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Immigration Fraud in Canada: How Foreign Workers Can Protect Themselves

The quality of life, availability of jobs and other factors make Canada among the top countries immigrants relocate to massively.

Out of desperation lot of intending immigrants don’t verify the means and source through which they process their immigration to Canada.

Regrettably, they become victims of immigration fraud in Canada unknowingly; some go bankrupt, depressed and also face charges in Canada.

It is important to always get information from Canadian immigration official sites and a few other reliable and reputable sites.

Immigration Fraud in Canada can only be drastically minimised but is difficult to eradicate completely. This is because on daily basis the fraudulent immigration companies online update their strategies to trick prospective Canadian immigrants.

However, it is important to know what immigration fraud in Canada means, it causes, how it can be avoided etc.

Firstly, let’s understand immigration fraud in Canada and gradually know more about it.

What is immigration fraud in Canada?

In simple terms, immigration fraud in Canada simply means providing invalid information just to immigrate and live in Canada.

Some areas of common fraud include fake birth Certificates, Criminals records, annulment, fake visas and other travelling documents.

Immigration fraud can be committed by an applicant deliberately or unknowingly but mostly fraudulent immigration companies commit fraud deliberately.

Advisably when you commit a fraud unknowingly, you should report it immediately to the police or Canadian immigration officer

Reasonably, most companies providing immigration services know the right channel and costs involved to immigrate to Canada successfully. But because the fraudulent ones want to make quick money they prefer to go through Short cut or illegal means.

Notably, immigration fraud in Canada also extends to the misuse of immigration documents like Study or work permits and PR cards.

Secondly, knowing the different types of immigration fraud in Canada will assist in finding solutions to the challenge.

Types of Immigration fraud in Canada

There are different types of immigration fraud in Canada which are listed below:

  • Documents fraud
  • Marriage fraud
  • Adoption Fraud
  • Newcomer’s immigration fraud.

Let’s get to have a brief knowledge about each of them

Documents fraud

Documents fraud involves forging or altering documents to suit Canadian immigration requirements either for renewal or fresh application purposes.

It is important to note that if you lie during an immigration interview it is regarded as immigration fraud in Canada. Immigration documents people alter most times are listed below:

  • Passports and travel documents
  • Visas
  • Diplomas, degrees, and apprenticeship or trade papers
  • Certificates of birth.
  •  Marriage, final divorce, annulment, separation, or
  • Death and police certificates.

Marriage fraud

Marriage fraud is when a desperate foreigner lures or pays a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to arrange for a marriage of convenience. This way the foreigner will be able to immigrate to Canada with ease, it is also termed a false marriage.

Canadian citizens and permanent residents are strictly warned to be wary of false marriage and beware of the terms of the sponsorship.

Adoption Fraud

Adoption fraud occurs when adopting parents adopt a child from another country with the help of unaccredited adopting agencies in Canada. This kind of immigration fraud in Canada occurs when adopting parents are impatient to follow the due procedures of IRCC.

Newcomer’s immigration fraud

This type of immigration fraud in Canada is experienced by newcomers due to their non-acquaintance with the system. Examples such frauds are fake emails, impersonation on the telephone, fake prizes and computer viruses.

Thirdly, are the causes of immigration fraud in Canada since you are exposed to the types.

Causes of immigration fraud in Canada

Immigration fraud in Canada doesn’t just happen it is caused by many factors but this article will on a few important factors.

  • Lack of proper information and guidelines
  • Fake Canada immigration service websites
  • Invalid documents

Lack of proper information and guidelines

Most of the intending immigrants commit immigration fraud simply because they are misinformed by wrong people claiming to be experts. It is important to ensure you verify the information and guidelines you receive or read about on Canada’s official immigration site.

Fake Canada immigration service websites

Apparently, it is easier for scammers to create a website that is almost the same as Canada’s immigration official website. Only if you are familiar with spotting fake websites otherwise you will fall victim to immigration fraud in Canada unknowingly.

Such fake websites do have lots of enticing adverts that will convince you they are legit and reliable.

Invalid documents

This is among the immigration fraud in Canada, mostly out of desperation immigration applicants supply invalid documents during application. Intending immigrants with questionable characters or lack of financial strength are the ones most guilty of this act.

Documents intending immigrants mostly forge in a bid to find their way to Canada include:

  • Bank statements
  • Medical report
  • Marriage certificate,
  • Birth cert
  • Criminal records clearance certificate.

