Permanent Resident ProjectionAll Programs401000300000410000411000320000420000421000330000430000

Location of Bhutan

Bhutan is a landlocked Country in South Asia, the Kingdom of Bhutan is located at the Eastern end of the Himalayas. The country shares borders with China and India. Bhutan’s other two neighboring countries are Nepal and Bangladesh.

Reasons for immigrating to Canada from Bhutan

Many things can be attractive in Canada in such a way that International workers, Students and investors are pursuing in Canada. The following are the reasons for immigrating to Canada from Bhutan:

Canada Welcomes Diversity

Research have shown that that Canada is the 11th happiest Nation in the world according to the Happiness Report. Even with a large Population of immigrants in Canada, there is still a normalized state of Multiculturalism which exists in each city.

However, Canada Nationals are of foreign descent, so they initially have a sense of joint-nationalism that includes immigrants instead of discriminating against them.

Affordable living

The cost of living in Canada is very affordable, especially when compared to other countries in Western Europe. Also, the Canadian landscape is absolutely nice.

See the table below for the cost of living:

Rental Prices in major Canadian Cities

City RankCity Name1 Bedroom Price1 Bedroom MoM %1 Bedroom YoY %2 Bedrooms Price2 Bedrooms MoM %2 Bedrooms YoY%
9St Catharines14300.0510.14416600.0120.107
23St John's820-0.0240.01291000.058
Table shows average rental prices for 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom houses in major Canadian cities. Updated October 2021.

Civil Liberties

Canada is known for its unparalleled civil liberties coupled with many religions coexisting and a largely ungendered social system in place. On the other hand, such provisions and arrangements are not maintained in Bhutan.

In fact, there is no law in Canada that govern interracially, or interfaith marriages.

Fair Access to Tertiary Institutions

Bhutan’s Educational system is poor and it lacks diversity as it is in Canada.

Canada works on a policy based on merit where permanent residents(PR) and immigrants enroll strictly, based on their academic scores. Indigenous citizens are of course boosted by separate programs, but so are immigrants for whom ample support and resources like language courses and community groups are giving

A Greener Future

The largest global interest for the next decade is global warming and environmental protection and also opportunities. Canada established the Canadian Environmental Protection Act in 1999 which considered sustainable development through the protection of environmental and human health.

Requirements for migrating to Canada from Bhutan

To immigrate to Canada from Bhutan, there are some certain requirements necessary for the Immigration process. Following are the basic requirements.

  • Valid Bhutanese passport
  • Proof of Bhutan citizenship
  • Proof of funds
  • Language proficiency in English or French
  • Education credentials (if you are Immigrating for work)
  • Work experience (if Immigrating for work)
  • Police character certificate
  • Medical examination results (valid for one year)

9 major Steps to Immigrate to Canada from Bhutan

Immigrating to Canada is a gradual process.  You must follow the 10 steps below for easy Immigration:

Step1. Plan for where to live in Canada

you will have to plan for where you will live according to your personal needs. For example, you need to decide if you want to go to a French speaking or English speaking Province. Also the Province you can enjoy good education systems  or you would like to move to a Province with better economic factors like employment opportunities.

Canadian Provinces also have their own immigration program designed to address their unique human labor needs.

However, the Province of Quebec is primarily French-speaking and provides its own immigration program focusing on Candidates that are good in speaking French.

Step 2. Choose a  Pathway program 

There are more than hundred Canada pathway programs to immigrate to Canada from Bhutan and each program has many categories and sub- category which operate under certain requirements which you must meet before you can apply. The pathway program you choose must match with your intentions of immigrating to Canada from Bhutan.

Step 3. Meet the eligibility requirements for the pathway program you chose 

I Immigrated to Canada from Bhutan. It is important you assess your potential to meet the eligibility requirements for the Canada immigration program that you desire. It will help you pay more attention to what you need to pass the eligibility requirements residing in Canada.

Step 4. Gather all  supporting Documents

Supporting documents must be ready because failure to include all of the documents required for the Canada immigration program that you have applied to will result in rejection or delay of your application.

Usually, Canadian immigration programs ask for ID, passport or birth certificate, medical exam results that are not older than a year, IELTS and TEF exam results that are not older than two years, biometric records, ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) and police clearance certificate. All these must be ready.

Step 5. Complete IELTS and TEF Exams

Language skills in French and English are major requirements in all Canada immigration programs. This is to ensure that you can adapt, communicate and use local languages to communicate with your host Community and the school you work.

Additionally, it increases your overall ranking scores on the CRS points system and the likelihood to succeed in your application to immigrate to Canada from Bhutan.

Step 6. Get your ECA Education assessment.

Education is a high value factor under the Canadian immigration points system.

If you do not have any degree/diploma/PhD/Honors/Masters, obtained in Canada, then, you will need to apply for an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

This is to justify that your education is on the equal standard as in Canada. Some websites like WES (World Education System) offer ECA services for immigration purposes.

Also, If you are a medical professional, then you will not need to get an ECA. But you must be certified through the medical organizations within the province/territory you apply to.

The process of obtaining ECA can take around seven working days through WES and an additional 20 days to be processed by the Immigration Office.

