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Immigrate to Canada from Bulgaria – Requirements, Costs, Application

Over time, Canada has been one of the choicest destinations for every citizen of Bulgaria. In fact, there are about 34,5600 residents who Immigrate to Canada from Bulgaria for different purposes such as schooling, work and search for greener pastures. No matter what your intention is, there’s plenty of room for immigrants to grow and flourish in Canada.

Therefore, in this article, we will explore the reasons why immigrants immigrate to Canada from Bulgaria, the requirements to immigrate, the pathways, as well as how to immigrate to Canada from Bulgaria.

Why you should Immigrate to Canada from Bulgaria

There are definitely many reasons why you should explore the organized and spectacular life in Canada. No doubt, Bulgaria is a beautiful place to behold, with picturesque landscapes, a Black Sea coastline, and a multitude of beaches. But when you get to Canada, you will experience what true beauty is.

Below we have some of the reasons why you should consider immigrating to Canada from Bulgaria.

#1. Outstanding education

The educational standards and academics of Canada are one of the best in the world. Although cities in Bulgaria such as  Plovdiv, Sofia, Varna, Russe, Burgas, and other cities in Bulgaria have a good to moderate educational system. But in Canada, you will experience a perfect and outstanding educational system that expands your way of thinking and increase your intellectual curiosity.

#2. Adventure

Undoubtedly, Canada is the best place to catch a perfect glimpse of a wonderful landscape. You will get to see amazing tourist attractions, falls, hills, parks, and lots of beautiful places. You wouldn’t want to miss out!.

#3. Stable economy

Canada has a stable economy. Research had it that in years to come, it will grow to become one of the countries with the strongest economy in the world. Therefore, establishing a business in Canada will be a profitable idea.

#4.  A good Healthcare system

Health is wealth, “they say”. But access to a good health care system is very crucial to living a wealthy life. When talking about the Healthcare system, Canada is really trying!, They ensure that both the poor and rich get access to a quality healthcare system by providing free basic health care for individuals who cannot afford to pay for medical bills. Also, you can gain access to private or more sophisticated medical attention at an affordable fee.

Requirements to Immigrate to Canada from Bulgaria

Having discussed why you should examine Immigrating to Canada from Bulgaria, you need to know about the requirements to make your dreams a reality.

Canada has set prerequisites for immigration as a result of the high rates of immigrants applications they get from Bulgarians and other applicants from countries across the world. So, here are some of the requirements you should note.

#1. Language proficiency test results

You must be able to communicate in either English language or French, which is the official language of Canada. For your registration process, you need to enroll for a language proficiency test to get official documents that ascertain that you are vast in either of both languages.

Express Entry Language Proficiency for the First Official Language

Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level per abilityWith a spouse or common-law partner  (Max. 128 points)Without a spouse or common-law partner  (Max. 136 points)
Less than CLB 400
CLB 4 or 566
CLB 689
CLB 71617
CLB 82223
CLB 92931
CLB 10 or more3234

Express Entry Language Proficiency for the Second Official Language

Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level per abilityWith a spouse or common-law partner  (Max. 128 points)Without a spouse or common-law partner  (Max. 136 points)
Less than CLB 400
CLB 4 or 566
CLB 689
CLB 71617
CLB 82223
CLB 92931
CLB 10 or more3234

#2. Passport or travel document

Apparently, to immigrate to Canada from Bulgaria, you need a valid travel document that is valid at the time of your application. Note that if you are applying for a temporary Canadian visa, your passport must stay valid throughout your stay.

#3. Medical exam

Getting a medical examination or checkup done is important for your Immigration process. You will have to visit a medical panelist that is designated by IRCC to cross-examine you in many ways. The outcome of your medical examination is one of the factors that will determine if you will be able to immigrate to Canada or not.

#4. Educational credentials

Your academic qualification will influence your chances of immigrating to Canada. You must evaluate your certificate by an independent third party to prove your educational qualification and its equivalence to the standard of Canada.

Express Entry Education Factors

Level of EducationWith a spouse or common-law partner (Max. 140 points)Without a spouse or common-law partner (Max. 150 points)
Less than secondary school (high school)00
Secondary diploma (high school graduation)2830
One-year degree, diploma or certificate from a college, university, technical or trade school, or other institute8490
Two-year program at a college, university, technical or trade school, or other institute9198
Bachelor’s degree OR a three or more year program at a college, university, technical or trade school, or other institute112120
Two or more certificates, diplomas, or degrees. One of them must be for a program of 3 or more years119128
Master’s degree, OR professional degree needed to practice in a licensed profession (such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, chiropractic medicine, law, or pharmacy)126135
Doctoral level university degree (Ph.D)140150

#5. Settlement fund

A settlement fund is the sum of money you have in your bank account to settle in Canada. You will need to provide the authorized proof in form of a bank statement. However, if you have a valid job offer in Canada, you might not need tender proof.