Fourthly, it might interest you to know the penalties or consequences of illegal immigration in Canada.

Consequences of immigrating to Canada illegally

Consequently, if Canadian immigration discovered that you immigrate to Canada illegally, you will face the following punishments.

  • You will be restricted from entering Canada for at least 5 years
  • You will have a permanent record of fraud with Canadian immigration.
  • Your permanent resident or Canadian citizen status will be revoked immediately.
  • You will be charged for a crime and possibly extradite

Fifthly, let go through the protective measures foreign workers can use against immigration fraud in Canada.

How Foreign Workers can protect themselves against immigration fraud in Canada

Learn how to identify Phishing Email

Scammers at intervals send very motivating emails randomly to people, especially in countries with higher immigration figures than Canada. The emails go along with instructions such as asking them to log in to a site to provide their information.

Additionally, they request such victims to pay some amount of money for the application process and mailing of immigration certificates.

No immigration officer or website will require you to pay money or mail you when you haven’t initiated the application process.

So beware that scammers are using these phishing emails to lure people and commit immigration fraud in Canada.

Hire lawyers instead of Consultants

Canadian immigration prefers an immigration applicant to hire a licensed immigration lawyer to immigration Consultants in handling the application process. This is because licensed lawyers are always conscious of the law and have the legal backing to perform some functions.

These functions include granting legal advice, proper drafting of documents, representing clients in court, Interpreting and applying laws.

Canadian immigration discovered that most of the immigration fraud in Canada is due to the unprofessional handling of immigration applications by immigration consultants.

There are instances where successful applications get rejected because of inefficiency in the part of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.

The ICCRC is expected to regulate and figure out unlicensed immigration consultants to prevent immigration fraud in Canada.

Sixthly, in case of misrepresentation in your application process, get a guide below to fight it.

How to fight misrepresentation in immigration cases in Canada

It will be interesting to know what misrepresentation is in Canada’s immigration fraud before knowing to fight it.

Misrepresentation simply means providing Canadian immigration agencies with false or fraudulent information either by you or your representatives.

Canadian immigration agencies include immigration refugees and citizens Canada (IRCC) and Canada border service agency. So once these agencies discover the false information, a letter of fairness will be written to you to respond within 15 days.

Types of misrepresentation

Basically, there are three types of misrepresentation innocent misrepresentation, negligent misrepresentation and fraudulent misrepresentation.

To fight a misrepresentation case in Canada you will need to approach the federal court to get a lawyer. Or approach the Canadian immigration agencies including immigration refugees and citizens Canada (IRCC) for the way forward.

Undoubtedly innocent and negligent misrepresentations are easier to fight in Canada as compared to fraudulent misrepresentation likewise their penalties.

Furthermore, the knowledge won’t be complete if you don’t know about the frequently asked questions about the subject.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you be deported from Canada for a criminal offence?

Yes, you will be deported if you commit major offences in Canada like the cultivation of marijuana, and impaired driving causing death.

What is the penalty for identity theft in Canada?

Stealing $5000 and above in Canada will require that you be deported back to your country immediately. A lower amount will require you to be charged for theft.

Where are most immigrants in Canada from?

Most immigrants in Canada are from Asian countries the the United States and the United Kingdom follow.

Where to report fraud emails in Canada?

You can fraudulent emails and other scam-related activities to Canada anti-fraud centre or call free toll at 1-888-495-8501.

How can I contact Canadian Immigration?

Email for general questions: [email protected] Email for technical questions: [email protected] Online Help Centre telephone: 1-888-242-2100 (in Canada only).

What is the penalty for illegal immigrants in Canada?

The highest penalty for illegal immigration to Canada in 2020 is a 5 years ban from entering Canada

Lastly, read on some helpful tips to spot fake immigration websites in Canada then proceed to a conclusion.

Tips to help you spot fake Canadian immigration websites

  • Ensure the address on your browser address bar tally with the address on the landing page.
  • Ensure the website is secure such that the browser as this HTTPS://
  • Make sure your browser is updated because updated browsers help in detecting fake websites.
  • Ensure you do a website to check if the website has been reported before.
  • Canadian immigration application process won’t guarantee you success in the end but rather a due process, so take note of this.


This article has provided detailed and vital information about immigration fraud in Canada also tips to spot fraudulent acts. Hopefully, this article will serve your purpose and is worth sharing with others.

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