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Immigrate to Canada from Chad – 5 Fastest Pathways

For citizens of Chad, Canada is noted for its simple and quick immigration processes. As a result, if you are a Chadian, you can take any of the 5 quickest routes designated by the Canadian government. These routes make it simple to immigrate to Canada from Chad. If you are a skilled worker, for example, you can use express entry.

Alternatively, if you already have a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in your family, the family sponsorship program will be the ideal option for you. There are, of course, additional immigration options available, based on a variety of variables.

In this post, we’ll look at the best possible ways for Chadians to relocate to Canada, as well as the advantages of living in Canada and the best measures to follow while coming to Canada from Chad.

Benefits of Immigrating to Canada from Chad

There is a different motivation for each Chadian to immigrate to Canada from Chad. For one thing, it’s due to a lack of education. Another reason is the tranquility of the surroundings. For the next person, it is due to a lack of employment.

As a result, Chadian residents have differing perspectives about moving to this Atlantic country. However, Chadians from cities such as N’Djamena, Moundou, Sarh, Abéché, Kélo, Koumra, Pala, and Am Timan, are migrating to Canada for a variety of reasons. Let’s have a look at the primary causes for this:

1. For better opportunities

There are more opportunities in Canadian cities than in Chad’s big cities. The work chances in Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, and Quebec City are incomparable to those in N’Djamena, Moundou, Sarh, Abéché, Kélo, Koumra, Pala, and Am Timan, Chad. As a result, many Chadians migrate to Canada in pursuit of greener pastures. And they’ll almost certainly get it.

2. Education

Chad is a good place to start, But if you want to study in Canada, You’ve made the best decision possible. Canada not only has the top institutions in the world, but it also has the cheapest. Every year, Canadian universities are ranked among the best in the world.

3. Diverse cultural influences

Canada is the most friendly country for immigrants, having been created by immigrants. This is due to Canada’s cultural and linguistic variety. People from all around the world are welcome in Canada, regardless of their culture, color, race, religion, or language. As a result, if you move to Canada from any Chadian city, you will almost certainly encounter nice people.

4. Simple immigration process

In comparison to other Western countries, Canada’s immigration process is simple. Every year, Canada welcomes around 400 newcomers. This includes the unique initiatives designed for Chadian immigrants.

5. Easy cost of living

If you want to live the finest life possible, consider relocating to Canada. You’ll have a decent quality of life at a modest price. This is a characteristic of Canadian cities. You’ll also be able to go to a lot of free sites and events. What about the celebrations? Chadians can get a lot for free in Canada.

Requirements to Immigrate from Canada to Chad

To immigrate to Canada from Chad, you must meet the following requirements. They are as follows:

1. International passport

A valid international passport is the first need. You can also offer other documentation of Chadian citizenship. Without these documents, your immigration to Canada from Chad will be delayed.

2. Demonstration of Funds

Proof of fund is a document that verifies that you have the funds to support yourself and any family members accompanying you to Canada. The sum required to show proof of funds is approximately CAD 20,000.

3. Language abilities

Anyone from Chad who wishes to immigrate to Canada must be able to communicate either in English or French. Because French is Chad’s official language, it will be easy for you to establish your fluency in the language.

If you plan to live in an English-speaking province, you will still need to demonstrate English proficiency.

4. Education

If you want to work in Canada, you’ll need to submit proof of your educational qualifications. This is for Chadian citizens who studied in a country other than Chad. Diplomas, transcripts, and letters of recommendation from past companies will be included in your qualifications.

5. Working experience

You will also need to provide documents showing proof of work experience. Your work experience can be in Canada or Madagascar. You can provide any of the following documents as proof of work experience: reference letters from previous employers, pay stubs, or job contracts.

6. Criminal record

You must provide a proof of positive criminal record. This can be shown by presenting a clearance certificate. This means that you have a clean record and you are not a criminal. When you commit minor crimes, you can still enter Canada.

But, if you are a known criminal, you will become ineligible to immigrate to Canada. That is, you cannot enter Canada from any Canadian port of entry no matter the pathway.

