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Immigrate to Canada from Cape Verde – Best Routes

Are you wondering if it is possible to immigrate to Canada from Cape Verde? The answer is yes. Canada is one of the top immigration destinations in the world. It offers good working condition, good pay, access to free medical care and many other benefits. Living in Canada as a newcomer also offers some life-changing experience. As a result, many people from your country and others are making efforts to move to Canada as newcomers. Whether as a family, student or family, there is always the best pathway to immigrate to Canada from Cape Verde. In this article, we shall discuss them, while answering some frequently asked questions.

Who is a Canadian permanent resident?

A citizen of another country that has received an approval to live permanently in Canada becomes a permanent resident. With a permanent resident status, you can live and work anywhere in the country. You will also enjoy the benefits the country provides for people with such a status. They include free medical care and education up to secondary level, good job prospects, social services and protection under the law. In a similar manner, after being a permanent resident for around 5 years, you can apply for your citizenship status. Well, both statuses enjoy the same privileges, only that a citizen has the right to vote and be voted for during an election, which a permanent resident does not.

Who is a Canadian citizen?

A citizen has several rights and privileges in Canada. They can live, study and work anywhere in the country. They equally enjoy good support system by the Canadian government, as well as free healthcare services, free education for the children up to secondary school level, good job opportunity, among others. If you are born in Canada or your children, you will become automatically a Canadian citizen. As a foreign national, you can naturalize into a Canadian citizen by applying to the IRCC (Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada). More importantly, a citizen status cannot be annulled.

What are the steps to immigrate to Canada from Comoros?

If you are a Cape Verdean and wish to immigrate to Canada, you can follow these easy and simple steps:

  • Check your eligibility
  • Submit your English or French language test (usually IELTS or TEF)
  • Create an Express Entry profile
  • Gather your supporting documents and be prepared for an invitation to apply
  • Receive and invitation to apply
  • Submit your application for permanent residence within 60 days of receiving the invite
  • Submit medical test results and PCC reports
  • Obtain your visa and confirmation of permanent residency document
  • Immigrate to Canada from Cape Verde

Are there easy Pathways to immigrate to Canada from Cape Verde?

Yes, the following is the list of some of the best pathways to immigrate to Canada. Ensure to study them carefully.

  1. Express Entry Program

2015 saw the emergence of the Express Entry system in the country. This system is one of the fastest and easiest programs to immigrate to Canada from Cape Verde. Anyone seeking to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker, trades person or a graduate of any designated learning institution in Canada can leverage the program to achieve the aim. You can also immigrate through the Express Entry system if you applied through any of the Canadian provinces.

The following are the programs under the Express Entry system:

  • Federal Skilled Worker
  • Federal Skilled Trades
  • Canadian Experience Class

To qualify for the Express Entry program, you must first submit your application after confirming that you meet the eligibility conditions. Moreover, the conditions include proof of work experience, English or French language, age, educational qualification, adaptability, and adequate fund to keep you up and doing, pending when you start earning an income in Canada.

Meeting these conditions means you must achieve 67 points on a 100 point-scale. As a skilled tradesperson, without a post-secondary education, you can still qualify.

After this, you can create an Express Entry profile, filling the form with the above information. If you meet the cut-off point, you will join a pool of other applicants and ranked using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The person with the highest score will receive an invitation to apply (ITA) for the Canadian permanent residence. If you are among them, you have just 60 days to do so. Others will remain in the pool for one year, after which they will need to reapply. Further, it will take the Canadian government around 6 months to complete the application process and send their approval or rejection. If approved, you can start planning to immigrate to Canada from Cape Verde. If rejected, you can reapply.

Sadly, since September 2021, there has a slower processing speed for the Express Entry system due to the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. But by mid-2022, things should be back to normalcy.

  1. Family Class Sponsorship

The basis of Canadian immigration system remains to reunite families and keep the bond strong. To be able to sponsor your relative to Canada, you must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Again, you can only sponsor some set of your relatives under this program. And they include your spouse, conjugal or common law partner as well as your dependent children and those of your spouse under 22. Note that sponsoring your parents and grandparents is no longer obtainable under this program. But you can achieve it under the Super Visa Category.

  1. LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) Work Visa

Under this program, you will need to have a Canadian job offer first before you can immigrate to the country Through the job offer, you can immigrate to Canada from Cape Verde. When you secure a job offer under LMIA, your employer will apply for an LMIA through Service Canada. Then, you can apply for your work permit after LMIA is approved. From there, you can apply for your Canadian permanent residence.

  1. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

This route, just like the Express Entry, is becoming a popular route among Cape Verdeans and citizens of other countries. Prominent among the provinces are British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. They individually developed a special program that is unique to them alone. If you want to accelerate your PNP application, you can obtain a job offer from your preferred province. With that, you will stand a better chance of getting nominated for the next draw in the Express Entry system.

  1. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPPA)

The AIPP is another route to immigrate to Canada from Cape Verde. It aims to recruit intending immigrants to the Atlantic region of Canada. There are 4 provinces and territories in the region and they are New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador. If you choose to move to any of them, you will have to apply for any of the in-demand jobs there. These jobs are equally in the health, IT, agriculture and related sectors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum or maximum age to immigrate to Canada from Comoros?

The answer is not an outright yes or no. Majorly, the age does not matter if you want to immigrate to Canada from Cape Verde. But that does not mean that most programs do not require an age limit. As the case may be, the usual age limit is between 25 and 35. But if you are older than 35, make sure your other skills can cover for the point lost in age.

Can one easily immigrate to Canada from Cape Verde?

Canada has a range of pathways to immigrate from. Some of them are quite easy and fast, while others involve a rigorous process. So, the answer is, it is easy to immigrate to Canada if you meet the requirements as well as use the easier pathways.

Do I need a job offer to immigrate to Canada from Cape Verde?

Typically, you do not need a job offer to immigrate to Canada from anywhere in the world. However, if the program you are applying from mandates that you show proof of employment by a Canadian employer, then, you have to do so. Again, having a job offer increases your chances of immigrating to Canada. this is because it adds to your ranking points.

Can I work anywhere in Canada?

Yes, with your permanent resident status, you are free to reside and work in any province or territory of your choice.

Can I bring my family to Canada from Cape Verde?

Yes, you can bring your family to Canada so far you are a permanent resident of citizen of the country. Also, the program you immigrate from will determine the process of bringing them over and what it is going to cost you.

Why does Canada need workers?

Most of the Canadian cities and rural areas depend on newcomers to grow the economy and increase the population. Due to the aging population of Canada, there is a need for the country to invite immigrants from various countries to fill the gaps. Beautifully, the country has succeeded in inviting immigrants between 25 and 54 to help in maintaining the population, hence, the mass immigration systems.


To immigrate to Canada from Cape Verde is not easy but it is possible. Technically, you will need to follow the right steps and apply for the right programs. With your documents that are valid and up-to-date, you stand a better chance of immigrating to Canada. Also, ensure to avoid any drawback by filling the forms accurately and neatly. Do not forget that the process could be delayed for different reasons. What is more, do not forget that your dreams to immigrate to Canada are valid. So, even if you did not qualify, you can upgrade your qualifications and keep trying until you land in this great North American country.

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