See the table below:

Express Entry Education Factors

Level of EducationWith a spouse or common-law partner (Max. 140 points)Without a spouse or common-law partner (Max. 150 points)
Less than secondary school (high school)00
Secondary diploma (high school graduation)2830
One-year degree, diploma or certificate from a college, university, technical or trade school, or other institute8490
Two-year program at a college, university, technical or trade school, or other institute9198
Bachelor’s degree OR a three or more year program at a college, university, technical or trade school, or other institute112120
Two or more certificates, diplomas, or degrees. One of them must be for a program of 3 or more years119128
Master’s degree, OR professional degree needed to practice in a licensed profession (such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, chiropractic medicine, law, or pharmacy)126135
Doctoral level university degree (Ph.D)140150

Step 7. Do your medical Examination

To immigrate to Canada from Bhutan, you will need to do a medical examination especially if you will stay longer than six months.

Also, IRCC accepts medical exams only if they are by a doctor who belongs to Canada approved Panel Physicians.

Though, the panel physician doesn’t make the final decision about your medical exam. IRCC makes that decision. If there’s a problem with your medical exam, IRCC will contact you in writing or by any other means.

Step 8. Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate

To immigrate to Canada  from Bhutan, you must have a clear criminal record check and assessment.  To prove this, IRCC requires that you submit a police certificate to them for proper examination.

Also IRCC has published information on how and where  you can obtain a police clearance certificate in your country.

IRCC has published information on how and where you can get a police clearance certificate in your country(Bhutan)

Step 9. Apply for Biometrics

All international students and graduates  according to Canadian Law are required to submit their biometrics with their applications for visitors. In general, Canada uses the Express Entry system to manage applications for three Canadian immigration programs. These are: the Federal Skilled Worker Class; the Federal Skilled Trades Class; and the Canadian Experience Class. and work visa and also to get Permanent Residence Status in Country.

5 Fastest Pathways to immigrate to Canada from Bhutan

There are so many Pathways  to immigrate to Canada from Bhutan. Each Pathway has a requirement upon which it operates. The Following are the Pathways to immigrate to Canada from Bhutan:

Express Entry-  generally, Canada uses the Express Entry system to manage applications for three Canadian immigration programs. These are:

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Class
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Class
  • The Canadian Experience Class.

 #1. Express Entry

The Candidate’s CRS score is calculated under some factors such as Education, Age, Skilled work experience and Language Proficiency (English and French). This Express Entry Pathway permits individuals or couples to get CRS  points

On this, applicants do not need  any experience in Canada for him to get ITS for permanent residence.

Only a limited number of candidates with the highest CRS points in the pool get Invitations to Apply(ITA)

Your CRS is a numerical score out of 1,200, which is obtained from age, work experience, Educational background, ability to adapt and language proficiency.

Steps to Apply for Express Entry

Step 1. Create an IRCC profile/account to apply for Canada visa online

Step 2. Check your application status

Steps 3. Check application processing time.

#2. Canada Provincial Nominee Programs

Provincial Nominee Programs are the Immigration Pathway arrangements by Canadian Provinces

Though, Canadian Provinces do not have the ability to give out permanent residency status, they can boost your application by nominating you for permanent residence in the federal government’s Express Entry System.

However, Candidates who receive a nomination get 600 points in addition towards their federal Express Entry CRS score.

Therefore, it increases in a huge way your chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply.

Note that the minimum score for an Express Entry PNP draw is typically in the mid 700s and up. In contrast, other Express Entry programs require scores in the 400s.

#3. International Students Pathway

This pathway program is a very popular program which Bhutan Students can benefit while planning to immigrate to Canada from Bhutan.

You can work under some circumstances while studying. In addition to that, you can obtain a Post-Graduation Work Permit after graduating.

Post- Graduate Work Permit  allows you to work in Canada for up to three years after graduating.

Significantly,  Canadian work experience will boost your Permanent Residence application.

#4. Canada’s Start – Up Visa Program

This immigration program allows Entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas to immigrate to Canada through the Canada Start-up visa program.

Canada’s Start-Up visa Program is a means through which the Canadian government employs Entrepreneurs to boost its economy and create employment.

#5. Family Sponsorship

You can equally immigrate to Canada through Family sponsorship if you have a family member (s) who are Canadian Citizens or permanent residents.

The processing time for Family Sponsorship applications process is usually between one to two years.

Immigrate to Canada from Brunei

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much money do I need to immigrate to Canada alone?

As an individual applicant you would need like $15,500 CAD to immigrate to Canada. Couples would need approximately $21,000 CAD while families with children will require between $25,000 to $30,000 CAD.

Who can sponsor me in Canada?

18 year adult permanent residents and persons registered Under Canada’s Indian Act are eligible to sponsor their family to obtain Canadian Permanent Residence.

What is the minimum Ielts score required for Canada Immigration 2021?

Generally Speaking, For permanent residency through Express Entry, a minimum language proficiency of CLB 7, or a minimum of 6.0 for each section of the IELTS test, is required.

What are the negatives of living in Canada?

Disadvantages of living in Canada include:

  • Canada Gets REALLY COLD
  • Getting Around Between Cities can be a Problem
  • City Life is Expensive
  • Taxes are higher Too

Is IELTS difficult?

The world’s leading test of English language proficiency, IELTS, is not difficult in itself. In less than three hours, it also assesses your abilities in listening, reading, writing as well as speaking.


In Conclusion, to ensure faster Immigration, follow the steps above. To Immigrate to Canada from Bhutan, Express Entry Program remains the most popular and fastest pathway.

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