#6. Police clearance certificate

There is no room for criminal activities in Canada, and Canada will not welcome any Bulgarian with any sort of criminal record. You will have to get a police clearance certificate, that ascertains that you’re not a threat in any way to the security of Canada. This is a form of security measure put in place to prevent the immigration of foreigners with past criminal records that will put the nation at risk.

Pathways to immigrate to Canada from Bulgaria

There are different pathways to move into Canada from Bulgaria. However, we have the common and easy ones explained below.

  • Express Entry
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot
  • Provincial nominee program
  • Home Support Worker Pilot and Home Child Care Provider Pilot

#1. Express Entry

The Express Entry immigration program is a fast pathway that operates on a CRS score points system.  Basically, this program was initiated in 2015 to bring skillful individuals to Canada through the Federal Skilled Workers Federal Skilled Trades, and Canadian Experience Class streams.

Many Bulgarian have been able to utilize this pathway. However, your eligibility criteria will be based on factors such as

  • Age
  • Educational qualification
  • Skills
  • Adaptability
  • Language requirements
  • Work experience, etc.

The cost of applying for immigration through Express Entry is about 3,312 BGN.

#2. Atlantic Immigration Pilot

The Atlantic immigration pilot is an immigration stream that is specific to the Atlantic provinces in Canada such as Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

It is an immigration pathway for the Bulgarians who want to fill in labor positions in these provinces. You can create your profile using either Atlantic intermediate skills program, the Atlantic High School program, or the Atlantic international graduate program.

The cost of the application is about 1,188 BGN.

#3. Provincial nominee program

This Is an exceptional immigration program that is run by each province in Canada. This province gives out the specific requirements needed for Bulgarians who want to immigrate to their province.

You can choose this pathway if you want to work or live in a specific province in Canada. If you’re lucky to be nominated, you will have an extra 600 score points to add to your total Express Entry CRS score. The average cost to apply for this program in Canada is about 2,160 BGN.

#4. Home Support Worker Pilot and Home Child Care Provider Pilot

This caregiver program, i.e the Home Child Care Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker Pilot, is a new immigration pilot that gives Bulgarians the opportunity to immigrate to Canada to take care of children, elderly ones, and people with disabilities in private homes.

When you apply to immigrate through this program, you will not be restricted by the Labour Market Impact Assessment. You will also have the opportunity to take your family members along with you. The cost for this application is about

#5. Family Sponsorship Program

Canada is a country that esteems family ties and relationships. Hence, you can immigrate to Canada from Bulgaria if you have a family member who is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada. However, you must be a close family member of your sponsor, for instance, your spouse, common-law partner, parent, children, grandparents, etc.

The cost of processing one family member is about 216 BGN.

How to apply for immigration to Canada from Bulgaria

Having discussed the reasons why you should Immigrate to Canada, the requirements, and pathways for your Immigration. It is essential for you to know how to apply for immigration. And we’re set to give you a succinct explanation below. Keep following!

Step one: Choose an immigration pathway

The first step to immigrating to Canada from Bulgaria is to choose the immigration pathway you will like to go for. Ensure that the pathway you choose is in line with the purpose of your Immigration. For instance, you shouldn’t be going for a job offer stream if you are being sponsored by a family in Canada.

Step two: Check your eligibility requirements

After deciding on the immigration pathway to Canada, you must check to ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements for the pathway you’re going for.

Step three: Gather all supporting documents

Your supporting documents should be intact by now, although the pathway you choose will influence the documents you need to gather, but it is wise for you to gather all these documents beforehand so that you will not experience a delay in your application.

Step four: Apply for Immigration

After your supporting documents is intact, you can proceed to visit an immigration officer Embassy in Bulgaria where you can apply for immigration to immigrate to Canada. You will get an invite to apply for permanent residency if your application went successfully.

Step five: Welcome to Canada

After applying for permanent residence, and your application is approved, you’re on your way to moving to Canada as a permanent resident. Congratulations!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Bulgarians live in Canada?

Basically, there are about 34,560 Bulgarians in Canada according to the 2016 census.

Do Bulgarians need a visa to visit Canada?

Without a doubt, Bulgaria is one of the countries that does not need a visa to visit Canada. However, Bulgarians trying to visit Canada must obtain an ETA, that can be obtained online.

Are Bulgarians smart?

Bulgarians are very smart people, ranking second among the most intelligent people in the world.

Can Canadians work in Bulgaria?

Yes, Canadians can move to Bulgaria for either long-term or short-term stays depending on their employment type.

Does Bulgaria permit dual citizenship?

Yes, Bulgaria permits dual citizenship. Howbeit, this dual citizenship is for native-born Bulgarians.


Immigrating to Canada from Bulgaria is a great step toward your academic, financial, career, and family goals. Ensure to meet the aforementioned immigration pathways to have a successful trip to Canada.

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