7. Medical test

Another document you need is a medical report from registered health care. The report must also come from an authorized hospital. In addition, the medical report must not be valid only for 12 months. thus, after 12 months, it will expire and you will need a new one.

5 best immigration pathways to immigrate to Canada from Chad

Here are the best 5 immigration pathways specifically designated for Chadians who want to immigrate to Canada from Chad.

1. Express entry

If you are immigrating to Canada from Chad, you can use the express entry system, especially if you are a skilled worker. This is an online program where the best candidates are selected based on many factors including age, language proficiency, work experience, and proof of fund.

So, you can open an express entry account and know if you qualify for any of the three programs under this system. You can use the Express Entry Points Calculator to estimate your CRS and know if you are eligible. The programs include:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

There are regular draws every week and the best candidates are given an initiation to apply. Through this, you can apply for permanent residence status in Canada. It takes about 6 months to process an express entry program.

However, it will depend on the program of your choice. The processing fees also vary, but with Ar 2,740,382 you can process your express entry. In addition, you will need another Ar 1,657,736 for the right of permanent residency fee. You can learn more about Canada’s Immigration fees.

2. Provincial Nominee Program

Each of the Canadian provinces has a provincial nominee program for Chadian citizens who want to live and work in that province. You must meet the economic requirements of any province you want to live in.

Just like the express entry, it uses a point grid system. To use this program, you can register with the province. Then create an express entry account. And if you qualify for the program, you will receive an invitation from the province.

It can take up to 24 months to process depending on the program. Also, the processing fee will vary according to the programs.

You can use our free test to learn more about the PNP using our free assessment PNP calculator for the province of interest.

3. Quebec skilled worker program

This is equivalent to the Federal skilled worker program. But the QSWP applies to only Chadians who plan to work and live in Quebec. The program allows skilled workers from Chad to immigrate to Quebec and work there permanently.

French is not a criterion for this program but it can get you some extra points. In addition to being a skilled worker, you must also hold a Quebec Selection Certificate from the Government of Quebec and then submit a complete permanent residence application.

It can take as long as 12 months to process your application for this program.

4. Family sponsorship program

If you have a family member who is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. Then, you can use the family sp[onsorship program once the person is up to 18 years. Canada has made it possible for Chadians in Canada to sponsor their family members to move to Canada and join them.

The processing time is usually between 12 to 16 months.

5. Study visa

Chadian students who want to study in Canada from Chad will need a study permit to do so. For your study visa, you will need to visit the Canadian embassy in Chad to know the requirements, processing time, and fees.

Steps to immigrate to Canada from Chad

You can use the following steps below whenever you want to immigrate to Canada from Chad. These steps are already tested and trusted. And if you’re following them accordingly, you will have an easy journey to Canada.

  • Step 1. Choose a program
  • Step 2. Gather your supporting documents
  • Step 3. Submit your application
  • Step 4. Receive Invitation/Attend Interview
  • Step 5. Wait for IRCC’s Decision
  • Step 6. Congratulations to you
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best pathway to immigrate to Canada from Chad?

You can use any of the 5 best pathways designated for Chadians who are moving to Canada. It all depends on your reason and qualifications. Students will use study visas but if you are going to Canada to work as a skilled worker, you will use the express entry.

Is it easy to immigrate to Canada from Chad?

Yes, it is easy if you’re following the right process accordingly. the steps provided above together with the pathways will guide you on your journey to Canada from Chad.

Do I need to be interviewed before getting a Canadian visa?

Yes, you will have to attend an interview at the Canadian Embassy or consulate after you pay for your visa. This interview stage is the final stage of your application process that will determine if you will have to immigrate to Canada from Chad or not.

Can I go to Canada with a Chadian passport?

Yes, you can stay in Canada with a Chadian passport and continue to use it.

Is Canada nice to strangers?

Yes, they are. Canada is one of the most welcoming countries to strangers.


Migrating from one country to another is usually not a simple process. The government of Canada has made it simple for you to immigrate to Canada from Chad.

However, you will need direction and guidance in this journey. The above-supplied information will be of great help to you while immigrating to Canada from Chad if you follow them accordingly.

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