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Immigrate to Canada from Cuba – Requirements, Costs, Application

Canada has the world’s third-largest community of Cuban immigrants, after the United States and Spain. The population of Cubans in Canada is about 21,440; hence, you’d hook up with one or two folks in the country. So if you’re planning to Immigrate to Canada from Cuba, you will find your decision worthwhile.

So, in this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of immigrating to Canada from Cuba, the requirements for immigration, the fastest pathway to do so, and how to apply for immigration.

Benefits of immigrating to Canada from Cuba

Undoubtedly, Canada provides a good life that exceeds the expectations of immigrants. Being the country that has the third-largest community of Cuban in the world, there are varieties of reasons why the citizens of Cuba Immigrate to Canada. And we are set to discuss some of the benefits below; keep reading.

#1. Great Social benefits

#2. Welcoming to Immigrants

#3. Plenty job opportunities

#4. Low crime rates

#5. Stable economy

#1. Great Social benefits

Socializing can help sharpen your memory, stave away feelings of loneliness, and increase your sense of well-being and happiness. That is one benefit Canada has for you. Being a friendly and multicultural community, Canada provides various platforms for individuals to have social connections and live happy lives.

#2. Welcoming to immigrants

Canada has open arms to Cubans and other immigrants around the world. There is no discrimination or racism in the country; hence, you will enjoy a welcoming environment with a big smile on people’s faces.

#3. Plenty job opportunities

Currently, the vacant job in the cities of Canada is about 912,600. Hence, you have plenty of job opportunities when you immigrate to Canada from Cuba. Especially if you are a skilled worker or an individual with innovative and creative ideas to start a business.

#4. Low crime rates

Canada is a place where you can enjoy untampered security. You wouldn’t have to bother with the security of your properties or thieves banging into your house in the middle of the night. There are generally low crime rates in every city in Canada.

#5. Stable economy

Canada is the ideal country where you can enjoy a stable economy. With a moderate cost of living, the economy of Canada has been growing increasingly over the years. Hence, you will enjoy financial freedom at every point.

So, if you are from Cuban cities like Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Santa Clara, Bayamo, Guantanamo, Las Tunas, Cienfuegos, Pinar del Rio, and neighboring cities, come check out the amazing things Canada has to offer you. Then, you will find Canadian cities a very good place to explore.

Requirements to Immigrate to Canada

The immigration system of Canada is broad but systematic. This immigration system is to scrutinize applicants to ensure that morally and intelligent Cubans get to immigrate to Canada. So, different requirements will determine your immigration, and we will be discussing some of these requirements below.

#1. Valid passport

If you’re thinking of immigrating to Canada from Cuba, you should know that having a valid passport is not negotiable. However, your passport must not be due for renewal, and the first page must be intact.

#2. Language requirements

You might be vast in either English or French, but you need official proof of your language proficiency to Immigrate to Canada from Cuba. You can do this by registering for a language proficiency test, taking the test, and coming out with a good grade. The table below shows the Canadian language benchmark for immigrating to Canada.

#3. Medical fitness certificate

Canada esteems health and well-being. So, it would help if you were physically and mentally sound to be able to immigrate to Canada. To assess your medical fitness, you will have to visit a doctor designated by IRCC for a medical check-up. The outcome of your result will decide if you can immigrate to Canada or not.

#4. Educational Qualification

Oh yes, your educational qualification will also contribute to your immigration process. Mind you, and if you don’t have a quality education, it does not stop you from immigrating to Canada from Cuba. However, preference will be given to highly educated Cubans who want to move to Canada.

#5. Police clearance

You must be cleared of offenses or crimes to be admissible to Canada. Any form of criminal activity entered into a police record in your name might cost you your immigration. So, you will have to get a police clearance from a designated police station stating that you are not involved in any criminal activities.

Pathways to immigrate to Canada from Cuba

Like every other immigrant, Cubans wanting to Immigrate to Canada must visit the embassy for the immigration process. So, here we have the different pathways you need to know about immigrating to Canada.

#1. Express Entry

The Canada Express entry program is a system that governs applications for Canadian immigration programs. These immigration programs include the use of either the Canadian experience class, federal skilled trade class, or the skilled federal worker class to create a profile.

It is a prominent and fast pathway that uses the comprehensive ranking system (CRS) to award point scores to Cubans. A comprehensive score point of 1,200 is available, and your CRS score will be based on several factors such as

  • Age
  • Education
  • Language proficiency in English or French
  • Skilled work experience

Only candidates with the highest CRS score points will be awarded the opportunity to Immigrate to Canada from Cuba. The application fee is about 43,539 CUP.

#2. Provincial nominee program

This is an immigration pathway that the provincial government of Canada oversees. It is important to note that it is only the Canadian government that is capable of granting permanent resident status. However, when you get nominated by any of the provinces in Canada, you will earn 600 score points towards your Federal Express Entry CRS score.

Although the province gets to decide on the fees to be charged for their PNP program, you will spend about 28,395 CUP on average.

#3. Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program

The Canadian startup visa is specialized for individuals with a record of creativity and innovation. The economy of Canada is growing, all thanks to creative minds that have boosted the economy through the creation of employment opportunities. Currently, Canada is giving Cubans the chance to immigrate to Canada from Cuba to contribute to their quota.

Mind you, you will need a letter of support from an established entity, a commitment certificate, a qualifying business, sufficient capital to start up a business, as well as proficiency in either English or French at the minimum Canadian language benchmark. The processing fee is about 1,609.05 CUP.

#4. Atlantic immigration pilot program

The four Atlantic provinces of Canada, which are Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Labrador, are constantly in need of Cuban citizens to work in any of the four Atlantic provinces. However, you must have work experience that will benefit the Atlantic province you choose.

The processing fee for immigration to these Atlantic provinces is about 15,617.25 CUP.

#5. Job offer

Here is another immigration pathway. It is a pathway that requires you to get an employment offer from an employer in Canada who has found no permanent resident or Canadian citizen for your job role.

Once you get this offer, you can include your employment proof to get a CRS score of 600 added to your Express entry overall score points. The processing fee for a work permit is about 18,930 CUP.

Steps to Immigrate to Canada from Cuba

All preparations must be put in place to immigrate to Canada from Cuba. Therefore, we will discuss the step-by-step guide for your successful immigration process.

#Step one: Choose an immigration pathway

The first step is to agree on the immigration program to go for. For example, you can choose the Canada startup visa, get a job offer, Express Entry, Provincial nominee program, and Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. First, however, you must ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements for the immigration pathway you choose.

#Step two: Gather all documents that support your immigration process

After choosing the immigration pathway to Canada, you must prepare all the documents supporting your immigration process. This could include your visa, passport, medical fitness reports, language proficiency test results, insurance, etc.

#Step three: Submit your application and wait for an invitation to apply

Please submit your application and its supporting documents and wait for an invitation to apply. If your application is successful, you will be invited to apply; ensure that you do that as soon as possible.

#Step four: Welcome to Canada

Upon successful application of your permanent residence, you can now work, live and raise a family in Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Canada accept Cuban refugees?

Yes, refugees from Cuba are accepted in Canada.

Aside from the temporary visa, how can I invite someone from Cuba to Canada?

Suppose you have family or friends coming to visit you from Cuba to Canada. In that case, they must submit a letter of invitation with the description of the visit, contact information, full name, and immigration status.

Can I sponsor my spouse from Cuba to Canada without a job?

You don’t need a job to sponsor your spouse to Canada; however, you must give proof of how you and your spouse will give support to yourselves.

How can I get a Canadian visa from Cuba?

You will have to visit the Canadian embassy for an application form for a visa application.

Can foreigners purchase a house in Cuba?

According to Cuban law, it is illegal for foreigners to purchase a house in Cuba unless they are permanent residents.


Immigrating to Canada from Cuba is feasible and easy, and you can successfully find your way to Canada with the numerous alternatives provided in this prosé.

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